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“Hit and run”

by Lord Thanatos


02/07/11 10/07/11







1. Shopping spree

2. Grant display

3. Hit and run - Act I

4. Hit and run - Act II – Scene I: The hit

5. Catplatform

6. Doorslam

7. Quest(ions)

8. Welcoming committee

9. Fall of justice

10. Arrests galore

11. You’re out!

12. On the stairway to leaven

13. Pirates cave

14. Delivering nobody

15. Ex con artists

16. Near hit

17. Hit and run - Act II – Scene II: The run





SCENE 1: Shopping spree


Two ladies approach a stall on a busy market place. They don’t stand out from the rest of the crowd, but they do not belong there.


Cole: “Look at that candle holder… That would look so nice in the lounge.”


Amini: “Definitely! Go buy it…”


Cole: “No, not just yet…”


Amini: “Why not? It’s not like we have a lack of funds…”


Yasmine lowers her voice considerably when jokingly answering.


Cole: “Yes, I know we can replicate enough currency, but we don’t want to upset the economy on this planet, do we?”


Amini laughs.


Amini: “I guess not, Scova


Cole: “We’ll come back later if we don’t find anything better, ok Virende?”


The ladies now both laugh and proceed to visit the next stall.



SCENE 2: Grant display


Onboard the Greate Pier the captain receives a call from the admiral.


LT: “On screen.”


The face of Admiral Grant pops up on it.


LT: “Admiral.”


Grant: “Captain. We have studied the data you have sent us on the Inj locations. You are to follow the Behemoth. You are not to attack it, you are not to be detected by it. Just follow that thing and keep us posted. Grant out.”


The admiral’s face disappears off the screen again. The captain replies too late.


LT: “Yes, sir…”


Eisinga: “Charming as ever…”


LT: “And of course he remembered to thank us for the information in the first place…”


Eisinga: “At least we’ll be able to track the Behemoth for at least 3 more days from our current position at Liastaura… I think some crew members will appreciate the opportunity for shore leave…”



SCENE 3: Hit and run - Act I


The ladies continue their shopping spree. In the background, police officers are addressing some of the people.


Amini: “How about these table covers?”


Cole: “Oh, these are real nice… But I think they’ll only get dirty if I put them on the tables in the lounge…”


Amini: “Maybe so…”


Cole: “Well we’ve seen just about everything here… Let’s go back and pick up that candle holder…”


Amini: “Good idea, haha…”


They turn around and accidentally run into the police officers…


Amini: “Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t see you.”


The 2 police officers show a friendly smile.


Officer #1: “No problem, ladies.”


Officer #2: “Would you mind if we scanned your ID’s? We’re doing a routine check.”


Cole: “Of course.”


Both India and Yasmine produce a green ID stick from under their shirts hanging from a chainlet around their necks. One of the officers puts Amini’s ID stick into a small device. The device gives a happy sound and the stick is removed.


Officer #1: “Thank you, Lady Virende.”


The officer now scans Cole’s ID stick. This time the device sounds a sad noise.


Officer #1: “Hm…”


He tries again to be sure; same result.


Officer #1: “I think we might have a problem here, ladies…”


Amini: “Problem? What kind of problem?”


Officer #2: “That’s what I’d like to know…”


The first officer turns the display of his device towards his colleague while alternating a piercing gaze between the alien ladies.


Officer #2: “Identical ID numbers? How can that be?”


Officer #1: “Fraud.”


Cole: “What?! Are you accusing us of fraud?”


Officer #2: “Well, do you have an explanation to make us think otherwise?”


The ladies briefly look at each other, not knowing what to say.


Officer #1: “Alright… In that case, you’re coming with us. We’ll sort this out at the station.”


He gets out handcuff-like restraining devices. Cole doesn’t feel like sticking around. She lunges at the officer and punches him in the face like a professional boxer and then runs away. The officer didn’t see this coming and can observe the sky from his new position on the ground of the square. Amini is as stunned as the officers; Cole helps to remind her what to do.


Cole: “Run!”


Amini grabs some table covers from the stall behind her and throws them towards the other officer. India runs after Cole, who lets her catch up. The struck policeman is helped up by his table clothed buddy and they start to pursue the women. The Greate Pier crew members zigzag through the narrow streets trying to avoid running into people. About 2 minutes later they find a quiet street on the rim of the village overlooking a little river.


Amini: “Yasmine, stop… I need to rest for a while…”


The ladies both halt and lean against a wall for support.


Cole: “I think we lost them anyway… That was close…”


Amini: “A little too close, Yasmine… Why on Earth did you hit the officer?!”


Cole: “I panicked?...”


Amini breathes a deep sigh in an attempt to calm herself down.


Cole: “And besides, they would’ve obviously asked who we really were… We couldn’t have told them the truth. ‘Actually, sir, we’re 2 alien beings on a shopping spree’.”


Amini: “I don’t know which would mean more trouble; being arrested with faulty ID sticks or punching an officer and running from the law… We are subject to local laws, crewman. Pre-warp civilization or not.”


Cole: “This is no time for you to play superior officer, India .”


Amini smiles while sweat droplets trickling down from her face fall to the ground.


Amini: “I am your superior officer; I don’t need to play… Anyway, I agree with you, we should contact the Greate Pier and get out of here.”


Yasmine looks at her hand.


Cole: “I’d love that… My hand needs a little work in sickbay.”


Amini: “Ensign Amini to Greate Pier. Emergency.”


LT: “Captain LT here. What is the emergency?”


Amini: “The replicated ID sticks don’t work, sir.”


LT: “Are you in trouble?”


Amini: “You could say that. We’re not in immediate danger anymore, but we’d love to beam up right about now.”


LT: “Stand by for beaming…”


Amato joins the conversation from a transporter room.


Amato: “I’m sorry, captain, but I can’t beam them out right now. There are some native people close by…”


Amini: “Yes, we know…”


Amini and Cole see police officers approaching from all sides; no escape is possible…


Amini: “It’s the police again… Breaking radio contact.”


LT: “The police?!... Amini? Cole? Damn! What have they gotten themselves into?”


Holcraft: “Beam them out, sir?”


LT: “We can’t, Giles… Prime directive. Besides, we have to stick to local law… Unfortunately…”


Eisinga stands up and takes a few steps forward.


Eisinga: “If they’ve done something wrong, they’ll have to face the consequences… Let’s just hope it’s all a simple misunderstanding…”


The captain stands up as well and joins his first officer.


LT: “No worries… We’ll personally make sure everything turns out for the best… Come.”


LT turns to Holcraft.


LT: “The bridge is yours, Holcraft. We’re beaming down.”


The duo walks towards the turbo lift. Just before the captain enters, he turns to his bridge crew and makes a final statement.


LT: “Maintain radio silence at all times. We will contact you.”


The captain joins Eldert in the turbo lift and the doors close.



SCENE 4: Hit and run - Act II – Scene I: The hit


Commander Reinard exits a door and walks into a corridor. At that same moment Lieutenant Faulkner walks around the corner towards him, a PADD in his hand. As soon as Vance sees the commander, his attention seems to be solely directed at the PADD. When they pass each other, the commander greets the lieutenant.


Reinard: “Morning, lieutenant.”


Vance doesn’t respond and keeps on walking. Reinard halts and turns around.


Reinard: “Something wrong, lieutenant?”


Again no reply and Faulkner disappears around the next bend. Reinard follows him and catches up.


Reinard: “Lieutenant Faulkner!”


Reluctantly, the lieutenant stops and sighs.


Faulkner: “That’s my name…”


Reinard: “I asked you if something is wrong.”


Faulkner: “Nothing is wrong, and I’d like to keep it that way.”


Reinard: “By ignoring me and not showing the courtesy of greeting someone?”


Faulkner: “If you had done the same, we wouldn’t be talking right now, which is preferable to having a discussion I can’t win based on rank.”


Reinard: “Still grumpy about the spying incident?”


Faulkner: “You’re gonna start that fight back up? Actually, the captain praised me for my recent efforts and not much of anything else… He didn’t seem to agree much with your point of view… Good to know someone in the higher ranks retains a bit of sanity…”


Reinard: “I think you’re heading towards being out of line again… It’s time to get over that spying episode and move on.”


Vance now starts raising his voice…


Faulkner: “What?! You were the one that just brought it up, not me! And it was NOT SPYING, goddammit! Stop referring to it as such. It’s pissing me off…”


Reinard: “Maybe you should find a way to relieve some of that anger… The slightest thing seems to bring it to the surface…”


Faulkner: “Stop harassing me and I won’t get angry to begin with… I would’ve been in my quarters right now if you didn’t feel the need to pick on me again.”


Reinard: “Let’s not go there shall we?”


Faulkner: “I think it’s pretty clear I didn’t want to talk… You started this conversation, man.”


Reinard: “I think you meant ‘You started this conversation, sir.’


Faulkner: “Oh stop hiding behind your rank! Be a man for once…”


Reinard is fed up with the lieutenant and points his finger at his chest.


Reinard: “You’re out of line again, lieutenant!”


Faulkner: “I’ve HAD it with you!”


Reinard: “Deal with it…”


Faulkner deals with it in his own way and treats the commander to a free knuckle sandwich right in the face. Reinard didn’t see it coming and is knocked back onto the floor. The commander seems dazed and confused for a second or 2 while he rubs his sore spot with 1 hand.


Faulkner: “Come on, get up… Let’s deal with it then, man to man, huh?”


Some redshirt approaches Faulkner from behind, apparently after observing the violence which just took place. He jumps Faulkner whom falls to the floor. He grabs 1 of Faulkner’s arms and by that time Reinard is there to grab the other arm.


Faulkner: “Get the hell off me, dammit!”


Vance wriggles like a worm to get free, but it’s no use.


Reinard: “Not gonna happen… You’ve really done it this time, Vance…”



SCENE 5: Catplatform


Ensign Amato is already standing by behind the control panel when the doors slide open and the 2 highest ranked officers step into a transporter room.


LT: “We have to find them ourselves… Do you have your ID stick?”


The commander shows it to his friend.


Eisinga: “Yes. Let’s just hope these work better…”


They step onto the transporter platform. The captain is clothed in the top piece of the new spring collection. The commander, however, is going for a daring look and boasts an outfit from the outdoors collection. According to Liastauran fashion that is.


LT: “Alright, beam us down, Just.”


Amato: “Right away…”


Just operates the controls and the duo disappears soon after.



SCENE 6: Doorslam


Reinard and 2 other security guys arrive at Faulkner’s quarters with its usual occupant.


Reinard: “Why I am putting you in your quarters, I don’t know, Vance…”


Faulkner: “Maybe because you just realized you unnecessarily provoked me?”


The doors to Faulkner’s quarters open, Reinard and Faulkner step inside and the doors close again.


Reinard: “I’ll let the captain handle this one, Vance… I can’t be impartial in this case. Striking a fellow officer is a court martial offence, so you’re lucky I don’t throw you in the brig right away.”


Reluctant to continue the conversation, Faulkner cuts it short.


Faulkner: “Gee, thanks, bye now.”


Reinard just looks a Faulkner for a second with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘ok, never mind, this is going nowhere’… The commander steps outside again where his 2 colleagues are posted on opposite sides of the door, which closes. At that very moment Faulkner slams his fist on the door accompanied by a short but loud growl of anger and discontent. Reinard is startled and instinctively flinches and throws his hands up in defense while taking a quick step back. Of course he is in no danger as the closed door separates Faulkner from the commander. Reinard quickly adopts a cool look again.


Reinard: “Carry on…”


Reinard hastily leaves. The 2 security men smile broadly as soon as he’s gone.



SCENE 7: Quest(ions)


The captain and his first officer are walking down a street looking for something.


LT: “The hall of justice should be right around here…”


Eisinga: “Isn’t that the building?”


Eisinga points at a large building to the left of the street.


LT: “Yes, that looks like the building from the description of the research team… Let’s go.”


They walk up the stairs which are as wide as the entire building itself. After having climbed all 96 steps to the top they enter the building. A great hall lies before them which strikes them with awe.


Eisinga: “Damn…”


LT: “I love what they’ve done with the place…”


Dozens of people, with and without uniforms, are moving around the great hall…


LT: “Let’s just ask that lady over there…”


LT and Eldert walk over to a desk with a lady sitting behind it. She looks up from her paperwork and shows a little smile.


Lady: “Can I do anything for you gentlemen?”


LT: “I hope so. We would like to know what happened to 2 of our friends. It seems they were arrested earlier today.”


Lady: “Then I can help you indeed. What are their names?”


LT: “Scova and Virende.”


The lady types something on a computer, reminiscent of an early 21st century Earth computers.


Lady: “Ah yes, Scova and Virende, arrested at 29 o’clock this morning.”


Eisinga: “And what are they being charged with?”


Lady: “Let’s see… Oh my, this is quite a list…”


The 2 men look at each other…


LT: “A list of charges?”


Lady: “I’m afraid so… Identity fraud, assaulting an officer of the law resulting in bodily harm, theft, evading arrest, obstruction of justice and disturbing of the peace…”


Eisinga: “I find that hard to believe…”


Lady: “That’s what it says here, gents…”


LT: “Is there any way we can visit them?”


Lady: “Not to my knowledge.”


LT: “What do you mean? Is that such an odd request?”


Lady: “Actually, it is… I’ve been working here for 35 years, gentlemen. This must be only the 2nd time someone asked me. The other guy was so drunk he could barely stand up. He was subsequently arrested himself of course. Unless you want to start a booze party right here, I don’t think there’s any way to see any prisoners…”


Eisinga: “Is there anyone we can talk to regarding the specifics of this case?”


The lady notices the queue behind LT and Eisinga growing in length.


Lady: “Also an uncommon request, but I guess I could ask the district attorney to meet you.”


LT: “That would be great, thank you.”


Lady: “If you’ll just wait over there, I’ll have him sent out.”


Eisinga: “Thank you kindly, madam.”


Lady: “Not at all. Next!”


The gentlemen walk towards the waiting area the lady pointed them to.


LT: “No visiting the prisoners here, it seems…”


Eisinga: “Sounds kinda strict…”


LT: “And judging from the endless list of charges against them, we might get even more bad news from the DA.”


Eisinga: “I just hope the ladies are alright…”


A gentleman walks up to them and introduces himself.


Man: “Good day gentlemen, my name is Katila III, district attorney.”


LT: “My name is Tucksun and this is my friend Robic.”


Katila III: “Now, you had some questions regarding the arrest of eh…”


The DA cheats by looking at a sheet of folded paper in his hand.


Katila III: “Virende and Scova?”


LT: “Yes, indeed… We’d like to know what happened.”


Katila III: “Well, the report is going public within the hour if you can wait that long…”


Eisinga: “We’d rather not wait, sir… You see, they are our friends… I’m sure you can understand our concerns.”


Katila III: “Yes. Yes, of course… Ehm, well, in a nutshell…”


And he looks at his cheat sheet again…


Katila III: “They were asked to ID themselves, the ID sticks turned out to be fake or tampered with at least, Scova struck an officer, Virende grabbed some textile items from a market stall and threw them at the other officer and they both ran away… They were nonetheless caught minutes later… And since their arrest they refused to reveal their real identities…”


LT: “I understand it’s an unusual request, but can we see them, please? We’d like to make sure they’re ok…”


Katila III: “Gentlemen… I assure you they were not harmed by our police force… But they are criminals… Of course you cannot see them; they’re already underway.”


Eisinga: “Underway? To where?”


Katila III: “What planet are you gentlemen from? They’re on their way to the penal continent of course…”


LT: “The penal continent? Don’t they get a trial first?”


Katila III: “They had one at ehm…”


Again the cheat sheet has to save him.


Katila III: “31 o’clock… The evidence and eye witness reports where overwhelming, so no need to waste time.”


Eisinga: “And this penal continent…”


Katila III: “Come on, guys… Everyone knows about the penal continent…”


Eisinga: “Listen, we’re not very involved in modern society…”


Katila breathes a deep sigh signifying his annoyance…


Eisinga: “So, this penal continent… Do all people who get convicted go there?”


Katila III: “Only those who pose or potentially pose a threat to society. Thieves, killers, rapists, anarchists… Any crime that cannot be paid for with a simple fine will be paid for with a one way ticket to the penal continent. Your friends failed to reveal their true identity, they both assaulted an officer of the law, those 2 facts alone justify deporting them already, never mind the rest of the list of charges…”


LT: “You send petty thieves to a place full of rapists and killers?...”


Katila III: “Gentlemen, I’m a very busy man…”


And he simply walks back to where he came from.


LT: “Damn…”


Eisinga: “Weird little society this is…”



SCENE 8: Welcoming committee


Cole and Amini are sitting on the rear deck of a large yacht-like boat about 15 meters in length. The ship is heavily armored and on the roof of the wheelhouse a big machine gun is mounted, complete with a standing by operator. The 2 ladies and another dozen or so prisoners are wearing the latest model handcuffs attached to the same long chain. The prisoners are split up in 2 groups, one on either side of the ship.


The ship approaches a landmass and the speed is reduced to a slow pace before it finally stops some 40 meters out from the beach. On the beach half a dozen men are using catapults to shoot rocks at the boat. The machine gun operator gets a signal from his superior and starts firing warning shots. The bullets hit the coast at around where the water meets the beach… The men retreat a dozen meters and hide behind an embankment. A very muscular looking middle-aged fellow appears on the rear deck with 4 armed officers. Two of them stand guard while the other 2 carry a number of packages toward the stern of the ship.


Very muscular looking middle-aged fellow: “One by one your cuffs will be removed. You will then receive an emergency supply kit, courtesy of your government, despite the fact you tried your best to shame said government. Food and water for several days and a blanket. After receiving this kit, you will then jump into the water and then you’re on your own. If you find it necessary to engage in funny business, you will be shot without hesitation. Any questions? I hope not, because I hate questions. Let’s go, lieutenant!”


The lieutenant at the stern of the ship uncuffs the first prisoner. Another officer hands him an emergency supply kit. The prisoner is reluctant to jump into the water, so the officer helps him with a nudge. Amini is next and jumps voluntarily after receiving her kit. Cole follows this same routine and soon after the 2 ladies are swimming towards the shore.


Amini: “They sure know how to treat a lady…”


The men armed with catapults emerge from behind the embankment and shoot another volley of rocks at the ship. The gunner responds in kind and this time shoots a little further up the shore. Dozens of bullets are rushing over the heads of the ladies and their fellow prisoners. You can clearly read the fear and uncertainty in each of their faces…


Cole: “Oh man… This is not my idea of an island holiday…”


The firing stops as soon as the men hide behind the embankment again. The last of the prisoners are kicked off the ship as Yasmine and India reach the shore. The ship promptly takes off. Soon after, the last of the prisoners crawls onto the beach. The men now emerge from the embankment to the left of the newcomers once again and with confident strides head towards them. They have no idea where they have ended up yet and already they’re faced with a new problem… When the men reach the newcomers, they start shouting and grabbing the emergency supply kits from the startled people.


Man: “Give me your kit! NOW!”


The others shout words to the same effect. Some prisoners simply hand over their kits, others run to the right, away from their attackers. One of the men grabs Cole by the arm. Amini immediately comes to the rescue and helps to fight off the attacker. The attacker lets go of Cole, but grabs on to the kit she’s carrying. As if it was planned, both Amini and Cole herself kick the attacker, who is forced to let go. He falls back with his bum in the sand when a stranger approaches the ladies. At first the ladies take a defensive posture when seeing the man in his 40’s approach.


Man in his 40’s: “I’m here to help. Quickly, follow me…”


Cole and Amini look at each other, but any doubt soon fades as they are aware they have no better option. All the attackers are seemingly occupied with other new arrivals. Yasmine and India follow the stranger.


Amini: “I wish we could do something for the others…”


Man in his 40’s: “No worries, if they don’t resist too much the only thing they’ll lose is their kit. They hardly ever used extreme violence. As you can see 6 men cause enough fear to be able to rob a group twice their size.”


They keep the tempo up and regularly look back to see if they’re followed.


Cole: “Where are we going?”


Man in his 40’s: “I have a place of my own not far from here. You can stay there until you find a place of your own.”


Amini: “That’s very friendly of you, Mr.?”


The group slows down and they all shake hands.


Man in his 40’s: “My name is Forzinag, call me Forz.”


Cole: “Yasmine Cole.”


Amini: “ India Amini. Nice to meet you. And thank you for helping us back there…”


Forzinag: “My pleasure… You both still have your kits I see? Good… They will be needed…”


Amini: “Yes, I bet nights can be pretty cold here and food must be scarce.”


Forzinag: “Well, there’s plenty of food, but very few people who want to share what they have… Come, this way…”



SCENE 9: Fall of justice


Captain LT and his sidekick are standing on the many steps of the hall of justice.


Eisinga: “What do you propose to do now?”


LT: “Well, to sum up… Cole and Amini have been arrested, tried, convicted and deported in a matter of hours. I don’t know why they run things like this here, but it’s a fact nonetheless. I don’t think we can do much. In fact, there’s only 1 option I am aware of and I don’t like it.”


Eisinga: “Which is?”


LT: “Which is wait for the DA and speak to him again…”


Eisinga: “Hmm, can’t say I like it either…”


The captain looks around to see if anyone is around… Those who are there seem to take no notice of them, so the captain contacts his boat.


LT: “LT to Serrag, come in…”


Serrag: “Serrag here, sir.”


LT: “Serrag, I want you to find out if there is any way we can visit or talk to prisoners that have been deported to the penal continent on this world. Any legal method I want to know about.”


Serrag: “If it’s possible, I’ll find out, sir.”


LT: “Good good… Maintain radio silence; we’ll contact you at our earliest convenience.”


Serrag: “Understood.”


LT: “LT out.”


He looks at his first officer.


LT: “And now we wait…”



SCENE 10: Arrests galore


Maresca: “Sir, Admiral Grant is calling.”


Holcraft: “On screen, please.”


The admiral’s ever cheerful face fills the majority of the screen again.


Grant: “Holcraft. Where is the captain?”


Holcraft: “Good day, admiral. The captain is down on the planet.”


Grant: “And Commander Eisinga?”


Holcraft: “The commander is down there too, sir.”


Grant: “What on Earth is so important that the 2 senior most officers have to be down there?”


Holcraft: “They are investigating why 2 crewmembers were arrested earlier today.”


Grant: “Arrested?! Wait, don’t tell me… I’ll read it in the report… Why is it that every time I hear something about the Greate Pier it’s something worse than last time?”


Holcraft is at a loss for words.


Grant: “Anyway, that’s not why I am contacting you. It’s about yet another arrest of one of your crew; Lieutenant Faulkner. I’ve had it with hearing his name in reports from your captain. This morning’s incident was the final straw. Inform Reinard to strip Faulkner of his rank until further notice and prepare him for pickup by a Federation shuttle which will rendezvous with the Greate Pier in approximately 18 hours. That vessel will transport him to a freighter with destination Earth where Faulkner will face a court martial.”


Holcraft: “Yes sir. But another Federation vessel? I thought we were the only one in this part of space...”


Grant doesn’t seem to want to reply to that… Holcraft quickly fills up the silence.


Holcraft: “Ehm, if I may ask, sir, don’t you want Suder on that transport too?”


Grant: “No, he stays on the Greate Pier… Suder will appear before a tribunal at the border colonies in due time; he doesn’t deserve it for the Greate Pier or any other ship to go out of their way to drop him off.”


Holcraft: “A tribunal at the border colonies? I wasn’t aware there was one…”


Grant: “There isn’t… yet. Grant out.”



SCENE 11: You’re out!


Vance is standing near a window in his quarters and is staring outside. His right foot is on a side table and his right arm rests on his knee. The look on his face would cause the need for a Klingon to change his underwear. His exterior seems quite cool compared to the turmoil inside… But as it happens, the volcano explodes… He starts out relatively gently by kicking over the side table… The glass top disintegrates upon impact with a lower, big table. He throws over a chair with a growl and with one swing of his arm empties a shelf on the wall… Books, photographs and little trinkets fly across his quarters. The noise attracts the attention of the guards posted outside and they come in to investigate with drawn phasers. Faulkner, in the meantime, takes no notice of them and continues trashing his quarters. Furniture is rearranged at random and all kinds of items become airborne.


Security officer #1: “Stop what you are doing immediately!”


His colleague taps his comm badge.


Security officer #2: “Commander Reinard to Lieutenant Faulkner’s quarters please. Urgent.”


Faulkner now throws a statue of some humanoid thing towards the first security officer.


Security officer #1: “I’m warning you. Stop immediately or I will fire.”


Faulkner: “Do whatever you want… I don’t care.”


Vance seems to have run out of energy at this point. He takes a few steps towards the couch which has been toppled over. He sits down on the backrest and leans back into what normally would be the seat. Faulkner takes a deep breath and closes his eyes while the phasers are still aimed at him. Moments later the commander arrives with a phaser in his hand also. He looks around and sees the tremendous chaos.


Reinard: “Redecorating?”


Faulkner doesn’t answer…


Reinard: “It’s a shame you don’t get to enjoy the new décor… You’re getting a new home.”


Faulkner: “I don’t care if you throw me in the brig, commander…”


Reinard: “It gets better than that, Vance… You’ll be seeing the inside of 3 different brigs…”


Faulkner asks, but isn’t actually curious, evident from the lack of eye contact between the 2.


Faulkner: “3?”


Reinard: “Yes, I just heard some additional news from Admiral Grant… And it's good news; you’re going home.”


Faulkner’s curiosity suddenly seems aroused. He stands up and faces Reinard. The 2 security guards keep their weapons pointed at the vandal.


Faulkner: “Home?...”


Reinard: “Yes, home, buddy… A Federation shuttle will dock with the Greate Pier tomorrow and will transfer you to a cargo ship a few days later… And then, let’s say in 5 or 6 months time you’ll be back on Earth to face charges.”


Faulkner: “5 or 6 MONTHS?!”


Reinard: “Well, maybe 7…”


Faulkner: “They can’t do that! 7 months in the cramped brig of a slow cargo ship? What is this? Strike 1 and I’m out?”


Reinard: “Who are you trying to kid, Vance? You may have struck someone for the first time, but I’m sure the admiral has collected plenty of strikes on your record. And by the looks of your quarters I’d say you just added another one. By the orders of Admiral Grant you are hereby stripped of rank pending the court’s decision. Don’t forget to write. Take him out of here, gentlemen.”


Reinard puts his phaser away and walks out. The officers take Faulkner into custody and proceed to bring him to the brig.



SCENE 12: On the stairway to leaven


The district attorney exits the hall of justice and walks down the stairs. The captain and his first officer intercept him and sort of block his route.


LT: “Sir, can we just talk to you for one brief moment?”


Katila III: “I’m on my way home, gentlemen…”


Eisinga: “Please, sir? It’s all just a big misunderstanding…”


The DA halts and lets out a deep sigh in annoyance…


Eisinga: “Our lady friends have never broken the law before. They’ll never break the law again. I can personally vouch for them.”


Katila III: “Your vouch means nothing… And I already know they won’t break the law again… On the penal continent there are no laws. Like I told you guys before, they’re gone. Now then, let me pass or I will call in the police.”


Katila grabs some form of a communication device from his pocket and threatens to operate it.


LT “I don’t think that will be necessary… But I hope you can understand we have to do this. We have to be persistent in freeing our dear friends… So, I’m asking you, punishment is meant to let you learn something, right?”


Katila III isn’t sure where this is going, so he answers with a little bit of doubt in his voice…


Katila III: “Right…”


The DA pushes a red button on his device which shows a red flashing light. He returns the device to his pocket.


LT: “So, what’s the use of letting them learn to respect the law when there’s no chance of them ever coming back here and there is no law over there for them to abide by? Why not a big, huge fine… They’re wealthy enough… Or temporary incarceration right here if you have to…”


Katila III: “Let them apply whatever they’ve learned on their own continent.”


LT: “Since there is no law on that continent, you won’t mind if we fly in and pick up our friends, I take it?”


Katila III: “Of course I’d mind, I don’t want those criminals back on this continent! The water around the continent as well as the airspace above it does fall under the law and is protected by speed boats and fighter planes which will blow you out of the water or the sky as soon as they see you. Are you trying to get yourself killed or arrested? I’m not sure which… Listen, they broke the law and the have to pay for that. What I can’t understand is that you don’t seem to understand the law yourself…”


Eisinga: “Well, whatever the case, we feel the trial was not conducted in a fair manner. We will appeal the decision.”


Katila III: “Appeal? As in a sort of a second trial? Really, what planet are you from? I’ve had about enough of you guys. I suggest you brush up on our laws before you end up on the penal continent yourself. As if wanting to break out criminals, doubting the fairness of the legal system or harassing a district attorney each aren’t enough…”


LT: “We’re sorry; we didn’t mean to insult the legal system at all.”


Katila III: “I cannot give you what you want. You cannot get them out and you cannot visit them… Unless you want to join them there on a permanent basis.”


The anger and desperation are clearly audible in Eldert’s voice.


Eisinga: “There must be something you can do… I mean, what happens if you’ve deported someone who turns out to be innocent?”


Katila III: “It happens. Rarely. But once you’re on the boat to the other continent, you’re not coming back.”


Eisinga: “Oh, that’s real nice!”


Eldert's anger and frustration seem too slightly rub off on the captain...


LT: “Two ladies, all alone in a place where killers and rapists roam free, doing as they please?”


...and also on the DA...


Katila III: “Those ‘ladies’ had fake ID’s… Not very ladylike… And I’m done talking to you guys and I’m going home; you’re just not going to stop… You’ll learn to leave me alone. It’s time to begin putting this behind you. Maybe you guys need some time in a quiet place to think about all this before you harass more people with a barrage of, frankly, stupid questions…”


Katila III walks away… LT looks at Eisinga as if he is addressing him.


LT: “LT to Serrag.”


Serrag: “Serrag here, sir.”


LT: “Have you found anything that can be of use?”


Serrag: “Negative, sir. Everything I’ve read indicates there is no way to see or contact prisoners who have been deported.”


LT: “Yes, we’ve been getting pretty much the same idea… Thanks, Serrag. LT out.”


Eisinga: “So that’s it? Are we gonna leave it at that, LT? We’re going to let India and Cole rot on that stinking piece of land?”


LT: “We’ve exhausted all legal avenues to free the girls…”


LT now looks straight at Eisinga.


LT: “Now it’s time to break the law ourselves…”


Eisinga: “They can’t possibly have heard you say that, but here comes the cavalry anyway.”


Eldert refers to several police officers closing in on their position from all directions; 5 officers in all.


Officer: “The DA sends his regards and hopes you sleep well tonight as his guests in 1 of our luxurious rooms at the police station. He also mentioned that if you cause us any trouble, your stay will be extended or you might even be joining your friends on the penal continent after all.”


LT: “Don’t resist, Eldert…”


Eisinga: “I’ll try…”


They are cuffed and led down the stairs to police vehicles.



SCENE 13: Pirates cave


Cole and Amini walk towards a rock face with their helper, Forzinag.


Forzinag: “We’re almost there…”


Cole: “Are you sure?”


Forzinag: “Haha, very sure…”


Cole: “I see nothing but a rock face and some brush…”


Forzinag: “That’s what makes it such a good place to live… We’ll have to climb a little bit, but nothing too hard.”


Forz jumps onto a large boulder and then onto a ledge on the rock face. The ledge is about 40 centimeters wide and on it he walks some 2 meters to the left before climbing across another large boulder which nature deposited there. The ladies follow him without too much difficulty. They now proceed through a short, narrow crack in the rock face which ends at a cave entrance. Conveniently, it’s almost the size of a regular door. They walk in and soon reach a chamber.


Forzinag: “It’s not very big, but it serves me well… And I’m sure it’s spacious enough for 3 for a while, until you find a place of your own.”


Amini: “That’s very generous of you, Forz…”


Forzinag: “Don’t mention it… Just put your kits down and let’s warm up around the fire shall we?”


A fire is burning in the center of the chamber. Amini looks up and sees an opening in the roof, 10 meters above them.


Amini: “This is an amazing place…”


Forzinag: “It’s home.”


Later that evening the 3 seem have a good time.


Forzinag: “So, then Eltuh stood up and said: ‘You guys can’t be trusted…’.”


The all laugh loudly…


Forzinag: “Can you imagine that? A guy convicted for a triple homicide tells us we can’t be trusted, hahaha…”


Cole: “Hahaha, I wasn’t aware funny things happened on this continent…”


Forzinag: “Well, I’ll be honest about it… Those moments are rare… This is not a very nice place. It’s hard to find food, water… In fact, there can be booby traps near the rivers and sometimes armed gangs protect rivers from ‘water thieves’, as they call them. Women are especially in danger; rape gangs are always around… You can’t trust anyone. You need to make friends wherever you can.”


Amini: “Well, we already made 1 didn’t we?”


Forzinag: “Are you sure you want to be friends with a thief? I’m not to be trusted you know...”


All 3 laugh again. That night, the 2 women are fast asleep. Forzinag, however, appears to be moving. He stands up.


Forzinag: “Ladies? Are you still awake?”


No reply from either.


Forzinag: “Ladies? I have some important news.”


Again not a peep from the women. Forzinag folds up his blanket and puts it into a homemade backpack. He walks over to Amini and picks up her food and water container. Forz moves over to Cole and also grabs her gear. He puts all of it into the backpack with his blanket. The backpack goes on his back and he prepares for departure. But he isn’t done stealing yet… He takes Amini’s blanket with his right hand and Cole’s with his left hand and walks towards the cave entrance with a fast pace while quickly rolling up the blankets into a ball. Cole feels the chill on her body and half in her sleep she feels around in an attempt to pull up the blanket… which isn’t there. The lack of blanket wakes her up some more… She starts searching for the blanket, but can’t find it. She sits upright and looks around. No blanket. No food. No water. No Forz.


Cole: “Shit!”


She stands up and wakes Amini.


Cole: “India, wake up! India!”


Amini slowly wakes up and sees Cole standing over her.


Amini: “What? It can’t be morning already…”


Cole: “Forz stole our food!”


Amini: “Hm? What?! No way!”


She leaps up and looks around and concludes the same.


Amini: “He’s gone! The bastard!”


Cole: “I believe what he said now… He can’t be trusted…”


Amini: “Well, he sure found a way to get some food and water around here… Slightly more subtle than the men on the beach, but apparently effective…”


Cole: “And he’ll probably sell the blankets for whatever… Well, what are we going to do? You’re pulling rank here…”


Amini looks up to the natural skylight.


Amini: “Well, it’s still dark outside… We couldn’t find him if we tried. Besides, he knows the terrain. He’s long gone…”


Cole: “Agreed. But I’d sure like to find him and punch him good.”


Amini: “We’ll start looking for him tomorrow morning… We need to explore the area anyway and see if we can find some source of food and water for ourselves…”


Cole: “At least we still have the fire…”


Amini: “Yes, we’ll have to stoke it up a little bit. We should be safe here till morning, he’s not coming back.”


Cole: “No, but still… I don’t think I’ll get much more sleep tonight… Is the captain going to leave us here, India ?”


Amini: “I don’t know… When we’re outside of Federation territory, we are subject to local laws… And, unfortunately, for as far as I can tell, we’ve been tried and convicted according to local practice…”


Cole: “Thanks for cheering me up…”


Amini: “Sorry…”


Cole sighs…


Amini: “Whatever the case, we need to operate under the assumption we’ll get no help from the Greate Pier.”


Cole: “I guess you’re right… But if the Greate Pier accepts what has happened and leaves orbit, we’ll be stuck here forever! This is a pre-warp civilization… There’s no shuttles or space ships we can… borrow to get out of here even if we do manage to find a way back to the other continent.”


Amini’s time to sigh.


Amini: “I know… But before we start thinking of such matters, let’s concentrate on surviving first…”


Cole: “How can you stop thinking of such matters?”


Amini: “Let’s throw some more wood on the fire…”



SCENE 14: Delivering nobody


Reinard is walking down a corridor again. In front of him is a security guard holding on to Vance Faulkner’s arm. Vance is dressed in civilian clothing and some shiny handcuffs. Behind Reinard are 2 more security guards holding phaser rifles. The entourage arrives at a docking port which just opens. Out steps a saluting Starfleet officer in a security uniform.


Officer from shuttle: “Lieutenant Mandell. I’m here to pick up a prisoner, sir.”


Reinard: “Lieutenant Commander Reinard.”


They shake hands. Reinard then turns to Faulkner.


Reinard: “Your personal effects, for as far as they were still in 1 piece, have been beamed onboard already.”


A sarcastic answer is the reply.


Faulkner: “How terribly kind of you.”


While looking at his PADD, Mandell feels to comment on the obvious sarcasm.


Mandell: “I see this is going to be a very nice assignment.”


Reinard: “I don’t envy you.”


Mandell: “What’s his name, sir?”


Reinard: “Faulkner, Vance Faulkner.”


Mandell: “Rank?”


Reinard: “Rank? Currently he’s a nobody…”


Faulkner obviously does not appreciate the comment but only shows it with a killer look in his eyes.



SCENE 15: Ex con artists


Amato slides the controls and 2 men appear on the transporter platform; Captain LT and Commander Eisinga.


Holcraft: “Good morning, sirs.”


LT: “Morning, Holcraft…”


Holcraft: “We were seriously starting to get worried…”


LT: “We were in jail for the night, Giles…”


Holcraft: “In jail? I thought you were going to try to get the ladies out of jail…”


The captain shows a little smile…


LT: “Don’t rub it in…”


Eisinga on the other hand isn’t too cheerful… He takes off his brown leather coat which was over his shirt and throws it in the corner before he exits the transporter room without saying a word. LT follows him shortly after, leaving Just there with an unsure look on his face…


Moments later, the chief medical officer, the counselor, the chief engineer and the chief of security see the captain and the first officer walk into the conference room. With a very slight sarcastic undertone, the doctor starts the conversation.


Shelley: “Welcome back, gentlemen. Was your stay on the planet a pleasant one?”


LT: “Not at all, to be honest… We encountered the necessary resistance from the district attorney and his cronies.”


Eisinga just sits in his chair and refrains from adding a comment. His facial expression hasn’t much improved.


LT: “In short, we went to the district attorney and got ourselves arrested for asking too many questions.”


Reinard: “What happened to Crewman Cole and Ensign Amini?”


LT: “As you know, the ID sticks they had weren’t working properly… The police wanted to arrest them for it but then Crewman Cole decided to slug one of the officers… They fled and were later apprehended. As is the custom on this planet, swift justice was exacted on them and they were convicted on a number of charges. Now, there are 2 possible sentences on Liastaura… A simple fine… or deportation to a penal continent.”


Spalding: “And they were sentenced to the latter, I take it?”


LT: “I’m afraid so… And there is no way we are allowed to see them or speak to them. Unless you’ve found something else in the law books, Serrag…”


Serrag: “I haven’t…”


LT: “Thought so…”


Reinard: “We can’t just let them deport them to some place filled with killers, can we?”


Serrag: “Assuming killers don’t simply get a fine.”


LT: “No, I don’t think we will, Reinard… We’re going to get them out, I promise you that.”


Eisinga finally decides to speak, still in a dreadful mood.


Eisinga: “How? We can’t send a shuttle; it might get shot down.”


LT: “How, I don’t know yet…”


Serrag: “I may have a simple solution, captain.”


LT: “I’ll entertain any suggestion, Serrag.”


Serrag: “Beam them out.”


A short silence is heard until the captain slowly repeats it.


LT: “Beam them out… But Starfleet won’t like that idea much… It would constitute breaking the prime directive…”


Serrag: “Who’s going to tell them?... Think about it. The people on Liastaura have no idea what beaming is, so they can’t protect against it either.”


LT: “The penal continent is not in contact with the government, so the government won’t miss them.”


Eisinga: “And it’s not like their government is in contact with Starfleet since they’re pre-warp, so if we keep this out of the logs…”


Serrag: “…Starfleet cannot hold breaking the prime directive against us…”


Reinard: “What about possible contamination?”


LT: “A risk we will have to take.”


Eisinga: “Just a minor inconvenience.”


LT: “LT to bridge. Scan for Cole and Amini on the secondary continent.”


Holcraft: “Understood.”


Reinard: “Well, that’s another story that ends well today… Must be my lucky day.”


LT: “Another story? What’s the other one?


Reinard: “Oh of course! You don’t know yet…”


LT: “Don’t know what?...”


Reinard: “Faulkner is gone.”


LT: “Gone? What, he’s dead?”


Reinard: “No no no, not dead… A shuttle picked him up earlier today. He’s in the brig and on his way back to Earth.”


LT: “What?! What did he do now?”


Reinard: “He kind of hit me…”


He rubs his formerly sore spot…


Reinard: “…and later trashed his quarters. The admiral was fed up with hearing his name in reports so he sent a shuttle.”


LT: “Damn, I really thought he was doing well lately… Despite the spy business…”


Reinard: “Anyway, he’s gone. We won’t see him ever again. Also because I received some information from a reliable source… There’s a really big chance his 6 month or so journey back home will actually be what he will be sentenced to when he faces the judges. On top of that he might receive a dishonorable discharge if his social skills don’t improve in the meantime.”


LT: “What reliable source would that be, Reinard?”


Reinard smiles.


Reinard: “I can’t reveal that, sir.”


LT: “Oh come on, Jens… We’re all partners in crime here if we keep this beaming plan out of the logs…”


Holcraft’s voice is heard over the comm system.


Holcraft: “Holcraft to captain. I’ve finally got a fix on Crewman Cole and Ensign Amini.”


LT: “Relay the information to the transporter room, lieutenant. And tell them to stand by.”


Holcraft: “Yes, sir.”


LT: “LT out. Well then, lady and gentlemen… All seems to end well today indeed. The missing ladies will soon be back onboard and Faulkner is gone.”


Eisinga: “I won’t miss that guy. Besides, I’ll swap Faulkner for Amini any day…”


A short silence before he makes an addendum.


Eisinga: “…and Cole. Of course.”


All present laugh or smile while Eldert’s face resets to grumpy.


LT: “You know what the saddest thing is? I didn’t get to say goodbye to Faulkner…”


Some additional laughter is heard.



SCENE 16: Near hit


Yasmine and India are walking around, exploring…


Amini: “Well, at least the weather is nice today…”


Cole: “If this heat keeps up, we won’t need those blankets tonight anyway…”


Amini: “Perhaps not, but we still need food and water though. Especially water.”


Cole: “We’ll find some…”


Amini: “Talk about finding something…”


Amini points at something in the distance…


Cole: “Forz!”


Cole is unleashed and sprints towards the thief whom is drinking from a river.


Amini: “Yasmine, stop!”


But to no avail… Yasmine keeps sprinting towards the oblivious man. When she gets close to him, he notices someone coming, springs up and turns around. He then recognizes her and tries the friendly way.


Forzinag: “Yasmine! How nice to see you again…”


Amini now also arrives on the drama scene.


Forzinag: “India, hello!”


Cole: “Cut the crap, man. You stole our stuff!”


Forzinag: “Ladies, ladies, calm down…”


Amini: “Where are our kits?”


Forzinag: “I don’t have them anymore…”


Cole: “That was not the question. Where are our kits?”


Forzinag: “I don’t know, I sold them…But I’m sure we can work something out…”


Cole: “Work this out!”


Amini: “Yasmine, no!”


Cole moves her arm back and just as she is about to swing her fist towards the face of the cowardly thief whom instinctively closes his eyes and covers his face, Amato beams the ladies up. When Forz dares to open his eyes again, the ladies are gone and he is left bewildered and confused. The freshly materialized women smile when they see the familiar faces of their friends and colleagues in the transporter room. Cole lowers her arm…


LT: “Welcome back, ladies… I hope your stay on the planet was better than ours…”


Cole: “Actually, I would have preferred to stay just 5 seconds longer…”


Amini: “Well, I for one am glad to be back here…”


Cole: “We didn’t get to buy that damn candle holder…”



SCENE 17: Hit and run - Act II – Scene II: The run


The former lieutenant Faulkner is hardly enjoying his new living space on the shuttle. He is, however, sitting quietly on the bed, which is the only thing in his 2 by 2 meter cell except for a PADD. It’s about lunch time and Mandell walks into the tiny security room carrying a serving tray with Faulkner’s lunch.


Mandell: “Lunch time, Mr. Faulkner…”


Faulkner stands up, throws the PADD on the bed and moves closer to the force field which holds him inside. Lieutenant Mandell pushes a button on the control panel next to the cell and a 40 centimeter wide by 20 centimeter high oval opening shows itself in the center of the force field.


Mandell: “I hope you like cheese…”


Mandell passes the tray through the small opening in the force field. Faulkner’s arms extend and reach for the tray. Instead of grabbing on to the tray, he grabs on to Mandell’s right arm with both hands and immediately pulls it in. Mandell drops the tray and his face and upper body slam into the force field. Cries of pain are heard, but Vance manages to make himself heard.


Faulkner: “Push the release button!”


A second of inactivity goes by.




Mandell, still in agony, has no choice and reaches for the button and locates it by touch. The force field is released and Mandell and Faulkner fall into the holding cell. Faulkner is quick to his feet and grabs the stunned lieutenant’s phaser and points it at its previous owner, who is panting on the floor unable to do anything. Vance bends his knees and picks up one of the cheese sandwiches.


Faulkner: “Actually, I don’t like cheese… I’m lactose and incarceration intolerant.”


Vance gently throws the cheese sandwich at the face of the floored officer.


Faulkner: “But I hope you like cheese…”


The former lieutenant activates the force field and right at that moment the door behind Vance opens and a red shirted officer appears in the door opening. When he sees the escaped prisoner, he reaches for his phaser. But it’s too late. Faulkner, with the phaser already in hand shoots him. The stunned body of the redshirt soon after decorates the floor. Vance doesn’t waste time and drags the body to the cell where Mandell is still lying on the floor… Faulkner doesn’t take any chances. He points his phaser at Mandell…


Faulkner: “Sorry, Mandell. It’s nap time. Hope the cheese sandwich is still good when you wake up…”


He hits the release button again. The force field drops and the escapee immediately shoots the already floored Mandell… The limp body of Mandell’s friend is rolled into the cell with him and the force field is reactivated…


Moments later, Vance walks to the front area of the ship and sees his drawn phaser is unnecessary; no more crew. He sits down at the helm.


Faulkner: “Computer, current destination?”


Computer: “Destination is USS Braxton.”


Faulkner: “Ship class of USS Braxton?”


Computer: “USS Braxton is a small freighter of the Iverson class. Crew complement: 4. Maximum speed: warp 7.8. Cargo capacity…”


Faulkner: “Yes, yes, enough. ETA?”


Computer: “Arrival at USS Braxton is estimated to be in 4 days, 2 hours and 21 minutes.”


Faulkner: “Good enough for me…”


He sits back and brandishes a broad smile while putting his feet up on the console…



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