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"Adding insult to injury"

by Lord Thanatos

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September 04, 2011 - 07:27 PM
LT's #1 fangirl ^o^ from No, metal only, plz .\../

  Woa, there was a lot of soap opera drama going on in this episode…
And Mansfield is a dirty, horrible, little piece of waste extraction (just ask Serrag about that)
Beside that Suder gives me the shudders and if he ever broke out of the brig he would probably kill (and eat) half of the GP-crew (with some fava beans and a nice ‘root and lentil casserole’) O_O”
Also for a second there I thought the big Behemoth was going to pack a big wallop, but it seemed to be just like Mansfield, as I (partly) quote Eisinga: “a big pushover”.

And other thoughts on this episode are;

Admiral “grumpy” Grant should retire,
Mansfield should die in a fire.
Eisinga should really eat some meat,
and Cap. LT this is your notice; I’m in heat ;) *rofl*
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