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“Immortality passion”

by Lord Thanatos


09/01/12 15/01/12







1. Elpek’s handiwork

2. Nervous system

3. 3rd

4. Hay!

5. Comparing canon sizes

6. Phone prank

7. Biting doctor

8. Scan the man

9. Frodo, eyes up here

10. Knuckle on wood

11. Party promise

12. Lots of stuff happening in this scene, can’t find an appropriate title except this one

13. Hats and waves






SCENE 1: Elpek’s handiwork


The Greate Pier is motionless in space. Alongside the ship is another ship of alien origin. The main screen on the bridge flicks on and shows one of the aliens aboard the other ship. The man appears to be fully clad in a formal military outfit.


Alien: “This is Jakuchar, Axxo of the Deish attack fleet.”


LT: “Greetings, Axxo Jakuchar. I am Captain LT of the Federation starship Greate Pier. We are pleased to…”


The captain’s words are cut off by the military guy.


Jakuchar: “We’re not here to make idle conversation, captain. Stand down your weapons and prepare to be boarded.”


LT: “Our weapons aren’t even active and there will be no boarding of this ship. You are however welcome to beam a small party over for our first contact meeting. Seems like a more reasonable way to approach newcomers in this area.”


Jakuchar: “You presume to tell me what I should do?”


LT: “Not at all… Just presenting you with a more friendly option.”


Jakuchar: “I see no reason to continue this irrelevant discussion. We have 68 warships converging on your position as we speak. You have no chance.”


LT: “Yes, I saw your fleet was heading this way. However, this does not change my offer. You’re most welcome to send a small, unarmed party over.”


Jakuchar: “Unarmed? You must be joking… We take no risks when it comes to the Inj and their collaborators!”


LT: “Collaborators? I’m afraid you are sadly mistaking… We fight the Inj. It’s the reason we are here…”


Jakuchar: “You have working Inj technology aboard your ship…”


LT: “Yes, indeed we do. Let’s discuss it as soon as you beam over.”


With a quick chop, the captain signals Maresca to cut off communications.


LT: “LT to Amato, prepare to receive a party from the alien ship.”


Amato: “Understood. Standing by.”


A short time later, the captain, Eisinga, Reinard and Serrag enter the transporter room, coincidentally at the very same time the party is being beamed over. The party indeed is small, but they are armed; their weapons are drawn.


LT: “Welcome to the Greate Pier.”


The aliens point their weapons directly at the Greate Pier crewmembers.


LT: “There’s no need for those on this ship. In fact, they’ve been rendered useless by our transporter device.”


One or 2 of them check the little display on their weapons...


LT: “No worries, you are among friends here. Well, as long as you behave, that is… Anyway, I am Captain LT, this is first officer Commander Eisinga, Chief of Security Commander Reinard and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Serrag.”


The Axxo merely nods to the introduced crew members and signals his party to put their weapons away.


Jakuchar: “This is most unusual, Captain LT.”


LT: “Why thank you… Anyway, if you are hunting the Inj you have nothing to fear from us…”


Jakuchar: “Fear?”


Jakuchar laughs…


LT: “Shall I show you to the Inj technology we have aboard? I’d be pleased to show you what we’ve managed to do with it…”


Jakuchar simply nods again. The entire group of 4 aliens and 4 Federations officers leave the transporter room and soon after find themselves in a small room on the lowest deck, right in the center of the ship.


Serrag: “Gentlemen, this is what we dubbed the Greate Canon. The technology is indeed Inj in origin, but adapted to be more efficient and powerful.”


The Axxo, again without words, signals his engineer to check it out more closely.


Jakuchar: “Interesting… The Inj version is already very powerful, as over 900 Deish have personally found out.”


LT: “I’m sorry to hear that… Our people have also lost hundreds of lives to the Inj.”


As if Jakuchar didn’t hear the captain, he continues…


Jakuchar: “So you can understand that we cannot allow Inj technology in our solar system.”


LT: “I understand your… apprehension regarding the Inj. They are currently the number 1 enemy of the Federation.”


Jakuchar: “Hm…”


His attention drifts for a bit until he takes a closer look at Serrag.


Jakuchar: “Say, your chief engineer doesn’t appear to be the same race as the most of you…”


Serrag: “Correct, Axxo Jakuchar. I am a Vulcan.”


Elpek walks into the room, shocking some of the Deish party. Serrag decides it’s time for a sort of a joke…


Serrag: “And Elpek here is also not human.”


The Axxo now speaks louder than ever before…


Jakuchar: “No kidding!”


Jakuchar shows a puzzled look on his face when Serrag continues…


Serrag: “No worries, he doesn’t bite that often…”


LT: “This is Lieutenant Elpek. Together with Lieutenant Commander Serrag he was responsible for adapting the Inj technology and building this canon.”


Serrag: “He’s quite… handy.”


Jakuchar can’t help but stare at Elpek’s many appendages…


Jakuchar: “Yes, I can see that…”



SCENE 2: Nervous system


Yasmine Cole is occupied with 1 of her many jobs. She’s in sickbay immersed in her current activity of reading stuff on a console... Doctor Shelley walks in carrying all kinds of medical equipment. She smiles as she sees Cole, who doesn’t even notice the doctor walking behind her.


Shelley: “Nervous?”


Cole is startled.


Cole: “Doctor! I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you just there…”


The doc smiles and asks again.


Shelley: “Nervous?”


Cole: “Well, a bit maybe… Just reading up on some stuff…”


Shelley: “Well, don’t overstudy… Save your energy.”


Cole’s attention is already back at the screen in front of her while operating a bunch of buttons.


Cole: “Ya…”


The doctor silently laughs and continues her work as well.



SCENE 3: 3rd


Holcraft, in charge on the bridge in the absence of both LT and his first officer, answers Stilson’s call for attention.


Holcraft: “Yes, crewman?”


Stilson: “I think we just got lucky, sir…”


Holcraft: “And how lucky are we?”


Stilson: “The 3rd Behemoth lucky…”


Holcraft: “You found it?!”


Holcraft jumps up from the big chair and walks over to the science console.


Stilson: “Yes, sir. We don’t have visual just yet, but it’s there alright…”


Holcraft: “Awesome… Keep tracking it.”


Stilson: “Of course, sir…”


The nearby turbo lift doors open and Commander Eisinga approaches Holcraft.


Holcraft: “Sir.”


Eisinga: “Lieutenant… Just checking up on things before I take my lunch break… Anything new?”


Holcraft: “Well, Stilson managed to locate the 3rd Behemoth…”


Eisinga: “Really?! That’s great news… The captain is on his way to the planet, so don’t disturb him with the news… But be sure to inform him when he gets back.”


Holcraft: “Will do.”


Eisinga: “Alright, good work, guys… Anyway, I’m off for lunch.”


Stilson: “Enjoy, sir.”


Eisinga: “Thank you. And keep tracking it, crewman.”


Stilson: “Of course, sir…”


Eisinga re-enters the turbo lift and as soon as the doors close, the other turbo lift’s doors open to reveal Captain LT. Holcraft is amazed to see LT appear, as he was supposed to be on the way to the planet.


Holcraft: “Captain. I just heard you were on the way to the surface…”


LT: “Ah, Holcraft… I just popped by to check up on things before I beam down… Any news?”


Holcraft: “Stilson found the 3rd Behemoth on scanners…”


LT: “Oh?! That’s brilliant…  The Deish will be interested to hear that… Have you seen Commander Eisinga? He should be informed about this news…”


Holcraft: “Well, he just left for his lunch break…”


LT: “Ah, be sure to inform him when he gets back.”


Holcraft: “He already knows; he was just here…”


LT: “Ah, in that case, I’m out of here… Keep tracking it, Stilson.”


Unheard by the captain, the crewman reluctantly answers indifferently…


Stilson: “Ya…”


The captain heads for the nearby turbo lift. At that very moment, Maresca addresses him.


Maresca: “Captain! Incoming transmission from Admiral Grant.”


The man halts in his tracks and turns around…


LT: “Oh, just great…”


He sighs deeply.


LT: “Alright, on screen…”


The ever cheerful visage of Grant terrorizes the screen.


LT: “Admiral…”


Grant: “Captain. A progress report in a nutshell please.”


LT: “I was just on my way to meet the leader of a race whom has plans to track down and kill the Inj with their formidable fleet and I’ve just been informed we’ve spotted the 3rd and last Behemoth.”


Grant: “Good news for once.”


Without meaning it, the captain responds.


LT: “Thank you kindly, admiral. Anyway, what should we do with this Behemoth, sir?”


Grant: “Who found it?”


LT: “Crewman Stilson.”


Grant: “Is that you in the back, crewman?”


Stilson: “Yes, sir.”


Grant: “Good work, crewman. Keep tracking it.”


Stilson just sighs. The admiral now directs his attention towards the captain again.


Grant: “I’ll have to discuss this with my peers, captain. I’ll get back to you.”


Without giving him a chance to reply, the admiral’s face finally disappears from the big screen.


LT: “I’m off to more pleasant things, Holcraft. Hold the fort.”


Holcraft: “Aye, sir.”


The captain now makes a successful attempt to leave the bridge. Reinard is already on the surface when LT beams down to join him.


Reinard: “Ah, there you are…”


LT: “Sorry, I was held up by the admiral…”


Reinard: “And you arrived just in time it seems…”


A man in formal dress approaches them.


Man: “Welcome to Deish, Captain LT.”


LT: “Thank you. This is my Chief of Security Commander Reinard.”


Man: “Pleased to meet you, gentlemen. My name is Gooper and I’m the Hes to our leader, the Zahl Kaceycef.”


LT: “Yes, I thought it was important for us to get into contact with your Zahl himself, Hes Gooper. He seems to have a fearsome fleet of ships with which we could deal the final blow to the Inj presence here in this galaxy.”


Gooper: “I’m sure you and the Zahl will be able to come to some kind of agreement. However, I must inform you that Zahl Kaceycef will not be directly speaking with you. He speaks only through me.”


LT: “I see… Well, that should not be a problem, I’m sure.”


Gooper: “Very good. Now, if you’ll follow me, the Zahl is waiting inside.”


The men follow the Hes inside. After walking through an impressive corridor…


Reinard: “Impressive…”


…they walk through a door and they see the leader of the planet sitting in a royal chair. The man is however separated from them by a transparent wall with only a single door in it, guarded by 2 rather large, armed men.


Gooper: “Welcome to the hall of the Zahl.”


Reinard: “Thank you. If I may ask, Hes Gooper… Why this transparent divider? For safety reasons?”


Gooper: “Safety reasons, yes. But also, to be frank, because our dear Zahl is a frail, old man. Any outside influence may threaten his health.”


Reinard: “I see… You can never be too careful…”


Gooper: “A man in your profession would know that indeed…”


LT: “Can I ask him a question through you, Hes?”


Gooper: “Of course…”


LT: “Tell him we’re honored to be in his presence, first of all. And concerning the Inj matter… The Inj had 3 Behemoths in this galaxy. Two have been destroyed by the Greate Pier. The 3rd has coincidentally just been located and we’d like to request the assistance of his fleet to destroy the last Behemoth of our common enemy.”


Gooper: “Just a moment, gentlemen.”


Hes Gooper enters the Zahl’s side of the hall. The Zahl turns his head towards his Hes as he approaches. Gooper walks all the way up to the throne and stands in front of his leader. They seem to confer about the situation at hand. The Zahl nods and Gooper leaves.


Gooper: “Zahl Kaceycef would indeed be interested in cooperation in this matter…”


LT: “Ah, good, good…”


Gooper: “But, he’d like to know first what you can offer… Axxo Jakuchar informed me you showed him a canon. A weapon actually based on Inj technology?”


Reinard: “Correct.”


Gooper: “I’d like to see this canon for myself and also a tour of the rest of the ship if at all possible…”


LT: “Well, sure… Of course.”


Gooper: “I’ll inform the Zahl and then I’ll be ready to leave.”


Gooper once again enters the Zahl’s throne room. The Zahl turns his head towards the approaching Hes again. Gooper stands in front of the man in charge again.


Reinard: “He really does look old and frail, doesn’t he?”


LT: “Yes, he barely seems able to move…”


After a few short moments and another nod from the man on the throne, Gooper returns to the men from the Greate Pier.



SCENE 4: Hay!


Commander Eisinga is sitting on a bale of hay in cargo bay 3. He’s looking at the horses in the enclosure directly in front of him. He’s nibbling on a sandwich when Amini approaches him. She’s carrying a crate.


Amini: “Commander.”


Eisinga is startled; he never heard her coming.


Eisinga: “Oh, ensign! Hi…”


Amini: “Sorry if I startled you…”


Eisinga: “My thoughts were drifting a bit…”


Amini: “I noticed; I was just going to ask if everything was alright…”


Eisinga: “Oh yes, definitely. Fine, fine, haha! I eh… I just come here every now and then to soak up a bit of the atmosphere… The horses remind me a bit of my home village… Loads of Friesian horses there. Not quite as big as these Clydesdales, but still pretty big, strong, black horses…”


Amini: “Didn’t know you knew so much about horses… Back in Michigan I used to go riding with some friends from time to time, maybe we could go riding some day…


Eisinga: “Oh, I don’t really ride… I tried once, but my internal organs as well as my lunch where misplaced after a short flight…”


Amini laughs…


Amini: “Well, if you change your mind, let me know… Enjoy the rest of your lunch…”


Eisinga: “Thanks.”


Amini heads for the door with the crate. Eisinga flips his legs to the other side of the bale of hay so he can see her leave… As soon as she is gone he realizes he’s still holding half a sandwich in his hand. He looks at it. His face soon reveals he’s not hungry anymore…



SCENE 5: Comparing canon sizes


Hes Gooper is beamed aboard the Greate Pier together with Captain LT and Commander Reinard.


LT: “Thank you, Amato.”


Amato: “My pleasure, gentlemen.”


The party of 3 walks into the corridor.


Reinard: “So, why isn’t the Zahl himself going to inspect the ship? I mean, I know he’s perhaps a little old…”


Gooper: “He is very old indeed and tires easily these days… Besides, he’s already in bed by now. It has been a long day for him.”


Reinard: “I see…”


Gooper: “Captain, you must have noticed we have a fair number of ships in our fleet…”


LT: “Yes, I may have had a few hints…”


Gooper: “So, why do you want to work together? We have dozens upon dozens of warships standing by and you only have the 1 ship here…”


LT: “That strikes me as an odd question, Gooper. We both have the same objective. We want to get rid of the Inj threat. We have a common enemy, so working together can never hurt…”


Gooper: “Well, maybe it can.”


They enter a turbo lift.


LT: “How’s that?”


Reinard: “Canon room.”


Gooper: “Well, the fleet is trained to operate, well… as a fleet… Your ship perhaps doesn’t fit in that picture…”


LT: “I think you underestimate us…”


Gooper: “Not at all… That’s not it.”


The doors open and the gentlemen exit the turbo lift.


LT: “Seeing as we’ve destroyed 2 Behemoths on our own, it’s quite clear we’re quite a valuable ally.”


Gooper: “Then why do you need us?”


LT: “Well, for 2 reasons… A bigger attack force is safer. And next to that, we’re always looking for like-minded peoples to befriend. Having friends and allies in these times and in this part of the galaxy is not a luxury… Here we are…”


The doors to the canon room open and the 3 walk in. Serrag and Elpek are already present.


LT: “This is Lieutenant Commander Serrag, our chief engineer and this is Lieutenant Elpek. Gentlemen, this is Hes Gooper.”


They all shake hands.


Gooper: “I take it you 2 built this machine using Inj technology?”


Serrag: “Correct, sir.”


Gooper: “Well, this contraption looks nice, but I’d like to see what it can do…”


Elpek: “Do you have a target you wish to engage?”


Gooper: “Well, there’s a derelict ship in orbit. It was involved in an accident. Luckily it was unmanned.”


LT: “Captain LT to bridge. Can you locate a derelict Deish ship in orbit for me, please?”


K’Ehlen: “I’m on it, sir…”


K’Ehlen operates some buttons on her console.


K’Ehlen: “I found an abandoned ship identified as DF Kerso 16…”


Gooper: “That’s the one…”


LT: “Helm, proceed towards those coordinates. K’Ehlen, deploy the Greate Canon.”


The canon starts moving and is appearing underneath the ship. Moments later the ship arrives at the proper coordinates.


LT: “Elpek, get the derelict on screen, please.”


Elpek obeys his order and lets the ship appear on a screen.


LT: “K’Ehlen, at your convenience, fire the Greate Canon at the ship. Show our guest what it can do…”


K’Ehlen: “Finally, some action… Firing…”


The big canon fires at the derelict ship, which almost entirely disappears from existence… Some tiny left over parts can be seen flying in all directions.


Gooper: “Amazing! That’s quite a weapon… Alright, gentlemen, I have been authorized to agree to this cooperation by the Zahl if I was impressed… And I am. So I agree to this cooperation under 1 condition.”


LT: “Which is?”


Gooper: “I get the design specifications for this canon…”


LT: “I think we can arrange that…”


LT and Gooper shake hands.



SCENE 6: Phone prank


Stilson: “Sir, the Behemoth is about to disappear into a nebula…”


Eisinga: “Hmmm… Well, no worries… It can’t fly that fast anyway…”


Stilson: “Let’s hope so, because it’ll be off the scanners in about 5 seconds…”


Maresca: “Sir, incoming transmission from the admiral.”


Eisinga: “On screen, Maresca.”


She pushes a single button and makes the admiral appear on screen again.


Eisinga: “Good day, admiral.”


Grant: “Commander. Where’s the captain?”


Eisinga is about to open his mouth when the proverbial devil appears from the turbo lift. As soon as the first officer notices it, he answers.


Eisinga: “Right behind me, sir.”


The commander sits down as the captain approaches.


LT: “You rang?”


Grant: “Captain. Any progress on the diplomatic mission?”


LT: “The representative of the Zahl, the leader of the Deish, just beamed back to the planet after a tour of the ship. They are interested in a cooperative mission to hunt down the 3rd Behemoth. At least, if that is an option.”


Grant: “It is.”


Eisinga: “Well, if I may interrupt, sirs… Maybe it is of trivial importance, as the Behemoth is a sublight vessel, but it just disappeared off of the scanners. It moved into a nebula…”


The admiral sighs and drops his head…


Grant: “Unbelievable… I give you one simple order to keep tracking the last ship of our most important, mortal enemy and you screw it up!”


LT: “Excuse me, sir, but we did track the Behemoth as instructed. But we were also in negotiation with the Deish here at the planet.”


Grant: “Captain, I’m in no mood for this game right now, since in a democratic vote, Starfleet Command decided to give your attempt to destroy the last Behemoth the green light. Needless to say, I was not in favor of this idea.”


LT: “Of course…”


Grant: “What’s that supposed to mean?”


LT: “It means I did not think you’d approve of such an idea.”


Grant: “Your incompetence has jeopardized the lives of countless of fine officers in irresponsible attacks on the Inj!”


LT: “Admiral! We’ve been over this time and again! Your opinion has been duly noted and summarily dismissed!”


Grant: “What?!”


LT: “This crew is responsible for the destruction of 2 Behemoths and should be accordingly praised for their efforts and valor! Like you said, the Inj are our most important, mortal enemy. The men and women of the Greate Pier have been the only ones who have done anything about it!”


Grant: “I will not have you talk to me in that fashion, Captain LT!”


Eisinga gets up and heads for his ready room.


Grant: “And where are you going, commander?”


The commander puts on a fake smile and semi whispers to the big screen…


Eisinga: “The little boys room…”


The admiral again sighs deeply and rolls his eyes… The commander enters his ready room. But instead of going to the toilet, he sits down behind his console.


LT: “Maybe you should be the tiniest bit less unfriendly towards me and my crew. We’re the ones risking our lives here, admiral, while you’re sitting behind your desk yelling at anyone whom you don’t like, which probably is just about everyone!”


Grant: “You are WAY out of line, captain!”


LT: “But, thankfully, I’m right!”


Grant: “Captain, this is unheard of! You will…”


The admiral is cut short…


Grant: “What the?!... Now what?! Captain? Are you still there? ”


The captain can hear the admiral, but not the other way around.


LT: “Sir?”


Grant: “Hello?! My screen just went black… Dammit!”


Computer: “Please insert 25 cents for 3 more minutes.”


Grant: “What?! Is this a joke of some kind?”


Maresca: “Captain, I can’t re-establish 2-way communication… My console doesn’t seem to work properly…”


LT: “Stand by, crewman.”


The commander walks back onto the bridge.


Computer: “You will automatically be disconnected.”


Grant: “What is th…”


The connection gets severed. The captain smiles at his first officer.


LT: “How was the visit to the little boy’s room, commander?”


Eisinga: “A huge relief. Just wait until he calls back. Oh, and sorry, Maresca, for blocking your console out…”


Maresca: “No problem, sir… Oh, sir… Incoming transmission from the admiral again…”


Eisinga: “Put him through as normal, crewman.”


Maresca: “Aye, sir.”


She pushes the regular button and the admiral’s face appears again.


Grant: “Captain?”


When we see things from Grant’s perspective, we see a black screen once again…


Computer: “The number you tried to reach is out of service.”


Grant: “What is this nonsense?!”


Computer: “You will automatically be disconnected.”


Grant: “No! Don’t discon…”


And the communication ends again. The entire bridge crew bursts into laughter…


LT: “Naughty little boy…”


Eisinga: “He deserved it.”



SCENE 7: Biting doctor


Shelley is sitting at her desk in sickbay. She’s working on something on 2 different PADDs and now and then looks up from her work to check up on Cole’s progress. Yasmine is also sitting at a desk, a dozen meters away. She’s operating a console. Captain LT walks in.


LT: “Doctor, I’d like you to…”


The doctor shushes the captain…


Shelley: “Shhh!”


She points at Cole in the distance who doesn’t seem to take any notice. The captain continues in a much softer voice.


LT: “Oh, I’m sorry… The theoretical examination for her medical degree?”


Shelley: “Yes…”


LT: “Good, good…”


Shelley: “What can I do for you, sir?”


LT: “I was about to ask if you’d like to accompany Commander Reinard and myself to the surface in the morning. I’d like to have the Zahl scanned to see if we can help him, medically seen… It may help to improve our relationship with them…”


Shelley: “I wish I could, but I have to stay here. Tomorrow morning is the 2nd part of Cole’s exam…”


LT: “2nd part?!”


Shelley: “It’s a long test…”


LT: “No kidding…”


Shelley: “I’ll send Nurse Halstead, if it’s all the same to you…”


LT: “Fine, of course.”


The captain observes Cole for a second…


LT: “I thought an officer of the rank of commander needed to be present during examinations…”


Eve seems insulted and snaps back.


Shelley: “Or a chief medical officer, captain!”


LT: “Oh, sorry, sorry… Don’t bite; you’d have to treat me.”


Shelley: “Then you better leave now.”


The captain throws his hands up in defense and leaves.



SCENE 8: Scan the man


Nurse Halstead walks towards the transporter room carrying a medical tricorder. She enters the transporter room with Amato at the controls as usual. The nurse steps onto the platform where the captain and Reinard are already waiting.


LT: “Go, Amato.”


Amato: “Have fun…”


Amato sends them to the surface. Moments later, the Zahl’s Hes opens the door to the hall again and they all enter.


Gooper: “I’d also like you to meet the Ziam.”


LT: “Ziam?”


Gooper: “The Ziam is the head of the council of advisors; my most trusted aides.”


The council is seated around a large table and is 7 in number.


Gooper: “Captain LT, Ziam Oracash.”


LT: “Pleased to meet you, sir.”


Oracash: “Likewise, captain.”


Gooper: “Now then… We can all get to know each other a little later, but let’s get to the subject at hand. What did you want to discuss, captain?”


LT: “Well, before we can discuss any sort of attack plan, we need to find the Behemoth again… It disappeared from our scanners as it went into the nebula.”


Gooper: “Ah, well, that’s not a problem… Their ship is sublight, isn’t it?”


Reinard: “Indeed it is…”


Gooper: “Then we should have no problem finding it. We have fast scout ships, experience navigating the nebula and scanners that can easily find any ship in there…”


LT: “That’s a relief… The admiral was furious when I told him about it…”


Gooper: “I will inform the Zahl and if he agrees I’ll send out the scout ships immediately.”


The Hes enters the Zahl’s room again and informs him in the same manner as yesterday. With a soft voice the captain instructs the nurse.


LT: “Halstead, scan him, please.”


Halstead quietly flips open her medical tricorder and does as she’s asked. Moments later she closes the tricorder again and puts it away. Even more moments later, the away team materializes on the Greate Pier again.


LT: “Anything useful, nurse? Can we help him?”


Halstead: “Well… I’m not sure if these readings are correct…”


Reinard takes a look at the results.


Reinard: “Well, if these readings are right, he did not go to bed last night like Hes Gooper told us…”


LT: "With a broken body some people tend to become thinkers, but I doubt he stayed up all night pondering the Inj problem… Not at his age... Whatever that is.”


Halstead: “That’s just the thing, I’m just reviewing the rest of the scan data and his body isn’t broken, besides having been in this chair for a long, long time… And I don’t mean just last night… From what I can tell from scanning him from a distance is that for at least a few decades, the Zahl has been absolutely… brain-dead.”


LT: “Brain-dead?!”


Reinard: “How can that be? We’ve seen him alive and well…”


Halstead: “It’s very sick, but a few motor functions have been taken over by electronic circuits… Someone wants to make everyone think the Zahl is alive and well and ruling this planet…”


Reinard: “Why would anyone do that?”


LT: “Political reasons, personal interest, who knows…”


Reinard: “Hes Gooper is the only person allowed in the same room as the Zahl… I bet it’s all his idea…”


LT: “So, it indeed looks like Gooper is the actual leader of the Deish… And in charge of the fleet…”


Reinard: “Indeed. So we have to be careful… If he knows we know, he might send the fleet round again…”


LT: “This sort of thing just makes me so angry… I’m not sure I can compose myself and stay tactful… He’s misleading an entire planet of people who are oblivious as to the situation regarding their own Zahl…”


A moment of silence before LT steps back onto the transporter platform.


LT: “Amato, beam me back, will you? I need to have a little chat with Gooper…”



SCENE 9: Frodo, eyes up here


It’s not too crowded in the lounge… Sharbino is in the kitchen messing around with pots and pans. Amini is discussing something with a colleague. They are pointing out things on a PADD and now and then pushing some buttons. The 2 look to be seriously at work, despite being in the lounge for refreshments.


Commander Eisinga walks in with the same idea; getting a drink. Amini and her colleague receive their drink from Bart and head towards a table. Eisinga now notices Amini and Amini notices Eisinga… Both their faces go from a serious look to a broad smile.


Eisinga: “Hi…”


Amini: “Hi!”


The 2 continue their trek to a table. As soon as they reach it, Eisinga finally removes his eyes from the lady and heads towards the bar himself. Barty anticipates the commander’s order.


Endersby: “The usual, commander?”


Eisinga: “To go, Bart…”


Endersby: “Of course.”


On the way there, another happy looking officer walks by.


Officer: “Hi, commander!”


Eisinga’s attention seemed to be drifting, so his reply is somewhat uninterested.


Eisinga: “Oh, hey…”


The officer has no clue as to why the commander suddenly lost his smile as he greeted him…


Officer: “You ok, sir?”


Eldert receives his drink from Bart, with a lid on it.


Eisinga: “Oh, yes, sorry ensign, I’m fine…”


Not noticed by the first officer, who is already on the way to the door again, the ensign raises his eyebrows and shrugs before moving along himself. On the way to the door, Eldert gazes at the female astrometrics officer whom is conferring with her colleague still. K’Ehlen enters the lounge, but notices the commander too late. Eisinga crashes into her and the 2 barely stay upright…


Eisinga: “I’m so, sorry, ensign! I wasn’t seeing where I was going…”


K’Ehlen: “No problem, sir…”


Eisinga mumbles to himself…


Eisinga: “It seems to happen often these days…”


K’Ehlen: ”I’m sturdy enough. You should try navigating the corridors of a Klingon warship without injury…”


Eisinga: “Again, sorry, K’Ehlen…”


The sturdy Klingon female nods and both go on their way again, only after Eisinga throws one last look at Amini…



SCENE 10: Knuckle on wood


The captain enters the Zahl’s hall again, much to the surprise of Hes Gooper.


Gooper: “Captain. I thought you beamed back to your ship…”


LT dryly replies…


LT: “I beamed back down… Can I talk to you in private, please?”


Gooper: “Ehm… Of course… Step into my office…”


Gooper leads the captain to an adjacent room. Gooper sits down behind an elaborately carved, wooden desk and invites the captain to sit down in another chair.


Gooper: “What can I do for you?”


In a really interested sounding voice, and with a smile on his face, the captain asks his question.


LT: “I’m just curious, Gooper… How old is your Zahl?”


Gooper: “Oh, let’s see… As of last week he is 309 years old now, bless him…”


LT: “And what is the average life expectancy of your kind?”


Gooper: “Oh, I’m not really sure… About 210 or so?”


LT: “According to the Planetary Statistics Office it’s more like 191… 309 sounds like a very, very old age… In fact, the Planetary Statistics Office lists him as being the oldest recorded living Deish ever…”


Gooper: “The gods have bestowed long life on him…”


LT: “The gods of medical science?”


Gooper: “I’m not sure what you are getting at, captain…”


LT: “Oh, but I think you do…”


Hess quickly stands up and uncharacteristically slams his knuckles on the desk and shouts:


Gooper: “I will not have you talk to me in that fashion, Captain LT!”


LT mumbles to himself…


LT: “Where have I heard that before?”


Gooper: “I am the Hes!”


LT copies the man and plants his knuckles on the wood. In an equally loud voice, the captain responds to Gooper’s outburst.


LT: “I don’t think there is a Hes! You are an acting Zahl!”


The 2 guards rush into the office.


Guard: “Everything alright, Hes Gooper?”


The 2 men at the desk are still looking straight at each other, knuckles still firmly planted on the desk. A few seconds pass in silence, before Gooper loses the staring contest and looks at the guard.


Gooper: “Yes, yes, everything is alright… Please leave…”


Gooper sits down after adjusting his waistcoat while the guards seemingly reluctantly leave the room. The captain removes his hands from the table and walks around the office a bit…


Gooper: “You must understand… Compared to your race, we have relatively long lives… And when it is time for a new Zahl to be in power, this change has quite some impact. People were used to the way the previous Zahl ruled for a long time… The impact on life on the planet is even greater if the new Zahl has very different ideas on how to do things… All of Zahl Kaceycef’s heirs to the throne are conservative, pacifist weaklings!”


Captain LT, apparently very angry, feels the need to ask another question in a strong tone of voice. He looks directly into Gooper’s eyes.


LT: “Don’t the people get suspicious?”


Gooper: “Well, they see him alive and well twice a year when he is presented on the balcony of his royal palace for all to see…”


LT: “And then you push a few buttons to operate the Zahl’s body like strings on a puppet? The Zahl’s body which is pumped full of dubious substances to keep him alive? How many years have they seen a brain-dead leader on that damn balcony? Two of Kaceycef’s successors have died natural deaths before they could become the next Zahl!”


Gooper now gets angry again…


Gooper: “They didn’t want to go to war!”


LT: “And you do?!”


Gooper: “No! I don’t want any wars, but we need to defend ourselves! Some 140 years ago we lost a war against the Eczonists who invaded our planet, took our resources and torched everything they didn’t need… We did nothing! Why? Because we had no military! Except maybe for some trained primates in neatly ironed suits to go in processions and on parades! Ten years after that we had a civil war on our hands with no one who could stop it… It lasted for 7 years! That same year Kaceycef became Zahl. He wanted to prevent that kind of crap from ever happening again!”


Tears start to form the Gooper’s eyes…


Gooper: “And he made a wonderful, wonderful job of it… Two wars were averted, because we had a powerful military at the ready to defend our planet… Many of his successors openly opposed this new way of life… ‘We haven’t been put on this planet by the gods to fight’. That’s what they said. And I agree… We should not be fighting… But we’ve not been put on this planet to get massacred either… We fight to stay alive, dammit!”


The captain sits down again…


Gooper: “I love this planet, captain. It means everything to me! And I don’t care about being in power; I care about this planet and its people.”


The Deish continues after taking a few seconds.


Gooper: “They say the Inj only attacked us once, have been beaten and driven off… But I say that isn’t enough! What if they come back? They already killed 912 Deish! 912! Dead! I was in the position to keep this planet safe when the Zahl’s health deteriorated.”


Tears now freely flow down Gooper’s cheeks.

Gooper: “I took that opportunity and I have kept the planet safe, except for the Inj attack… So, you must see why I am so adamant to deal with this threat… Kaceycef’s way is the best way… He averted two wars in his time, I averted another in his name and now I have to deal with the Inj threat in the same way…”


LT: “You’re deceiving the people, Gooper…”


Kaceycef: “I give the people what they really want. Peace. Safety. If I have to deceive them to give them that, then I will… And I have.”


LT puts his left elbow on the desk and supports his jaw on his thumb and index finger while staring a hole in the wood. A deep sigh is heard…



SCENE 11: Party promise


Cole walks into her quarters with a smile on her face. She immediately sits down behind her desk and opens the communications program on the console.


Krager: “Yasmine!”


Cole: “Hey baby…”


Krager: “Well, give me the news already!”


Cole: “I’ve got my degree!”


Krager: “Congratulations! Well done, honey… I’m proud of you!”


Cole: “Thanks! It took some time, but finally… I’ve got it…”


Krager: “Well, you deserve it… It was made impossible by your parents all those years ago, but I’m glad you decided to pick up your medical studies again…”


Cole: “Me too… And I must’ve thanked Doctor Shelley a million times by now… She gave me this opportunity…”


Krager: “Did they throw a big party for you?”


Cole: “A party? It’s just a medical degree…”


Krager: “Ah, never mind, we’ll have a little party of our own when we see each other again…”


Cole: “I’ll hold you to that…”


Broad smiles appear on both faces.



SCENE 12: Lots of stuff happening in this scene, can’t find an appropriate title except this one


Eisinga is in his ready room. The first officer sits on his desk, staring at the crossed feet at the end of his stretched legs.


Eisinga: “Extremely personal log, stardate 63907.17. I may be getting closer, or I may not… Actually I’m not sure… Like always… Whenever we meet both of us automatically smile. Anyway, I should aim to make less of a fool of myself... Like the incident in the lounge when I ran into Ensign K’Ehlen when I wasn’t paying attention… Well, I was paying attention, but not… Oh well, you know what I mean… What was, however, even worse was when India asked me to go horse riding some day, I kind of tactlessly said I didn’t ride. Idiot! Was that being afraid of commitment? That may have been a result from the whole Ellen-Mansfield thing a few years ago… Damn, what am I talking about anyway? Commitment? We’re not at that stage yet… Argh, listen to yourself talk, Eldert… ‘Yet’? Like it’s all a certainty… This is getting ridiculous… Computer, store this crap for later revision…”


The door chime saves the commander from further humiliating himself.


Eisinga: “Come in…”


Eisinga walks around his desk and sits down, when the captain enters.


Eisinga: “LT. Sit down…”


LT: “Hey Eldert…”


Eisinga: “What’s up? You look a bit worried…”


The captain sits down on the opposite side of the desk.


LT: “Well, I am a bit worried… I’m not sure how to handle the situation…”


Eisinga: “Ah, the brain-dead Zahl thing… An interesting case…”


LT: “Interesting but troubling… I mean, what do I do? Should I forge a powerful alliance against the last of the Inj in this galaxy or should I reveal the deceit of the true leader of this world to the billions of misled Deish?”


Eisinga: “Hmm…”


LT: “If we decide to act dumb and go for the alliance we’ll have a strong enough fleet to destroy the Behemoth safely… A major thing on Starfleet Command’s agenda. But at the same moment we allow for a corrupt representative of the sole and brain-dead leader of this planet to stay in power.”


Eisinga laughs…


Eisinga: “We could do both…”


LT: “What, use Gooper’s fleet to kill off the Behemoth and then reveal the truth to his people? I imagine his fleet would tear us to shreds in an instant…”


Eisinga: “Meh, just a thought… Anyway, you’ll simply have to decide what weighs more… Billions of lied to inhabitants or a chance to destroy Behemoth number 3.”


LT sighs…


LT: “You make it sound so easy…”


Eisinga: “Glad I could help…”


Three whole seconds without any words pass before the captain break the silence.


LT: “Say, you want to try being captain for a day?”


Eisinga: “Haha… No thanks, I’ve got plenty of my own things to think about…”


Eisinga stares at the desk…


LT: “Well… Anyway… I think I need to get back to the surface yet again… Let’s get this thing over with…”


Eisinga: “What decision did you make?”


The captain stands up and walks towards the door.


LT: “I’ll think of one on the way…”


The captain leaves. A few moments and many thoughts later LT closes the door to the Zahl’s hall behind him. Gooper is sitting at the table together with his council.


Gooper: “Captain.”


Copying Gooper’s tone of voice the captain replies.


LT: “Gooper.”


LT immediately walks over to a vacant chair at the council’s conference table and takes a seat. The members of the council are not sure why he joins them but don’t say anything…


Gooper: “Ehm… Gentlemen of the council, a short recess seems in order.”


Some of the members stand up, ready to leave.


LT: “No, please. Stay. I think you should hear what I have to say…”


Gooper knows what time it is and his facial expression changes accordingly. The council members are confused, but sit down again. In a loud, angry voice Gooper speaks his mind.


Gooper: “I will not allow this to happen, captain LT!”


Again copying Gooper’s tone of voice the captain responds.


LT: “I will also not allow this charade to continue either!”


Gooper: “You’ve gone too far, captain! The safety of this planet can no longer be guaranteed with your interference! So you will keep your mouth shut!”


Oracash, the council leader, stands up.


Oracash: “What the hell is going on, Hes Gooper?”


Gooper: “I’ll tell you what’s going on. Captain LT and his crew are conspiring to overthrow the current government! They want to throw us into endless, political turmoil!”


The Ziam slowly sits down again…


Oracash: “An invasion?”


LT: “No, that’s a very inaccurate description. We will be leaving orbit today and will not cause any personal harm or destruction of any kind. But create turmoil? I hope so…”


Gooper: “You see, gentlemen of the council? Guards!”


The 2 guards guarding the door to the Zahl’s side of the hall rush towards the conference table.


Gooper: “If captain LT dares to speak, shoot him immediately. Immediately! Understand?”


Guard: “Yes, Hes Gooper.”


The guards point their weapons at the Earth man. The captain just smiles and sits at the table quietly. The smile lessens a bit after Gooper’s next lines…


Gooper: “This is unacceptable! Captain, you have no idea what you have just done. You sealed the fate of your crew and yourself by coming here and making your intentions clear. You threaten our way of life! I have no choice…”


The angry Deish uses his communicator to contact Axxo Jakuchar.


Jakuchar: “Yes, sir?”


Gooper: “Axxo, send your fleet over to the Greate Pier’s position. Attack and destroy at your convenience.”


Jakuchar: “Sir? What is this all…”


Gooper isn’t about to let him speak.


Gooper: “Do it, Axxo!”


Jakuchar: “Yes, sir…”


Oracash: “What is this, Hes?! You cannot kill these people without consulting the Zahl first!”


Gooper: “I can order an attack on anyone who poses a threat to the way of life on this planet.


And there was much murmuring among the council members accompanied by the shaking of heads… The Ziam stands up again. In an annoyed voice Gooper addresses the Ziam again with the same request as earlier.


Gooper: “Sit down, Ziam Oracash…”


Oracash: “No, I am calling for a council vote. Which is my right, as you know… Council, who is against an attack at this time without the Zahl’s approval?”


All council members raise their hands, including Oracash’ own hand.


Oracash: “A unanimous council decision, Hes Gooper. Call off the attack…”


Gooper slams his fist on the table.


Gooper: “NO!”


Oracash: “The council has ruled, Gooper. Why did you not consult the Zahl?”


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Captain LT, emergency. The Deish fleet is approaching our position with weapons charged… Please come in. Captain?”


The captain cannot answer the first officer since Gooper’s goons are still pointing their weapons at his face.


Oracash: “Gooper! Call off the attack!”


Gooper does not respond quickly enough for to the taste of the Ziam.


Oracash: “Ziam Oracash to Axxo Jakuchar.”


Jakuchar: “Go ahead, Ziam.”


Gooper: “You cannot do this, Ziam!”


Oracash: “A ship full of people is about to be blown to bits! Do you want those deaths on your conscience, Hes?”


Jakuchar: “Hes? Ziam?”


Gooper: “This is treason!”


Oracash: “No, it is the law. Axxo, the attack on the Greate Pier has been cancelled. Stand down, hold position and wait for further orders.”


Jakuchar: “Does the Hes agree?”


Oracash: “No, he does not, Jakuchar. But we have a unanimous council decision to countermand his previous order.”


No sound from the Axxo for a bit…


Jakuchar: “Alright. Standing down and awaiting further orders.”


Gooper: “Axxo! Attack the Greate Pier! It is a matter of planetary security and political stability!”


Jakuchar: “People, listen… Obviously there is some kind of power struggle going on over there… My ships will be standing by until the matter is resolved to the Zahl’s satisfaction. Axxo Jakuchar out.”


Gooper: “DAMN you!”


Oracash: “Now, captain, can you tell me what is going on?”


Gooper: “No, he cannot! Guards, you are still under orders to shoot if he as much as coughs…”


One of the guards nods in agreement.


Oracash: “Then maybe you can tell me, Gooper… Why did you not consult the Zahl? Any important issue raised by this council in the past has through you been passed by the Zahl.”


Gooper: “I do not need to explain myself. The Zahl has granted me a fair amount of discretion to deal with situations as I see fit.”


Oracash: “I’m sure your discretion does not include the attack on a ship of hundreds of people!”


LT raises his hand up to both the Ziam and Gooper to signal them to stop. He then points at Gooper, then himself and last at the door of Gooper’s office. Gooper sighs deeply.


Gooper: “Alright, alright… If you must… Guards, return to the Zahl’s door…”


The captain and the furious Gooper head towards the office.


Oracash: “Somebody is going to tell something very soon or I’ll start pulling out what little hair I have left…”


LT stops, turns around and addresses the Ziam.


LT: “Just be sure to understand I have the best interests of your world at heart, but I will not be the one to explain the situation. Gooper dug his own grave just now and I do not intend to pull the trigger…”


The captain follows the furious Gooper to his office.


Gooper: “What is it, traitor?”


LT: “Is Jakuchar’s fleet meant to be an instrument of revenge against the Inj? I could possibly understand that… But is this fleet meant to be an aggressor? Would Zahl Kaceycef attack a single ship of friendly folk who came to ask you to defeat a common enemy? We don’t stand a chance against your fleet, which is indeed capable of defending your planet against many of the threats that might come to your planet. You want to protect Kaceycef’s legacy? His way of leading the people? Then think before you act rather than screaming your head off when someone is about to end the false reign of a long-dead leader! Enough innocent lives have been lost already…”


LT seems to get through to the man, as he is now seemingly calm and appears to be lost in deep thought.


LT: “I will now leave. If you wish to have the guards shoot me in the back, so be it.”


Gooper snaps out of his deep thought and snaps at the captain.


Gooper: “If you reveal the truth about the Zahl to the council, I will indeed have you shot.”


LT: “You have my word I will not. Like I said to the Ziam, you already dug your own grave.”


The captain leaves the office and heads for the next door to leave the Zahl’s hall… Gooper follows the captain into the hall.


Oracash: “Gooper, the council demands an explanation right now.”


Gooper: “You will have one in time, Ziam. Go home; I will too.”


Oracash: “You can go on home, Gooper. I will stay and confer with the Zahl myself.”


Gooper: “You cannot do that! That right is reserved to myself only!”


The captain opens the door, but halts.


Oracash: “The little ‘discretion’ this council has received from the Zahl does allow me to do just that, in case of a unanimous vote. Anyone against this, dear council members?”


Not a single hand reaches for the sky.


Oracash: “Then it’s settled…”


Oracash stands up and at that moment, the captain leaves with a smile on his face and shuts the door behind him.



SCENE 13: Hats and waves


Eisinga: “It’s time to leave this place, Pattison.”


Eisinga has one foot on his own executive officer’s chair and rests both forearms on his knee. On his head is a party hat. Yes, a party hat… So?


Pattison: “Whereto, sir?”


Eisinga: “The last known position of the Behemoth, warp 6…”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”


The ship heads towards the nebula… The first officer takes one arm off his knee and points the attached thumb to the captain’s chair behind him.


Eisinga: “Holcraft, take the big seat, will you?”


Holcraft: “With pleasure, sir.”


Eisinga: “I’m off.”


He suits the action to the word and heads to the turbo lift.


Holcraft: “Happy partying, sir…”


Eisinga: “No problemo! See ya…”


The man disappears behind the doors and soon reappears somewhere in the corridor just outside the lounge. Around the corner comes Captain LT. Eisinga waits up and when LT catches up they continue towards the lounge.


LT: “Eldert.”


Eisinga: “LT.”


LT: “Nice hat.”


Eisinga: “Wanna swap?”


A smile appears on LT’s face.


Eisinga: “Thanks, by the way, for getting that fleet off our tail…”


LT: “I wish it was still on our tail to assist us in this hunt for the Inj…”


Eisinga: “I think you made the right choice by telling the truth about the Zahl to the council…”


LT: “I didn’t… By now, Gooper will have told it himself. I merely got the ball rolling…”


Eisinga: “Hmmm… That ball will probably knock over Gooper and his scheme…”


LT: “His intentions were admirable, but his methods just unacceptable… And billions of Deish left in the dark about the truth…”


They arrive at the lounge doors.


Eisinga: “Party time.”


The men enter and find a large group of colleagues already there to celebrate this occasion.


Cole: “Captain! Commander!”


LT: “Congratulations, crewman.”


Both shake her hand.


Eisinga: “Congratulations!”


Cole: “I didn’t expect you to be here as well… Then again, I didn’t expect a surprise party either…”


LT: “Wouldn’t miss it… So, where’s the meat?”


Cole laughs…


Cole: “You’d have to ask Sharbino, I’m not cooking today…”


LT: “Alrighty. I’ll be right back…”


The captain heads off to the bar.


Eisinga: “Well done, crewman. Especially since you’re tied up with so many other tasks aboard this ship…”


Cole: “Well, it keeps me busy…”


Eisinga: “Will you be spending more time in sickbay now?”


Cole: “I’m sure the doctor will call upon my services a bit more often in the future, hahaha… But I’d love that… But get yourself a drink first, commander…”


Eisinga: “A drink and I heard there was some vegetarian lasagna too…”


Cole laughs again and points at the bar with her thumb.


Cole: “Sharbino.”


The first officer playfully replies…


Eisinga: “Oh goody!”


...and heads for the bar. Once he arrives he gets the attention of Sharbino.


Eisinga: “Hi Diza…”


Sharbino: “Hi commander. What can I get you?”


Eisinga: “I heard a rumor of vegetarian lasagna. Is there any truth to that?”


Sharbino: “Certainly…”


Diza grabs a baking dish from below the counter. She shows the lovely, steaming lasagna with a nice crusty top, but without meaty goodness inside.


Sharbino: “Look at that… You want some?”


But Eisinga doesn’t look at the food at all... He is distracted again… Amini is standing at the side section of the bar, talking to someone. Amini now also notices the commander and waves at him with another automatic smile on her face. The commander still doesn’t look at the yellow yumminess but does find the time to answer Sharbino’s question in an absent kind of voice while still looking at India


Eisinga: “Yeah, looks very good… I’ll have some of that…”


…and waves back.



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