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"The last world"

by Lord Thanatos

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August 15, 2010 - 06:50 PM
LT's #1 Fan-girl from LT's ready 'for love' room

  Hooray! A captain LT solo adventure! ^_^
…in which he is clever, shirtless, sweaty, aggressive and bloody…
Aaaah, this episode makes a fan-girl (or female Klingon) sigh and swoon *blush*

I specially liked the part where he kicked the stuffing out of those damn rebels.
How dare they put him in a cage and make him BEG for some meat >:{
Don’t they know he NEEDS his yummy meat to obtain his yummy bounteous belly *pet pet*

But before I get too fan-girlish about this episode…

This sure was a very brutal tale…a twist one would not expect in such an advanced Utopian civilization. O_O
You would expect murder and rape to be ruled out…but that guess is way off.
I’m not sure this episode would make the PG-screening if it would be aired, or it might take a lot of censorship hahaha

I also like this obvious thing that is going on between Eisinga and Amini…although, I don’t think it’s all that obvious to them yet. ;)

And now after reading this episode I need to cool down myself…
So I think I will try Amini’s advice as well and “lower the temperature a bit” *ROFL*
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