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“Bock’s sprain”

by Lord Thanatos


14/05/12 25/05/12







1. Day 47 - Body bearers

2. Twisted neck

3. Party pooper

4. Al moral

5. Far afield hospital

6. Gentle curves

7. No guts, no gory

8. The captain’s ready shack

9. Day 48 - Round 3 - Fight!

10. It’s too early for this crap

11. Shipshape

12. We meat again

13. The snitch is a…






SCENE 1: Day 47 - Body bearers


Serrag, Kerr and a few redshirts are crossing Joknor Valley . Around them, countless birds are going about their business in what seems like an endless sea of bird meat. In a radius of a few meters around the humanoids, there’s no bird to be found. The birds avoid them, but as soon as they’re gone, the birds return to whatever they were doing.


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 64035.24. It’s been a month since we arrived at the river. Water is plentiful and we’re able to eat joknor birds in our temporary shelters. We’ve got the basics covered. Roast joknor, joknor soup, joknor on a stick… Our diet may be a bit one-sided, but the great taste makes up for it… Next to thousands of joknors, we discovered something else… Or rather, someone else. So far we’ve stayed at a distance, but we’ve been observing for 8 days and we’ve only seem him 2 times… It seems that every 4 days he appears at the opposite end of what we have dubbed Joknor Valley … He kills 1 bird and leaves. He is a Deish; his native planet is the one we most recently came from before the Inj rammed our ship. As only 1 bird is hunted every 4 days on average, we assume he’s here all alone. Today is probably his next hunting day; we’ll try to make contact.”


The Deish doesn’t hide behind trees or the brush as there’s no way to miss when firing a weapon. He aims his weapon in a random direction and fires. He kills 2 birds with 1 shot and is clearly unhappy about this as he shakes his head.


Serrag: “Good day, sir.”


The Vulcan startles the Deish. In a reflex he points his weapon at Serrag and his followers.


Deish: “Stay back!”


Serrag stops where he stands.


Serrag: “No need for weapons, sir. I assure you, we have no hostile intentions.”


The Deish, still a bit wary, lowers the weapon a bit… Looking at all the men who just appeared from the field of birdies he finds the decency to return the greeting.


Deish: “Good day to you too then, gentlemen.”


Serrag: “My name is Serrag, and these are my colleagues.”


Deish: “Pleased to meet you. My name is Bock. May I ask what you are doing here? Not that I lay claim to this land, but I sincerely thought this planet was uninhabited.”


Serrag: “We’re part of the crew of the Federation starship USS Greate Pier. Our ship was captured by the Inj and we were forced to beam down to this planet.”


Bock: “Ah, I see… We seem to have suffered a similar fate then… I approached this planet and I was subsequently attacked by Inj as well… I didn’t provoke them in any sort of way, yet they attacked me without mercy…”


Serrag: “That would be the Inj indeed…”


Bock: “Well, they’re off the postcard list anyway…”


Serrag: “May I ask what you were doing here at this planet? It’s a fairly unremarkable desert planet in a rather unpleasantly dense nebula…”


Bock: “I’m Deish; my home planet is not too far from here. I was here to study and map the nebula and planets in it. It seems I investigated a little too close to the big ship I saw.”


Serrag: “Where’s your ship? Is it still intact?”


Bock: “Ehm, no… My shuttle exploded after I crashed, some 14 days travel from here.”


Serrag: “Ah. That is unfortunate. We are stuck here without transport as well. You’ve been eating joknors I see?”


Bock: “’Joknors’? Is that what you call them? I hadn’t thought of giving them a name… But yes, I have been eating these animals… It seems it’s the only thing worth putting your teeth in on this planet.”


Serrag: “We’ve come to a similar conclusion.”


Bock walks over to the 2 dead birds.


Bock: “It seems I accidentally shot 2 birds… I did not intend for that to happen…”


Serrag: “You cannot carry 2 birds back to your camp; let me help you…”


The Vulcan approaches the Deish.


Bock: “Oh, that’s quite alright…”


Serrag: “No, I insist…”


The chief engineer picks up 1 of the birds. Bock picks up the other one; reluctantly it seems…


Serrag: “Your camp is this way, I assume?”


Serrag walks into the direction where they have previously seen the Deish walk off to after a prior bird kill. Serrag’s colleagues follow him. Bock quickly overtakes them. He seems nervous or worried…


Bock: “Gentlemen? I ehm…”


Serrag: “No, really, it’s no problem, Mr. Bock.”


They are getting near the edge of Joknor Valley and the shore of the sea of birds. No more birds in front of them. Bock seems to calm himself a little as he looks ahead into the distance.


Bock: “Awfully kind of you, Mr. Serrag.”


Bock, ahead of the pack, comes up to a tree. He suddenly seems to trip over one of the roots which has found a way to the surface. He tumbles over the floor in dramatic fashion and let’s out a scream of pain as he grabs his ankle… Kerr rolls his eyes… Serrag quickly responds and kneels beside him.


Serrag: “Is it your ankle?”


Bock: “Yes… I think it may be sprained… Or worse…”


Serrag: “We’ll have to carry both the birds and you back to your camp it seems…”


Bock: “No, I think I can walk… Help me up.”


The lieutenant commander indeed helps the downed man up. But it seems it’s no use… As soon as he put pressure on his foot again, he collapses back to the ground with another well articulated scream of pain.


Serrag: “Hmmm, it seems it’s worse than it looks…”


Bock holds his ankle and his facial expression reflects pure agony. Kerr seems annoyed at the delay.


Bock: “I’m afraid so…”


Serrag: “Let me help you up again… I’ll support you. Just don’t put too much pressure on your left foot; you’ll make it worse. How far is your camp from here?”


Bock: “Does your crew have medical equipment to treat my ankle? Because I have no such devices at my camp…”


Serrag helps the Deish up and supports him as promised.


Bock: “Thank you. There wasn’t enough time to grab supplies from the shuttle, as an explosion was imminent…”


Serrag: “Then we should head back to our camp. Our doctors can certainly help you…”


Bock: “That would be great… Thank you so much, gentlemen. It seems I’m a bother to you and your crew for which I am very sorry… I hope your captain will accept these ‘joknors’ as a gift from me for your kind assistance…”


Kerr sighs loudly and picks up one of the birds and throws it at one of the redshirts whom is nearly knocked off his feet.


Serrag: “Let’s get going, it’ll be at least 3 hours before we’ll reach camp at the suspected pace. You’ll probably need the necessary rest along the way…”


The Klingon picks up the other joknor. Serrag and the limping Bock point their noses in the opposite direction and head towards the camp.


Kerr: “If we do not rest along the way we’ll reach camp in 1 hour if we march on at a healthy pace.”


Serrag: “Clearly that is impossible with Bock’s sprain, Kerr…”


Kerr overtakes the 2 and stands in front of them so they’re forced to halt. The Klingon roughly forces the dead bird into the last available hand of the Vulcan, grabs the Deish’ arm and flips the man over his shoulder.


Kerr: “Let’s go… Enough time is wasted.”



SCENE 2: Twisted neck


Bynes, engineer, is sitting in front of a large boulder. He’s looking at a lady near the water’s edge whom is weaving some sort of basket from leafs. The lady is Petra Isenberg. His eyes do not seem to wander; they’re quit fixed on the basket weaver. A while goes by without much change in the situation. Then Stuckman enters the picture. He sees Bynes sitting there and notices his stare. He approaches Bynes from behind. When he is 6 or 7 meters away from Manco, directly to the latter’s right, Eric halts. He now understands what the engineer is looking at and apparently joins him in doing so for a few seconds. Bynes notices the science officer and also notices what he is doing. And he doesn’t particularly like it. Stuckman feels a pair of piercing eyes from his left… He looks at the owner of them and without saying anything he moves on. On his way off the set, he keeps looking at the lady, turning his neck accordingly, much to the dislike of Manco, whom shakes his head…



SCENE 3: Party pooper


Eisinga and a female Bajoran colleague are cooking something in a metal container for a cooking pot. The crackling fire is heating this white substance which apparently gives off a pleasant odor... Another colleague approaches.


Maresca: “Smells good! More wrunjup sauce?”


Eisinga: “Yes, a fresh batch is in the making…”


Maresca: “Nice!”


Eisinga: “Well, don’t get your hopes up too high… This batch will first be distributed among the vegetarian crew. If anything is left, you’re first in line.”


Maresca: “You’re both vegetarians?”


Eisinga: “Yes, both Zanva and me are… As are a few others.”


Maresca: “I never knew… How is wrunjup sauce made anyway?”


Zanva: “Well, it’s nothing too fancy… You just take a pile of wrunjup roots, grind them to a pulp, add some water, add some salt and stir until it becomes slightly thickish.”


Eisinga: “But it should still be pourable…”


Maresca: “Sounds like a gourmet meal to me… I couldn’t make anything that complex… I’m a replicator girl, haha…”


They all laugh…


Maresca: “But what about the name… I’ve wondered about that…”


Eisinga: “Just like joknor, it’s another Klingon word… I offered some yet unnamed sauce to Margon, but he told me to get that ‘wrunjup’ out of his face.”


Maresca: “Dare I ask what that means?...”


While staring at the sauce he’s stirring, Eisinga dryly answers.


Eisinga: “Crap.”


Maresca thinks for 2 seconds…


Maresca: “So we’re eating stupid, annoying beasts with crap sauce… Right.”


Eisinga: “Well, you eat stupid, annoying beasts with crap sauce…”


Maresca: “Right. You just eat the crappy bit.”


Zanva: “It keeps us alive.”


Maresca: “Well, I for one wouldn’t like to go without joknor meat… Anyway, how did you become vegetarians anyway?”


Zanva: “I didn’t ‘become’ a vegetarian… I’ve never known anything different.”


Eisinga: “Well, I did… I used to eat meat… But then I went on vacation with my aunt and uncle and a similar survival situation happened on Blemstaire 2… It was a splendid week, but the shuttle wouldn’t take off again when we wanted to leave. We had some food left, but not enough to last us the entire 8 extra days we ended up spending there. So my uncle and I went hunting. He shot a lun, a sort of mammal which resembles a deer. I was there when he butchered the poor thing… I wasn’t scared about not being able to leave that place, but the butchering was the only thing on my mind for months… I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t eat much… My aunt and uncle ate the animal while I ate the last of the other food we had left. I never touched meat again since that day…”


Maresca: “I can understand… That must have been traumatic. I do consume meat, but I also have to admit I wouldn’t like to be present when the animal is killed and butchered. That might even make a vegetarian out of me, hahaha…”


Eisinga: “And actually, vegetarian is not the proper term… I’m actually a replitarian. I don’t eat meat including replicated meat.”


Zanva: “Replicated meat patterns are often based on real killed and cooked animals…”


The captain joins the party of 3. Knowing the captain’s fondness of meat, Eisinga welcomes his friend.


Eisinga: “Welcome, captain! We were just discussing meat.”


LT: “Or the refusal to eat it?”


Eisinga: “Actually, yes…”


LT: “Funny, that’s just what I wanted to talk to you about… And you’re not going to like it.”


Zanva: “It can’t be that bad…”


LT: “Well, if I remember correctly you’re a vegetarian too, Zanva, so you won’t like this one bit.”


Zanva: “Maybe it is bad then…”


Eisinga: “Well, what is it?”


LT: “We eat joknors, joknors eat roots…”


A long drawn-out ‘yes’…


Eisinga: “Yes…”


…tells the captain he needs to get on with it…


LT: “…and as soon as the joknors run out of roots, they’ll likely move away to a new location…”


Eisinga: “Ah.”


Zanva: “Oh.”


Maresca: “So what you’re getting at, sir, is that perhaps wrunjup roots shouldn’t be eaten by our crew anymore before the birds decide to pack their suitcases?”


A few cautious nods confirm this hypothesis. Eldert just shakes his head.


Eisinga: “I can’t believe this… Where did this nonsense come from all of a sudden?”


LT: “Studies by Serrag… And I’m afraid he’s hardly ever wrong about anything… I understand your frustration, Eldert, but if the birds run out of food and leave, we run out of food as well… And there definitely aren’t enough roots to feed all of us…”


Zanva: “I can’t eat meat, captain!”


LT: “You may have to… As of today, no additional roots will be dug up. The current supply is all we will have to work with…”


Zanva: “Then I’ll go on a hunger strike!”


LT: “That’s fine. But unfortunately that will not affect this decision, which I didn’t like to make myself. But it’s a necessity, not some twisted plot to make you eat something you don’t want to.”


Zanva now stares at the ground, not knowing what to say… It’s not much different for the commander…


Eisinga: “Unbelievable…”


LT: “I’m sorry, guys… If I don’t take this measure, we will all starve...”



SCENE 4: Al moral


Spalding is sitting on the roof of his temporary shelter, about 6 feet from the ground. He seems to be looking at all the activity going on in and near the river. People are using wooden cups and bowls to collect water from the river and downstream a few others are taking a bath. On the shore dozens of people are going about their various businesses. A few small groups of people are talking, some are arranging firewood for a nice fire and some people are just passing by… Reinard approaches Spalding’s shelter and climbs on a horizontal support which attaches the shelter to a nearby tree to the left of the entrance. His head pops up over the edge of the roof.


Reinard: “Hi, Spalding…”


Spalding: “Reinard. How are you?”


Reinard: “Fine. Yourself?”


Spalding: “Not too bad, thanks.”


Reinard looks at the people in front of Spalding’s shelter…


Reinard: “So, how’s moral?”


Spalding: “Most of them are doing fine… They might not sleep in their own quarters or be able to conjure their favorite food item from a replicator, but at least all the familiar faces are here. We’re all in it together, which helps a lot. Besides, we’re not doing badly… Water, food, shelter…”


Reinard: “Yeah, I guess it could be worse…”


Spalding: “But more than a few people are showing some signs of home sickness… People miss the ship, but most of all their friends and families…”


Reinard: “Don’t we all?”


Spalding: “Of course… I miss my daughter Lisa Ann terribly…”


Reinard: “No wife?”


Spalding: “Divorced.”


Reinard: “Ah…”


Spalding: “Who do you miss most?”


Reinard: “Ellard, my son.”


Spalding: “Not your wife?”


Reinard: “Divorced.”


Spalding: “Ah…”


Reinard: “Though it has its charm, we’d all love to leave this place and get back into contact with our loved ones.”


Spalding: “Funny how a situation like this can make us want to do that?”


Reinard: “What do you mean?”


Spalding: “Well, I’ve spoken to a lot of people since we arrived on this desert planet. Most of them have people they miss. But for more than a few of them goes that they hadn’t contacted their families in months… And now all of a sudden they’re frustrated because they can’t…”


Reinard: “Well, frustration levels may rise… At the moment there’s not much hope of getting off of this desert planet.”


Reinard snickers.


Spalding: “What?”


Reinard: “Oh, nothing… It’s just funny we keep referring to this globe as ‘this desert planet’.”


Spalding: “Oh? I’ve heard some people refer to this planet using words I best not repeat.”


Reinard smiles…


Reinard: “Anyway, maybe we should give this planet a more suitable name…”


Spalding: “That would probably add to the decrease in moral.”


Reinard: “How so?”


Spalding: “In the back of people’s minds it may tell them we’re here to stay… I also think it’s a wise decision of the captain to build temporary shelters like these…”


He pats his hand on the roof under his butt.


Spalding: “…instead of building permanent homes.”


Reinard: “We might be going that way, Albert…”


Spalding: “Perhaps. But for now it’s wise to make it feel more like extended shore leave rather than ‘home’…”


The camera pans to some crew making fun in the water of the life saving river.



SCENE 5: Far afield hospital


Shelley: “Well, I can’t find anything wrong with your leg or ankle, Mr. Bock, except for the little scrape I fixed up…”


Bock is on a wooden bed covered in leafs in the all new field hospital. It now has a roof, which is currently open. The roof, hinged on one side, has been lifted up with a rope around a branch of the tree the field hospital is built under. The last light of the day shines in from above.


Bock: “I see… Let me try to stand on it…”


Doctor Shelley, with a disinterested tone in her voice:


Shelley: “Be careful…”


Bock gentle puts his feet on the ground and after making sure it doesn’t hurt, he takes a few paces back and forth.


Bock: “It seems to be pretty ok now…”


Kerr, standing close by next to the captain, simply grunts with irritation. He crosses his arms and stares at the wooden wall.


Bock: “Thank you, doctor. And I’m sorry for the trouble I caused, folks… I assure you I did not set out on my hunt today with this situation in mind.”


Sarcasm drips over the floor of the otherwise sterile looking field hospital.


Kerr: “We’re just glad you’re ok…”


Without looking at the Deish, he walks away, out of the hospital. The captain speaks.


LT: “Now then… Since we’re all alright, let’s vacate the field hospital and allow the other patient to rest in silence.”


Bock: “What’s wrong with him?”


Shelley: “He sustained brain damage in a fight with the Inj.”


Bock: “I’m sorry to hear…”


Shelley: “So am I… He may only have a day to live… There’s nothing else we can do but make him as comfortable as possible… It’s extremely frustrating not being able to do something while you know you could help him if I had a simple cerebral parser…”


Bock looks at Amato and then turns his head away shortly after as if he doesn’t want to be confronted with it anymore.


Bock: “Well, we better let him rest then…”


LT: “Philips will show you around the camp.”


Philips: “Follow me, Mr. Bock.”


The 2 leave.



SCENE 6: Gentle curves


Petra Isenberg is walking on the beach along the river with a female friend. They’re talking about whatever ladies talk about. They pass the shelter of Bynes, whom appears to be home, gauging from the curious face popping around the corner of the door opening. He walks outside to get a better look. Another duo is approaching from the same direction. This time it’s 2 guys; Stuckman and Stilson. Bynes is looking at the ladies as they come up to Isenberg’s shelter a few doors down. He obviously doesn’t notice the gentlemen approach from behind. These 2 guys are aware the engineer is looking at Isenberg and broad smiles adorn their faces. Bynes sits down against the tree to the left of his shelter and continues to stare at Petra . The science team walks up to Bynes.


Stuckman: “You lack tact, but at least you have taste…”


Stilson laughs, but Bynes isn’t too amused…


Bynes: “What?!... Why don’t you 2 weirdoes just move along?…”


Stilson: “Hey, no need for that, man… Calm down. It was just a joke…”


Bynes: “Whatever. Just keep your noses out of my business… Leave me alone.”


Stuckman: “Whatever indeed… Come on, Troy ; let’s leave Romeo here alone…”


As the science guys walk off, Bynes stands up and enters his shelter, slamming the door shut, which makes a very unimpressive, light sound, not heard by anyone but himself. The camera now pans to the right and we take a look downstream. Many dozens of shelters can be seen in a sloppy row on the left side of the beach, with the river being on the right. It seems like an endless street following the gentle curves of the water line.



SCENE 7: No guts, no gory


Eisinga and Zanva are still sitting next to the fire. Eisinga drops the last of the roots they have available in the metal cooking container.


Eisinga: “Well, that’s the last of it…”


Zanva: “I still can’t believe we aren’t allowed to eat roots anymore after this…”


Eisinga: “Yeah, me too… But I know the captain… Like he said himself, he wouldn’t do this if he thought it wasn’t really necessary…”


Zanva: “But I can’t eat meat… I just can’t…”


Eisinga: “I don’t like the fact we need to butcher animals to provide sustenance for ourselves. But discretion and respect are observed when joknors are killed and prepared. It’s not like we let Suder go at them with a blunt rock…”


Zanva laughs at Eisinga’s weird attempt at cheering the both of them up.


Eisinga: “It’s better than the way they do this back on Earth anyway…”


Zanva: “Oh?”


Eisinga: “Despite the fact replicators have replaced a lot of the real meat requirement, there are still animals being slaughtered. For many centuries now the process has remained roughly the same; animals like chickens are being hung up by the legs in machines.”


Zanva’s face reveals her displeasure with this beginning of the explanation of this primitive process.


Zanva: “Alive?”


Eisinga: “Yes, alive… The machine kills them.”


Zanva looks away in disgust, as if she can shed the image in her mind by doing so. Fail.


Eisinga: “There’s no subtle way to describe it… After they’re killed, they use automatic beams to cut them to pieces and transport them to the various processing and packaging departments.”


Zanva looks a bit queasy and pale all of a sudden... Eisinga interprets her silence as mere disgust and continues.


Eisinga: “I know… Sick, huh? The meat is still warm when it’s packed. Unbelievable.”


Zanva has had enough… She kinda pukes and leaves a nasty stain on the sand.


Eisinga: “Oh dear…”


Eisinga stops stirring in the makeshift cooking pot and rushes towards the Bajoran lady.


Eisinga: “Are you ok?”


Zanva: “Yes, I’m fine…”


Eisinga: “I’m so sorry… Perhaps it was a bit too graphic…”


Zanva: “So sick…”


Eisinga: “Here.”


The commander gives her a drink of water. Zanva gulps the entire wooden cup of water down when Serrag arrives on the scene.


Serrag: “Any medical assistance required?”


Eisinga: “No, it’s ok, Serrag. Thank you. I was just telling her about the present day medieval practices back on Earth used to automatically butcher chickens… It was a little too explicit.”


Serrag: “So she puked her own guts out… Makes sense.”



SCENE 8: The captain’s ready shack


Bock: “Impressive camp you’ve built, captain… Not at all bad for just a few short weeks.”


They’re in Captain LT’s shelter. Of course a bit larger than the others. The roof of his shelter is also opened like the one of the field hospital was. In the middle of the room, a small fire illuminates everything within the shelter, including the 2 people there.


LT: “Thank you. I’m proud of the crew; they’ve worked together like a really well-oiled machine. So, tell me… Serrag told me you were studying the nebula?”


Bock: “Indeed. The nebula may be in our proverbial backyard, but we don’t know it too well…”


LT: “Really? I spoke to your Hes, or perhaps former Hes by now…”


Bock: “Gooper? You spoke with Gooper?”


LT: “Yes, I did… Long story… Anyway, he said that your people have experience in navigating the nebula…”


Bock: “Oh, sure we do, sure we do… But it’s so vast… We haven’t seen every corner of it yet…”


LT: “I see…”


Bock: “As soon as I get out of here, I’ll be sure never to visit this corner again. That’s for sure…”


Quiet fills the room for a second.


Bock: “Must be tough on your people… I mean, I’ve seen a lot of happy faces around the camp when you showed me around, but I’m sure all of them miss their families and friends…”


LT: “Definitely… We’re able to live a decent life here for now, but that’s not going to last forever…”


The chief engineer comes up to the captain’s humble abode. He knocks on the flimsy door.


Serrag: “Lieutenant Commander Serrag, sir.”


LT: “Come in, Serrag.”


The Vulcan does exactly that. In his hand he carries a small device.


Serrag: “I managed to fix your log device, Mr. Bock. It was a simple issue; easily solved, even with the limited resources we have available on this planet.”


Bock: “Thank you so much, Mr. Serrag… I’m not too technically inclined… Thank you for saving my logs.”


Serrag’s hands the Deish his device.


Serrag: “My pleasure…”


Serrag heads for the door again.


Bock: “But captain, is there no way to get back to your ship in orbit?”


At that very moment, Serrag is about to close the door behind him. He halts and pokes his head around the door again.


LT: “Our ship is no longer in orbit because…”


The Vulcan interrupts his captain rather rudely…


Serrag: “Captain! Sorry to interrupt your conversation again… But I urgently need to discuss the joknor issue with you. Right now.”


The captain isn’t sure what to make of it judging from his initial silence. He soon after agrees.


LT: “Sorry, Bock. This will only take a moment…”


Bock: “No problem, captain. I’m not leaving the planet.”


LT gets up and follows Serrag outside. They walk away from the shelter to get out of reach of Bock’s hearing.


LT: “Something about joknors?”


Serrag: “Not really, sir…”


LT: “No, I figured…”


Serrag: “It’s about Bock…”


LT: “Yes, I figured…”


Serrag: “When I was finally able to access his logs on the device, I could read the entry titles. The title of the last entry, made this morning, reads ‘day 46 on the planet’.”


LT: “Ok… And?”


Serrag: “That means he’s on this planet 1 day less than us.”


LT “And?”


Serrag: “Well, Bock just mentioned the Greate Pier in orbit… But the ship was tractored into the Behemoth before he arrived here. How could he have known about the Greate Pier?”


LT: “He could not have heard it from his people back on Deish, as they didn’t know where we were headed. Although, Hes Gooper said they can easily track ships in the nebula…”


Serrag: “Perhaps… But I calculate the chances of that to be… well, small.”


LT: “Let’s find out…”


The 2 men walk back inside the shelter. Bock is drinking from his cup and seems to be happy, according to his smile.


Bock: “Ah, gentlemen. Problem solved?”


LT: “Almost…”


Bock: “Good!”


LT: “Tell me. How long have you been on this planet, Bock?”


Bock: “Let’s see now… I think it’s about 45, 46 days…”


LT: “46 days indeed… That’s what your log device said.”


Bock jumps up and looks at the Vulcan.


Bock: “You went through my logs?!”


Serrag: “Technically, no. After I repaired your device, I was able to read the log entry titles; that’s how I knew.”


LT: “That means you already knew of our ship before you got here… The Greate Pier was tractored into the Inj ship before your logs indicate you arrived here.”


The engineer adds some more pressure before Bock can respond to LT’s words.


Serrag: “It seems wise to tell us who you are and what you are doing here…”


Bock, with fear in his eyes, looks at both men and sees an earnest look in both cases. But he refuses to answer… After several tense seconds, Serrag picks up the log device from next to Bock’s chair.


Serrag: “We can always check the logs of course…”


Serrag walks away from the Deish, whom springs up from his seat, but doesn’t follow the Vulcan.


Bock: “Alright, alright!”


Serrag walks back to the Deish and hands him his device.


Bock: “There’s no sense in denying it anyway…”


LT: “I’m listening…”


Bock: “My government sent me to follow you.”


LT: “And do what exactly?”


Bock: “To see if you’d leave the area and also to gain any information that I could about you… And also to further assess the military capabilities of your ship, which apparently aren’t too good, seeing as you’ve been beaten so quickly.”


Serrag: “For your information, we have beaten 2 such Behemoths before. Next to that, your ship didn’t perform much better…”


LT: “We would’ve had a better chance if your people had helped us.”


Bock: “This is a useless discussion!”


LT: “I’m glad we agree.”


Bock: “I am not the one who denied military support in this matter. I’m just a simple…”


Serrag: “…spy.”


Bock: “Spy or not, we’re all in the same boat now…”


LT: “Perhaps… But maybe it’s a good idea to keep you in our state of the art prison for now…”


Bock: “Prison? You’ve got to be joking!”


Serrag: “I’m sure Suder would like some company, sir.”


LT: “I think he would…”


Bock: “Suder? Who’s Suder?”


LT: “Our prisoner.”


Bock: “You built a prison for 1 guy? I mean, where is he going to go anyway? This planet is a prison itself!”


Serrag: “That’s what he said…”


Bock: “What’s he in for anyway?”


Serrag: “Murder.”


Bock: “Murder?! You are going to put a well-intentioned spy in prison with a cold-blooded killer?!”


After a few seconds of letting him sweat, the captain ends his fears.


LT: “You are welcome to stay here as our guest, Bock… This spy is indeed in the same boat with the entire Greate Pier crew, but you seem harmless. There’s nothing here you can learn which your people may not know about, so feel free to wander the camp and observe our new way of life. But be very sure to understand this. I do not appreciate liars or people who deceive me.”


Bock: “I’ve noticed… I’m sorry for the deception, captain, but it’s my job…”


LT: “You can put your job out of your mind until we get out of here. So no more deception; let that be very clear.”


Bock: “It’s as crystal clear as your river…”


LT: “Good, good…”


Serrag: “Was your ‘sprained’ ankle a deception as well?”


Bock: “I assure you it was not. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, apparently… The initial pain was excruciating. The Deish are physically tough people, but I am a clear exception to that rule. You may access the medical category of my personal logs if you require confirmation of that.”


LT: “Well, enough on this matter… I’ll arrange for someone to take you to your shelter.”


Bock: “Thank you again, captain, Mr. Serrag…”


LT opens the door for the Deish and lets him out. After making sure Bock is out of range of their voices, he shuts the door.


LT: “What do you think, Serrag?”


Serrag: “He is a spy, but he’s not very good at it… I also think his sprain was a fake. Looking back at the whole incident, he did everything he could to prevent us from going to his camp.”


LT: “Does he have anything to hide there?”


Serrag: “Well, we already concluded from observing his joknor hunting frequency he’s alone. So maybe, whatever he is trying to hide, is of the material kind.”


LT: “Like what?”


Serrag: “I don’t know…”


LT: “Well, anyway, I’ll send out a team to find his camp tomorrow.”


Serrag: “What about Bock, sir?”


LT: “Put a security detail on him. Out of sight; I want him to feel like he’s a guest and he can enjoy all the freedoms the rest of the crew can.”


Serrag: “I’ll arrange it…”


Serrag leaves the shelter…



SCENE 9: Day 48 - Round 3 - Fight!


The next morning, Stuckman is up early. And so is Isenberg. The 2 of them are having a chat near the water’s edge, pretty much where Bynes observed her yesterday. Unknown to Stuckman and Isenberg, someone is approaching from behind. Petra stands up, greets Stuckman and walks away. Stuckman greets her and adds a single wave of his hand. His eyes keep on following the lady until he notices someone coming up from behind. He turns his head to see who it is. Bynes.


Bynes:” I told you to stay out of my business…”


Eric stands up and faces the unhappy, even aggravated Bynes.


Stuckman: “I haven’t seen you since last night. How can I be meddling in your business?”


Bynes: “Don’t get smart with me, you bastard!”


Stuckman: “Oh come on… Is it all of a sudden illegal to talk to someone you have a silly crush on?”


Bynes: “Just leave her alone, ok?!”


Stuckman: “What?! The relationship between you 2 consists out of you ogling at her and all of a sudden you speak for her?”


Bynes: “Watch it, man…”


Stuckman continues as if he didn’t hear the warning.


Stuckman: “I mean have you 2 ever talked to each other? Does she even know your name?”


Bynes: “And since when are you interested in her?”


Stuckman: “Not since just yesterday anyway… But is it about who was first then? Just ask Stilson if you don’t believe me; we talk about her sometimes…”


Bynes: “Ah yes, Stilson… The other half of the S&S science boys…”


Stuckman: “Yeah, that’s us… What about it?”


Bynes: “Oh nothing… I always see the 2 of you everywhere… I’m just surprised you’re interested in girls at all…”


Stuckman just laughs shortly and also shakes his head while he’s not really amused at all.


Bynes: “And since you are men of science, science will tell you it’s wise to stay away from Petra …”


Stuckman: “I am indeed a man of science, but tell me… What equation did you use for that? I’m not familiar with it…”


Bynes: “2 and 1 makes 3… And 3 is a crowd… Now get lost!”


Stuckman: “No, thanks. But brilliantly engineered, pall… But I still don’t see any reason to avoid her… I mean we were having such a wonderfully romantic and flirty talk… I said to her something like ‘hey, you come here often?’, and she said ‘yeah, I live just down the street…’…”


Stuckman points down the street of shelters down the river.


Stuckman: “…and I was like ‘well, in that case…’...”


Bynes has had enough and throws a punch at Stuckman’s best side of his face. Eric didn’t expect Manco to do this and finds himself on the sandy floor. He quickly crawls up. After 2 seconds of staring at each other, it is now Stuckman who attacks. Punches are exchanged for a while before they start a wrestling match. Sand and dust fly up in the air as they’re rolling around on the floor like oversized hogs in a mud bath. Isenberg, who wasn’t too far away just yet to miss all of the fighting action, comes running back. She tries to separate the 2, but it takes her a while.


Isenberg: “Stop it! Stop it!”


The men now seem to notice who is screaming at them and they stop fighting…


Isenberg: “You are behaving like little children! What’s going on here?”


37 seconds later they find themselves in the captain’s shelter with Petra and, of course, a displeased captain. The 2 bleeding officers are each sitting on a wooden chair at a 90 degree angle from each other.


LT: “What was going on out there, Bynes, Stuckman?”


Stuckman: “We ehm… we were fighting, sir…”


LT: “Really?”


Stuckman: “Yes, sir.”


LT: “Obviously you were fighting! What were you fighting about?”


Bynes: “What are fights usually about, sir? Nothing.”


Stuckman: “It was actually about nothing, sir.”


LT: “Gentlemen. Sitting in those chairs will be the entire extent of your life until it is clear what the fight was about. And I have all the patience in the desert world.”


Some moments of silence pass…


LT: “Alright… I see this is going nowhere…”


The captain stands up and prepares to leave. At that moment Bynes decides to speak.


Bynes: “Sir, I threw the first punch…”


The captain sits back down with his eyes aimed at Bynes.


LT: “I don’t care who threw the first punch! A fight takes 2 people. What was the fight about?”


Bynes: “It was about a girl, sir…”


LT: “A girl? I see… What girl?”


Stuckman: “Yes, a girl, sir. That’s the truth…”


LT: “Are you guys still avoiding answering questions? What girl?”


Another uneasy, quiet moment passes…


Stuckman: “That’s not really important, sir… The most important thing is we did not behave like officers should…”


Bynes: “We were a bad example to the rest of the crew, sir. What will be our punishment?”


The captain parks his elbows on the desk and covers his eyes with his hands. In a slow, calm, but stern voice he asks a familiar question.


LT: “Whatgirl?...”


Bynes: “Crewman Isenberg, sir.”


Isenberg: “What?! Me?!”


Petra is shocked.


Isenberg: “Why would your fight be about me?”


The 2 bleeding ensigns avoid looking at her and stay quiet.


LT: “Was this fight to determine the outcome of this silly love competition or something?”


Isenberg: “Love? Are you suggesting these 2 jerks are in love with me, captain? They don’t even know me!”


The captain is fed up with their silence. He stands up and places his knuckles on the shaky table. A loud and long drawn out call for attention follows.


LT: “Hellooo?!”


Bynes and Stuckman seem to awaken out of their slumber.


Bynes: “Something like that, sir…”


Isenberg: “Unbelievable… I mean, I only remembered your names just now because the captain mentioned them… How can you 2 be ‘in love’ with me if you don’t even know me?!”


Stuckman: “Well, I would perhaps not call it ‘in love’, but…”


The captain just sits back down and let’s Isenberg address them.


Isenberg: “Whatever you want to call it, let’s make the following very clear. I do not have any interest in immature guys who fight like a couple of adolescents. You being out here in the wilderness doesn’t mean you need to act like cavemen. Keep your primal urges in check, will you? This female isn’t going to be clobbered… Have a nice day.”


An enraged Petra slams the door behind her as she leaves.


LT: “You’re free to go and sit around a campfire…”


Stuckman shows a little smile, apparently relieved.


LT: “Just the 2 of you. And no medical treatment for you guys until you sort things out.”


Stuckman: “But, sir… Isn’t it a little too warm for a campfire?”


The captain sighs deeply…


LT: “I didn’t say you’d have to light a fire; just go and sit somewhere together and sort this crap out!”


Bynes: “Sir, I don’t think…”


The captain’s had enough.


LT: “Out!”


Stuckman limps out the door first, followed by an equally battered, beaten and bruised Bynes.



SCENE 10: It’s too early for this crap


A group of people is sitting around the smoldering remains of last night’s campfire. Their chairs form a shoddy semi circle. They’re talking about nothing much.


Longworth: “I hope I can build a dozen more chairs today; I’ve already cut all of the wood to length yesterday…”


Stilson: “That would be nice… I’ve heard many people complain about a lack of chairs.”


Most people around the former campfire are stuffing their faces with whatever they managed to make out of joknor meat. Wrunjup sauce is running out, since Commander Eisinga and Zanva made the last batch yesterday.


Longworth: “Well, even with all the engineers we have, it’s impossible to give everyone a chair at the same time… We had to build the field hospital and its beds first. And not to forget: over 450 shelters… Chairs were not a priority…”


Maresca: “People have actually scorched their names onto chairs with a phaser so they don’t get ‘borrowed’ by someone else.”


Longworth: “What has this world come to? Hahaha…”


Rodney reaches for a wooden cup and pours the wrunjup sauce contained in it over his roast joknor.


Mansfield : “Hey! My wrunjup sauce!...”


Longworth: “What?”


Voices are now being raised…


Mansfield : “That’s my wrunjup sauce you’re pouring on your meat!”


Longworth: “What makes you think it’s yours?!”


Maresca: “Now, calm down, guys…”


Mansfield : “It’s the last cup I had!”


Longworth: “Well, maybe you shouldn’t have put it right next to my chair then!”


Mansfield : “You want a war, buddy?”


And the fighting with words goes on and on... While we continue to observe this scene, the captain’s log is heard.


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 64037.88. A fight between Bynes and Stuckman has not made for a good start this morning; tempers may be getting a little frayed. This notion is further strengthened by the fact that a wrunjup sauce war seems to have sparked since I prohibited the further harvesting of wrunjup roots. Fact of the matter is we may need to stop consuming joknors as well…”


Rodney and John are now standing opposite each other, flailing their arms around and apparently screaming at each other. Longworth is taunting Mansfield by taking a sizable bite of his roast joknor, drenched in Mansfield ’s wrunjup sauce.


LT: “Counts indicate they’re breeding at a higher rate than our consumption, however, Serrag’s studies show it takes years for these animals to reach sexual maturity. Before long we’ll have eaten our way through this entire colony… Who knows, this may be the only one on the planet. Making an animal species extinct is not on my list of things to do. We need some good news soon… And/or a new food source.”



SCENE 11: Shipshape


Reinard is walking down the beach staring at his tricorder. From the opposite direction a colleague of his, Ensign Philips, meets him.


Philips: “Sir, have you seen Bock?”


Reinard: “Not directly…”


Philips: “I’ve seen him steal a phaser. I followed him, but lost him and I didn’t have a tricorder on me…”


Reinard: “I’ve got one right here and I’ve been tracking him all day, recording his every move. I received a report just minutes ago from someone who claimed Bock had stolen his tricorder.”


Philips looks at Reinard’s tricorder.


Philips: “Ah, there he is… Let’s catch him before he does something stupid with the phaser.”


Mark walks off into the direction he previously came from, but the commander makes him come back.


Reinard: “No, Philips… We’ll let him go…”


Philips: “What? Why? He has a phaser!”


Reinard: “I don’t think he’s going to use the phaser on anyone… We’ll keep on tracking him until we find out what his plans are.”


Reinard looks at his tricorder again.


Reinard: “He’s coming this way. Don’t look at him and act natural…”


Bock passes the security men with a comfortable distance of 12 meters between them.


Philips: “What is he up to?”


Reinard: “Be patient…”


Philips: “I’m trying to be patient, but the guy has a weapon he’s not supposed to have.”


Bock is looking at the tricorder he previously stole… He walks a bit further down the beach after hiding the tricorder again. The security men walk into the wooded area behind the shelters and try to catch up with him. Moments later Bock produces the tricorder again, looks up at one of the shelters and after a quick look around he enters the shelter.


Philips: “2 counts of theft and now entering someone else’s shelter without permission…”


Reinard: “3 counts of theft… He has a second phaser in his pocket now…”


The Deish leaves the shelter and heads back into the direction he came from.


LT: “LT to Commander Reinard…”


Reinard: “Good morning, sir… I thought the com badges were not to be used to conserve energy.”


LT: “I couldn’t find you, commander… Where are you?”


Reinard: “I’m right here in the camp, sir.”


LT: “Anyway… I’d like you to find Bock’s camp. Find Serrag and take him along, he knows its probable location…”


Reinard: “I think that might not be necessary, sir… I’m following Bock as we speak and I think he might be headed for his own camp right now…”


LT: “We have reason to believe he may be hiding something there, but we don’t know who or what. Take a team with you.”


Reinard: “I have Ensign Philips with me, but I don’t think it would be in our advantage to take along more people. I’d like to stay hidden.”


LT: “Alright, but be careful… Let me know what you find.”


Reinard: “We’re on it, sir. Reinard out. Let’s go, Philips.”


The 2 men head after the Deish. Some time later, they crouch behind a bush. They’re looking are Bock going around a rocky corner, just after they left Joknor Valley on the other side from the Greate Pier crew’s camp. Jens and Mark emerge from the shrubberies and plant their backs against the rock face. Reinard, on the left, takes a careful peek around the corner. He turns around and looks at Philips.


Reinard: “You’re not going to believe this…”


They trade places and Philips also takes a quick, careful look around the corner... Philips looks straight at the commander in amazement…


Philips: “I thought his ship had exploded a long distance away from here!”


Reinard: “That’s what he told Serrag indeed…”


Philips: “Bastard!”


Bock walks into the shuttle which he just opened. Philips is furious and walks around the corner in a quick pace. Reinard tries to stop him by whispering a shout…


Reinard: “Mark! No!”


It’s too late… Mark walks into the shuttle after Bock, quickly followed by Reinard. Bock is extremely startled and can’t find any words. Philips, however, has a few stern words lined up…


Philips: “You son of a bitch!”


He pounds both Bock’s shoulders back with his hands, causing the Deish to fall backwards over the control panels.


Bock: “Please! Don’t hurt me…”


The alien cringes and puts his hands up to protect himself…


Reinard: “Philips, stand down!”


Philips just stares at Bock with a tremendously angry gaze. Reinard puts his hand on Philips’ shoulder. Mark turns around and heads towards the door of the shuttle. Reinard addresses the Deish…


Reinard: “Why didn’t you tell us you had a perfectly good shuttle sitting right here?!”


Bock: “Actually… It’s not perfect, really…”


Philips’ eyes locate a med kit. He decides to investigate.


Bock: “The Inj attack damaged a few systems, but I fixed them… It’s just that the shuttle doesn’t have enough energy left to take off…”


Philips grabs a device from the med kit and looks at it.


Reinard: “That’s why you needed the phasers… Energy. But I don’t think that’ll be enough. Especially since a lot of phaser energy was used to cut wood for shelters and other stuff… Be that as it may, you have the only means to potentially get us all off of this sandy rock…”


Philips: “BOCK! You bastard!”


Mark runs over to Reinard hands the device to his superior. Reinard blocks the path to the Deish, so Mark is stuck with merely threatening Bock. He aggressively points at him.


Philips: “You’re history, pall!”


Reinard examines it quickly. Without moving his head, his eyes move up to Bock. He moves the device from his right to his left hand and uses his right hand to make a fist and planting it firmly in the visage of the futily cringing Deish. Immediately after, he grabs the bleeding alien by his clothing and roughly throws him into 1 of the seats.


Reinard: “This cerebral parser could have helped Amato a lot sooner, you lowlife!”


Bock puts his hands up in defense again.


Bock: “Stop! I didn’t do anything!”


Philips: “That’s exactly the problem! And you’re lucky Commander Reinard hit you.”


Reinard throws an unsure look at Philips.


Philips: “You knew about Amato’s condition! You knew this device could help him!”


Bock: “Please! I had to keep my ship secret! I was afraid you might take it from me and leave me behind…”


Philips: “So you faked your sprain… Anything to be taken back to our camp and keep your ship secret…”


Reinard: “Amato could have been treated a full day earlier!”


Philips: “You better hope he makes it… Else I’ll dig a hole for you and make sure you’ll permanently occupy it…”


Reinard: “Let’s not waste any more time and get this device to the camp immediately… Move, Bock!”


Bock is violently pushed towards the door.


Reinard: “I’ll personally appeal to the captain to have your worst fear come true… I’ll ask for you to be left behind all alone…”


Philips: “That’s if Amato makes it, of course. And if you slow us down on the way back to camp, I swear I’ll shoot you…”


Bock’s eyes are full of fear… The 3 start their journey back to camp in a high tempo.



SCENE 12: We meat again


Zanva is sitting at her regular campfire spot again when Eisinga arrives. There’s no fire just yet, as it’s late in the morning…


Eisinga: “Hey, Zanva, good evening…”


Zanva: “Hi, Eldert…”


Eisinga puts down a basket next to his chair. He puts his tricorder on top of the lid after he sits down.


Zanva: “What’s in the basket?”


Eisinga: “Roast joknor… A whole one.”


Zanva seems disappointed.


Zanva: “Oh…”


Eisinga: “The captain asked me to find someone to make replicator patterns for roast joknor and wrunjup sauce.”


Zanva: “Is there still wrunjup sauce left since the wrunjup sauce war of 2386?”


Eisinga snickers shortly.


Eisinga: “I managed to save a bit.”


Zanva: “Wait… The captain asked you to find someone to make replicator patterns. Why are you going to do it yourself?”


Eisinga: “Well, to be frank…”


He pats the basket’s lid.


Eisinga: “…this bird isn’t just for scanning… It’s also dinner.”


Zanva: “What? Your dinner?”


Zanva sounds disappointed.


Eisinga: “I know… I don’t particularly like the idea myself, let me assure you… But as first officer, I have to keep my strength up. I can’t perform my tasks as first officer, with or without a ship, if I don’t eat…”


Zanva hasn’t quite found the words yet to respond. A short while later Eisinga goes on.


Eisinga: “I’m not supposed to say this, but everyone knows it already… It’s not likely we’ll find a way off of this planet any time soon. A hunger strike until we are able to leave might prove fatal.”


Eisinga stands up and produces the joknor and wrunjup sauce from the basket. He replaces the lid on the basket and puts the complete roast joknor on top so he can properly scan it. Eldert puts the cup of wrunjup sauce next to it.


Zanva: “Until the wrunjup ban I was quite happy here… I’m sorry, but I won’t join you in a joknor feast, Eldert…”


The commander flips open his tricorder.


Eisinga: “I understand… But I hope that you also understand that eating leafs isn’t going to be enough to keep you going forever.”


Zanva: “Perhaps not…”


Eisinga: “Those leafs will also be part of my diet though… As soon as this last wrunjup runs out in about 30 minutes… I’m not looking forward to it though… I had my first taste weeks ago, but haven’t touched the stuff since. But it will serve as part of my diet.”


Eisinga starts scanning the meat and sauce…


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 64038.26. Bock has been treated for his wounds, though I was initially inclined to refuse medical treatment for him, like I refused it to Bynes and Stuckman earlier. On a more positive note, Serrag has started work on an idea to make ourselves scarce before the birds are…”


There ends the news flash from the captain. In other news…


Zanva: “I hate this situation…”


Eisinga: “I know… So do I…”


Eisinga puts down his tricorder.


Eisinga: “There. All done… I’m not sure these replicator patterns will ever be used, but we’ll see…”


Eldert breaks off one of the legs of the joknor and looks at it… Zanva also look at it from a distance, but with considerably more disgust in her look.


Zanva: “Horrible…”


Eisinga: “Well, here goes…”


Eldert digs in.


Zanva: “I never thought I’d see you eat meat…”


Eisinga: “Well, it doesn’t taste bad at all, you know? It’s just the idea of the animal being killed that’s not very appealing…”


Zanva: “Your butchering machine story didn’t help either by the way…”


The first officer smiles, pours some wrunjup sauce on the meat and continues eating…



SCENE 13: The snitch is a…


Bynes and Stuckman are sitting on the ground staring at what used to be a campfire a dozen hours ago. Nothing is said for a long time… Some more time goes by in silence. What follows next are many moments of quiet… The men keep staring at the former campfire, looking at the trees in the distance when a gust of wind stirs the leafs or at people when they walk by. After some more of that the first word is finally said… Bynes looks at Stuckman with a serious face.


Bynes: “Hey…”


Stuckman looks back at him with a similar face, but doesn’t say anything.


Bynes: “What a bitch, huh?...”


Stuckman’s serious look disappears… He tries to prevent it, but he starts laughing… Bynes quickly joins him in loud laughter. People walking by have no idea what possesses these men.


Stuckman: “Yeah, she is, isn’t she? Clearly not worth fighting over…”


Bynes: “Right.”


Stuckman: “Actually, I’ve never talked with her before this morning… And it was coincidence, you know?”


Bynes: “Ah, never mind, man. We should talk about something interesting for a change.”


Stuckman: “Mundane stuff like the weather?”


Bynes: “Well, that’s a start… I love summer and warmth, but I’ve had about enough of this constant baking…”


Stuckman: “I know what you mean… Back in California it can get pretty warm, but not like this…”


Bynes: “You’re from California ?!”


Stuckman: “Yeah…”


Bynes: “Me too, man! Greenwich Village . You?”


Stuckman: “ Greenfield .”


Bynes produces a PADD and pushes the necessary buttons… Stuckman knows what he’s doing, walks over the Bynes, crouches down and checks out what’s he’s coming up with on the device.


Bynes: “That’s just 240 kilometers apart as the shuttle flies.”


The PADD shows a map of California with both mentioned places indicated with a red dot.


Stuckman: “Never knew where Greenwich Village was…”


The both men stand up.


Stuckman: “Listen, Bynes… I didn’t mean to get between you and that Isenbitch, but…”


Bynes laughs at the wordplay and stops Stuckman’s apology speech.


Bynes: “There was never anything going on with us of course… Like you said, our relationship consisted purely out of me ogling at her.”


Stuckman: “And I guess that resparked my interest in her a bit…”


Manco shows a wry smile on his face.


Bynes: “I mean, if we actually had talked I wouldn’t be interested in her anymore, would I? Hahaha…”


The both of them laugh…


Bynes: “So, let’s stop talking about her already, ok?”


Stuckman: “Alright, alright, hahaha…”


Stuckman extends his hand.


Stuckman: “Friends?”


Bynes accepts and shakes his hand.


Bynes: “Friends.”


As they walk away, Manco puts his hand on Eric’s shoulder.


Bynes: “Let’s go ogling tomorrow…”



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