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by Lord Thanatos


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1. Lime

2. It's the only way to live

3. Beep

4. Companion

5. Target practice

6. Power struggle

7. Soft hand

8. Ego practice

9. Great grand story

10. Dark Hobbit joke

11. More than one

12. Goldilocks I

13. Goldilocks II

14. Chained to command

15. Bonafide revisitation

16. Cell mates

17. Full of it

18. Data bore

19. Religion regurgitation

20. Iron fist

21. Dude, where’s their car?

22. Cloudy forecast

23. Star wreck






SCENE 1: Lime


A humanoid alien walks out of what appears to be something like a grocery store with 2 big bags full of presumably groceries… Everything around him indicates that it is a highly developed society, beyond 21st century Earth. The sky above is grey and wisps of fog float through the street… He doesn’t seem bothered by the dreary weather, because this is pretty much the clearest weather they’ve ever known on the planet… While humming a cheerful tune he moves into a nearby alley. The mood changes when he comes to a vacant parking spot…


Alien: “What the?... Where’s my car?”


He looks up and down the street several times…


Alien: “I’m sure I parked it here…”


Then he sees what appears to be a police officer at the far end of the block…


Alien: “Officer! Officer!


The policeman doesn’t see him and keeps on walking… The robbed alien, still holding his bags of groceries, now runs towards the officer while continuing to yell for his attention…


Alien: “Officer! My car has been stolen!”


Once the man finally catches up with the alerted policeman he explains again what just happened…


Police officer: “What’s the matter? Something regarding your car?”


Alien: “Yes, my car… It’s been stolen sir…”


Police officer: “I see…”


Alien: “Please, come with me… I’ll show you where it was stolen from…”


Police officer: “What good will that do?”


Alien: “You can look for evidence or something… Come with me, please… I’ll show you…”


Police officer: “Alright, alright, if you must…”


The 2 men walk towards the parking spot. The police officer gets an electronic device from his pocket and starts making notes on it…


Police officer: “What kind of car was it?”


Alien: “It’s a Markon 70, but it’s a one-off custom…”


Police officer: “Color?”


Alien: “Lime green”


Police officer: “Lime green? Too bad I can’t fine you for lack of taste…”


Alien: “Lack of taste?”


Something catches the policeman’s eye…


Police officer: “Ehm, you did say lime green, right?”


Alien: “Yes?”


Police officer: “Like that car over there?”


The man looks over to the parking spot which was previously vacant…


Alien: “My car!”


The law man sarcastically replies…


Police officer: “Of course it is… How many other people would own a lime green vehicle?”


The policeman puts on an even more serious face and returns the device to his pocket…


Alien: “It wasn’t here before…”


Again something catches the eye of the police officer… He takes a bottle from one of the grocery bags of the happy car owner.


Police officer: “I’d stay away from drinking too much Yamu if I were you…”


He puts the bottle back in the bag…


Police officer: “…you might remember where you parked your lime green car from time to time… Good day…”


The policeman walks off…



SCENE 2: It's the only way to live


Elpek is working on a familiar looking vehicle in the shuttle bay... After tinkering with it for a bit he closes a panel which could possibly be described as a bonnet... Longworth, behind the controls in the car, gets orders from his superior.


Elpek: “Alright, it should be ok now, ensign… Take her for another test drive around the bay… We’ll see how it goes…”


Longworth: “Yes sir…”


Rodney slowly accelerates and starts his test run in the spacious shuttle bay... Captain LT joins Elpek in observing Ensign Longworth…


LT: “Isn’t that Longworth? From the nightshift?”


Elpek: “Yes sir. I’ve asked him to help out on this project since he has a fondness for land-based vehicles…”


LT: “I see... Very good… And how’s the project going?”


Elpek: “If the car doesn’t stall again, we’re ready to go…”


LT: “Seems to run just fine… Flashy color though…”


Elpek: “There’s no accounting for taste, sir… Ensign Longworth and I figured out the controls of this vehicle… It’s very simple to operate. Even for humans…”


LT responds to Elpek’s last semi-serious remark…


LT: “Hm…”


And then continues…


LT: “Did you beam back the original?”


Elpek: “Yes sir, I don’t think anyone noticed…”


LT: “Good, good…”



SCENE 3: Beep


Mark Philips is working at the console in his quarters. A few moment later his wife Kerrttu comes out of the bedroom.


Hakonen: “Good morning…”


Mark just briefly looks up from his console…


Philips: “Morning…”


Hakonen: “Are you working in our quarters today?”


Philips: “Hmm? Ehm, yes… Since 0500 or something… No distractions here…”


Hakonen: “That early?”


Philips: “And what are you doing up this early? It’s just 0830.”


Hakonen: “The high-pitched sounds of the computer console woke me. Why does it make sounds with every push of a button anyway?”


Philips: “Sorry about that…”


Hakonen: “What are you working on?”


Philips: “On the report regarding the murder case…”


Hakonen: “You’ve been working on that all day yesterday… Aren’t you overdoing it a little?”


Philips: “Reinard wants it by 1400 hours and besides, I just want to get it over with…”


Hakonen: “Are you sure you’re not taking it too personal?”


Philips: “What do you mean ‘too personal’? Suder claimed to have had an affair with you and he broke into our quarters… He had his paws all over this very console… Of course I’m taking it personal…”



SCENE 4: Companion


Amini: “Of course I’m taking it personal…”


Amini speaks with Eisinga in astrometrics.


Eisinga: “I understand… It’s no fun being accused of murder… But you’ve been cleared of all charges, like everyone else onboard… Well, except one.”


Amini: “I know, but still… I was formally dubbed a suspect, I was questioned, I was thrown in the brig… Have you any idea what it is like being thrown in the brig?!”


Eisinga: “Well, there was this one night, after a few too many drinks…”


India seems amazed…


Amini: “Really? You were…?”


Eisinga: “A few years before I even went to the academy... I was released in the morning with a huge hangover…”


Amini: “How did you deal with it? I mean, assuming you didn’t like being robbed of your freedom…”


Eisinga: “Well, back in those days, I was pretty much an anarchist… I rebelled against everything… So, of course I wasn’t too happy about being arrested… But, most of that story I’ve heard from others… I don’t remember much myself…”


Amini still seems amazed but does manage to smile…


Amini: “An arrested, drunken anarchist makes it to second in command on a starship, hahaha…”


Eisinga: “I’m glad you made my point for me, haha… It’s no big deal… I still don’t like having spent one night in a holding cell some 15 years ago, but it’s never been a big issue…”


Amini: “I see…”


Eisinga: “I’m sure you’ll get over it soon…”


Amini: “Perhaps… But it still bothers me…”


Eisinga looks like he’s thinking…


Eisinga: “Hmmm…”


Amini’s expression looks slightly more furious than she actually is…


Amini: “You’re not going to say anything involving the word ‘counselor’, are you? Because that would make me even angrier…”


Eisinga: “I wouldn’t dream of it, haha…”


Amini: “I’m sorry, commander, that came out a bit wrong…”


Eisinga: “I can see you’re really stressed out about this…”


Amini: “Maybe, a bit…”


Eisinga: “Maybe a bit much… And believe me; I can understand how you feel… I was an arrested, drunken anarchist, remember?”


Amini laughs…


Eisinga: “So I see 2 choices here… You either take some time off to cool down a little…”


Amini: “Or?...”


Eisinga: “Or you should consider talking to Commander Reinard…”


Amini: “Commander Reinard? With all due respect, he’s the last person I want to see…”


Eisinga: “Exactly…”


Amini: “Exactly?...”


Eisinga: “Exactly…”


After a short silence…


Amini: “Well, I don’t know sir…”


Eisinga: “My guess is that if you confront the issue it will be resolved sooner than if you let it linger in your mind for a long time…”


Amini: “Hm, you may be right… But I’m not really anxious to see him…”


Eldert tries to lighten the mood by joking a little…


Eisinga: “Because he’s ‘the embodiment of evil’, I know…”


Amini smiles…


Amini: “Yeah…”


Eisinga: “Listen, why don’t you join me? I’m heading for Mr. Reinard now anyway to give him his orders.... We can straighten this out right away… If you want, that is…”


Her smile still remains when she answers…


Amini: “I’d like that…”


The commander gestures India she can go through the door first and they leave.



SCENE 5: Target practice


Meanwhile on the bridge the captain is being briefed on current events…


Holcraft: “The clouds are so thick, the scans reveal very little of what’s on the surface… The transporter signal had to be adjusted to be able to beam the vehicle through…”


Stilson: “I’m not sure you can call it clouds… Effectively it’s one huge cloud covering the entire planet…”


LT: “Keep on scanning, gentlemen…”


Holcraft: “Yes sir.”


Serrag enters the bridge and approaches the captain…


Serrag: “A report on the Greate Canon, sir…”


LT: “Don’t tell me it’s still not done, Serrag…”


Serrag: “I won’t sir, it’s done. It took a little longer than expected.”


LT: “No kidding… I expected this news a few days ago…”


Serrag: “May I remind you of the murder investigation, sir?”


LT: “No, you may not. I haven’t forgotten and it’s hardly an excuse. The fact remains that it should have been finished already…”


Serrag: “I was just trying to find a lame excuse sir…”


LT: "You succeeded… Holcraft, is there any shuttle in the area carrying the admiral?”


Holcraft seems confused, but he scans anyway…


Holcraft: “No other vessels within scanner range sir… But why would the admiral be here?”


LT: “We’ll have to test the canon some other time then…”


Serrag appreciates the joke, but is also slightly confused.


Serrag: “No testing then, sir?”


LT: “We’ll be investigating this planet for at least a day or 2… As soon as the away teams are on the surface, you may direct the bridge to take the ship to a test location to blow up some space rocks… Test the canon as you see fit, commander…”


Serrag: “Yes sir.”



SCENE 6: Power struggle


Lieutenants Shelley and Margon beam down with Ensign Marks to a remote location, away from civilization.


Margon: “Alright, Marks, secure the area. Make sure no one is close… The scanners and the transporters really had to boost power to get through so, doctor, I suggest you start scanning to determine the amount of…”


Shelley interrupts the Klingon.


Shelley: “Wait a minute, Margon… Who’s in charge of this team?”


Margon: “I don’t know, I assumed that…”


Shelley interrupts again…


Shelley: “Don’t assume anything just yet… We’re both lieutenants.”


Margon: “Hmmm, I didn’t realize that a…”


Shelley is making a bad habit out of cutting Margon’s sentences short…


Shelley: “…that a doctor has a rank too? Of course you knew… And besides, I’m the chief officer of my department so…”


Margon repays the interruptions with one of his own…


Margon: “…so you assumed you would be in charge? Being the head of your department does not mean you outrank me, doctor…”


Shelley: “Well, maybe you…”


Marks’ time to interrupt…


Marks: “Children, please… For all I care you can both lead this team, which actually sounds like a good idea… Or you can put me in charge…”


The 2 lieutenants are almost shocked to hear Marks intervene… Margon and Shelley look at each other…



SCENE 7: Soft hand


Amini and Eisinga arrive at Reinard’s office… When they have permission to enter and go in they see that Philips is talking to the chief of security.


Reinard: “Looks very good, Philips… I’ll read this straight-away…”


Philips: “It’s a bit lengthy sir, but thorough…”


Reinard: “Thoroughness in a murder case is crucial… Alright, dismissed ensign.”


Philips leaves.


Eisinga: “Reading that report will have to wait, chief…”


Reinard: “What can I do for you, commander?”


Eisinga: “Well, 2 things really… The first issue concerns Ms Amini here…”


Reinard: “And what can I do for you then, ensign?”


Amini: “Well, sir… Ehm… It’s…”


Eldert takes over…


Eisinga: “She’s ehm… kind of not happy about having been treated like a criminal during the murder investigation…”


Reinard: “I see… Well, you do have to understand that over a 100 people were official suspects in the beginning…”


Amini: “Well, like I said during the interview sir, I saw only one other officer in the brig…”


Reinard: “Yes, I know… You also must understand that you were very closely involved in that whole mess… If our roles were reversed you would also not have been able to say for sure that I was innocent…”


Amini: “Well, the fact that I found the body does not mean I also killed him…”


Reinard: “No, it doesn’t… There was no proof you killed him. But there was also no proof you didn’t… You see my dilemma? I had to make you my prime suspect and confine you. I would have been a poor chief of security if I hadn’t…”


Amini: “I understand…”


Reinard: “Though you were my prime suspect, I never really thought you were really able to kill a dear friend of yours… I know everybody onboard and I knew you 2 were close… But the fact you were close cannot be any proof of your innocence. For all I knew he might have been accidentally poisoned by you and you just denied having anything to do with it out of sheer panic…”


Amini: “Well, that didn’t happen…”


Reinard: “I know… We already have our killer… And that means you are no longer a suspect and neither are any other crew members on this ship…”


Eisinga: “But you do understand Ms Amini’s feelings about this whole situation, right?”


Reinard: “Oh, of course, commander… I mean, being locked up in a holding cell for any amount of time can be very stressful or even traumatic… I can tell you out of experience, I’m ashamed to say…”


Eisinga: “You were arrested?”


Reinard: “Actually, twice…”


Eisinga: “Then you and I should swap stories sometime…”


The commanders laugh and even Amini shows a smile…


Eisinga: “Anyway, commander… Don’t forget that it was extra stressful for Ms Amini, as she was not just being a suspect in a murder case, she was a suspect in the murder of a very dear friend…”


Reinard: “I understand… I really do… But rest assured Amini; to me you’re completely innocent… And, again, I’m very sorry for your loss… Unfortunately, I also know what it is like to lose a dear friend…”


Amini: “Thank you sir… But what I’ve been meaning to ask you…”


The question is cut short by a message over the com system.


Serrag: “Serrag to Commander Eisinga. Can you report to engineering please?”


Eisinga: “I’m on my way. Eisinga out. Before I forget Reinard, the captain is down on the planet and I have a few meetings today… The captain requested you to be in charge on the bridge today.”


Reinard: “Me? But I have my duties here…”


Eisinga: “And you’re also the second officer of this ship with as much as 0 hours logged on the bridge… Captain’s orders.”


Reinard: “Aye sir. I’ll report to the bridge as soon as this talk is over…”


Eisinga: “Perfect. And Amini, if you’d like to discuss this matter some more, I’d be glad to…”


Amini smiles…


Amini: “I would…”


Eisinga: “My ready room at say… 1600 hours?”


Amini: “Yes sir, thank you sir…”


Eisinga leaves.



SCENE 8: Ego practice


Elpek and Serrag are on the bridge standing behind K’Ehlen at the tactical station… Holcraft is in the captain’s chair, but the engineers are running this little show…


Serrag: “Helm, full impulse…”


Pattison: “Full impulse.”


Serrag: “Fire at the targets at will once we’re in range…”


A few moments later the ship moves into range of some moving asteroids of various sizes…


K’Ehlen: “Firing…”


The canon, mounted on a turret on the underside of the Greate Pier, swivels around rapidly to destroy each of the 6 targets…


Elpek: “All stop, Ensign Pattison…”


Pattison: “Coming to a full stop, sir.”


Elpek: “Thank you everyone; this was the final test. All shots were perfectly executed from both a stationary and a moving ship at both stationary and moving targets in rapid succession…”


Serrag: “Of course…”


Elpek: “All because of the powerful weapon I built…”


Serrag: “And because of the aiming system I programmed…”


Elpek: “And the massively extended range I managed to squeeze out of it…”


Serrag: “And the continuous recharge system we made…”


Elpek: “We’re good…”


Serrag: “We are good…”


Holcraft: “Helm… Once the air is cleared of the horrible stench of ego, set a course back to the planet and engage at warp 5.”


Pattison: “That might be a while sir…”



SCENE 9: Great grand story


The second team on the surface of the planet consists of Ensign Longworth, Ensign Stuckman and Captain LT himself… The three men are driving on a road in a quiet part of a quiet town… Longworth is driving and the two others are sitting to his right, the captain in the middle.


LT: “Park the car, ensign. That park seems like a good spot to ask some questions…”


Longworth: “Yes sir.”


Rodney pulls over. The three men exit the vehicle and walk into the adjacent park. There are lots of people scattered throughout the park.


Stuckman: “How about that elderly man over there?”


He points in the direction of a man sitting alone on a bench.


LT: “Alright… But I think we should each approach people separately. Three strange men asking you questions might be too intimidating… Spread out, but don’t go too far… And stay in your roles…”


Stuckman approaches the bench…


Stuckman: “Good morning sir… Lovely day, isn’t it?”


Man #1: “Good morning young man… It sure is…”


Stuckman: “I’d have preferred a clear sky though…”


The man looks slightly puzzled…


Man #1: “Looks pretty clear to me…”


Stuckman: “Mind if I take a seat next to you?”


Man #1: “Rest your bones, son…”


Stuckman: “Thank you…”


Man #1: “Haven’t seen you here before… New in town?”


Stuckman: “Well, in fact, yes I am…”


Man #1: “I’ve been coming to this park for over 80 years now… I remember every face… Where are you from? You look like you’re from up north perhaps…”


Stuckman: “Oh, from way up there… Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”


Man #1: “Wooow, this is not one of those marketing schemes is it?”


Stuckman: “Oh, no no no sir, I assure you… See, I’m a writer and I’m writing about this area here… Can you tell me a bit about what goes on around here?”


Man #1: “Oh, gladly… I’m proud to have been born and raised in this town… I even raised 6 children here with my 2 wives and all 6 of them have children of their own… And one of them is pregnant as we speak… I’m looking forward to the day I can hold my first great grandchild in my arms, hahaha… I’ve always been a farmer until I retired 4 years ago…”


Stuckman realizes it’s going to be a while before he will get any useful information and sighs… The man doesn’t notice; he just keeps on going…


Man #1: “And at first I thought I was going to lose my mind… You know, not working on the farm anymore and having all that free time on my hands… But it worked out just fine… Thanks to my head wife, she has been terribly supportive and she sure keeps me busy, hahaha… You know, as soon as you retire you really start to appreciate…”


Believe me; it goes on for a while like this… But let’s go to the next scene…



SCENE 10: Dark Hobbit joke


A short distance away Longworth found a young lady who’s willing to answer a few questions…


Lady: “What’s this town is like? Oh, you’re an outlander…”


Longworth: “An outlander? Indeed, I’m not from around here, if that’s what you mean… I’m from up north…”


Lady: “Well, welcome then, hahaha…”


Longworth: “Thank you…”


Lady: “Nice car by the way… I saw you parking it…”


Longworth: “Thank you, it’s brand new… Say, have you seen any other outlanders around here lately? A little darker and shorter than me? Like this high?”


He holds his hand about 3 feet above the ground to indicate the approximate height of an Inj… The lady starts to laugh…


Lady: “Are all of you northerners this funny?”



SCENE 11: More than one


The captain also found a lady to ask some questions to.


Woman: “Well, let’s see… The most important thing that happened here lately is that the church on the corner here burned down just last week. With the help of the local community the site was cleared of rubble within 2 days after the fire was put out… Construction crews arrived the very next day…”


LT: “So religion is a very important thing in these parts?”


Woman: “Oh, absolutely… Cornan is a big part of our lives; to many it is life…”


LT: “Cornan?”


Woman: “Yes, Cornan… You really are an outlander, aren’t you?”


The woman looks up in the sky and nods towards the sun…


Woman: “That’s Cornan…”


LT: ”Oh, I see… The sun…”


Woman: “Indeed… I’m curious to know what your people believe in then…”


LT: “Well, I’m not much for religion myself…”


Woman: “Oh I see… Well, to each his own, right?”


LT: “I met a couple of priests a while ago who could learn a little from your respect for other people’s views on religion, hahaha…”


Woman: “I just don’t see any reason to make a fuss…”


LT: “I agree… Before I leave you alone again, can I ask if you’ve seen anything out of the ordinary here lately?”


Woman: “Out of the ordinary? No, I don’t think so… This is just a small town, if anything was out of the ordinary I would’ve known about it just 5 minutes after it happened, hahaha…”


LT: “Alright, thank you very much for your time madam…”


Woman: “Good luck with your project…”


LT: “Thank you, have a nice day…”


The captain walks over to Stuckman who is asking a man some questions…


Stuckman: “Ah, here’s one of my colleagues now…”


The man unexpectedly walks over to the captain and shakes his hand…


Man #2: “Nice to meet you sir… We don’t get many outlanders here…”


LT: “Pleased to meet you… It seems we have a mutual curiosity about each other then… I’ve just had the most interesting conversation about religion…”


Man #2: “Then you must know by now that religion is really the cornerstone of this town… We are grateful to Cornan for bringing life…”


Stuckman: “Cornan?”


LT: “The sun, Stuckman… The sun…”


LT points at the sun…


Man #2: “Stuckman; what an unusual name… But yes indeed, Stuckman, we worship the sun; Cornan… He brings us warmth, light and life… He’s truly unique… Nothing exists which is as powerful as Cornan…”


Stuckman: “Well, actually there…”


Eric is cut off before he can do any real damage…


LT: “Stuckman!... ”


Man #2: “Oh, that’s ok sir… I understand you want to protect my feelings and beliefs… But I think you’ll find that most people around here are very tolerant of other people’s beliefs… Live and let live…”


LT: “I’m glad you feel that way… We of course also respect your beliefs… Stuckman here beliefs something different, but we outlanders also have many cultures which worship the sun…”


Man #2: “Outlanders? Aren’t you from a place close to here then?”


LT: “Well, not very close…”


Longworth joins the club.


LT: “Anyway, we’ve taken up too much of your time already. It’s time for us to process all we’ve learned today…”


Man #2: “Well, good luck then…”


The men thank and greet the man and head for the car and get in…


LT: “Am I correct in assuming you were about to reveal the existence of billions of other suns to that man, Stuckman?”


Stuckman: “Eh, yes sir…”


LT: “I also assume I needn’t explain that it wasn’t too smart a thing to do?”


Stuckman: “No sir…”


LT: “Especially since they regard their sun as a god…”


Stuckman: “Sorry sir…”


On the other side of the road, an identical car parks…


LT: “Well, no harm done… Longworth, get this thing in motion… Let’s find another spot before they realize there are more ‘gods’ out there than people on this planet…”


Longworth starts driving… On the other side of the road the man gets out of his car and immediately spots the carbon copy of his own car pull out… He’s understandably angry and starts quoting the car salesman who sold him the car…


Alien: “I’ll be damned… ‘No sir, there’s no other like it in the world…’ I’m so going to write a letter…”



SCENE 12: Goldilocks I


Shelley: “The planet has a high albedo because of the thick clouds… I think that over 80% of the solar energy is reflected back into space where the Earth only reflects about 30%...”


Marks: “80%? How come it’s still about 15 degrees here on the surface?”


Margon: “Because of the proximity to the sun, no doubt…”


Shelley: “I agree… This planet is well short of what we would consider to be the ‘Goldilocks zone’…”


Marks: “Anyway, it’s too dank and clammy…”


Margon: “I like the humidity… But it’s too cold…”


Shelley: “Are we re-enacting Goldilocks now, guys?”



SCENE 13: Goldilocks II


In Eisinga’s ready room…


Eisinga: “Please, sit down… How did it go with Reinard?”


Amini sits down and answers…


Amini: “Pretty good, sir… After you left, Commander Reinard and I spoke about it some more and I’m happy to say it’s not that much of an issue anymore…”


Eisinga: “Well, I’m glad to hear…”


Amini: “Thank you sir…”


Eisinga: “Please, don’t say sir… I’ve heard enough of that in meetings today…”


Amini smiles…


Amini: “Ok…”


Eisinga: “I know it’s a stupid question to ask so shortly after this murder case, but… how are you doing?”


The smile disappears from Amini’s face…


Amini: “I’m doing ok… As good as can be expected under the circumstances…”


Eisinga: “That’s good… But are you sure you want to be back on duty already?”


Amini: “Yes, I am… I have plenty of time to grieve, think and be angry during my off-hours… By working in astrometrics I can give myself some peace of mind. At least for part of the day…”


Eisinga: “Can’t blame you…”


Amini: “I always have a pretty positive outlook on things and even though it seems a little difficult right now… But I’m sure I’ll manage just fine…”


Eisinga: “Good, I like that… Good thing you have a lot to do in astrometrics lately, with this mission we have… I’m pretty sure there will be loads more regions of space for you to explore and map…”


The smile returns…


Amini: “Oh yes, I’m still very excited about that… This very planet we’re at right now is very interesting…”


Eisinga: “Bit too cloudy for my taste…”


Amini: “Yeah, for me too…”


After a short pause, she continues…


Amini: “I want to thank you for your help… I appreciate your concern for me…”


The commander clumsily replies.


Eisinga: “Of course, I can’t have you eh… not feeling well… Not on my watch, hehe… ”


Amini: “I probably wouldn’t have spoken with Reinard if you hadn’t convinced me…”


Eisinga: “Good… And if you ever need to talk…”


Amini: “I know where to find you…”


Eisinga turns the computer console towards him and changes the environmental settings. He pushes a few buttons and lowers the temperature by a few degrees and puffs out some air…


Eisinga: “Or you can always go to the counselor…”


Amini: “No way, hahaha…”



SCENE 14: Chained to command


Reinard is in command on the bridge.


Reinard: “Holcraft, perform a multiphasic scan on the planet… See what it gives us…”


Holcraft: “I don’t think that will give us any more information than we already have sir…”


Reinard: “A multiphasic scan can cut through radiation a lot better than a standard scan. As the planet below is quite close to its sun and it reflects back most radiation it gets from the sun, we might get some data than with a normal scan…”


Holcraft: “I still don’t think it’ll do much good…”


Reinard: “Maybe not, we’ll see…”


Stilson: “I tend to agree sir… I don’t think we’ll pick up much from the surface with a multiphasic scan…”


Holcraft: “Also the surface will…”


Reinard heard enough.


Reinard: “Just scan the planet…”


Holcraft: “Yes sir…”


Reinard: “Stilson, get me some coffee, will you?”


Stilson is surprised by the request…


Stilson: “Sir?...”


Reinard: “Is there something wrong with the universal translator around here?”


Stilson: “No sir…”


Some of the crew look at each other in amazement… Stilson gets up and walks over to the replicator.


Reinard: “Maresca, could you come over here please?”


Maresca stands up and walks up to the captain’s chair... He hands her a PADD.


Reinard: “Bring this PADD to Lieutenant Elpek, please…”


Maresca: “Why not send the information via the computer sir?”


Reinard: “Because otherwise you’d still be in that chair stagnating… Everyone needs exercise… Go.”


Maresca is obviously not pleased…


Maresca: “Yeah, I’m on my way…”



SCENE 15: Bonafide revisitation


Still driving around…


Stuckman: “I can’t believe they worship the sun…”


Longworth: “To each his own, Stuckman…”


LT: “Well, I’m not much for religion, but I can have a lot more respect for people who worship their sun than some invisible deity. A sun clearly exists and also is proven to do good for people… Even though its effects are lessened by the thick clouds, it still works…”


Longworth: “There are even a few plants and trees on this world that photosynthesize though it’s considerably darker here than on Earth during the day…”


Stuckman: “Oh I understand why they appreciate their sun… But worship it?... I appreciate the sun as well when I’m baking on a Californian beach, but I don’t close my eyes, drop to my knees and humbly thank it…”


Longworth: “The funny part is… you don’t have to… You can believe, do or don’t whatever you want… Just let these people do the same…”


Stuckman: “I just said I didn’t understand. That’s all…”


LT: “Well, I can understand that, hahaha…”



SCENE 16: Cell mates


Bynes is enjoying a drink in the lounge. The strong, yet pleasant smell of Yasmine Cole’s latest culinary creation fills the room while she’s stirring around in a huge pot… Contents unknown. Amini enters the lounge and spots Bynes... She approaches Manco.


Amini: “Bynes, isn’t it?”


Bynes: “Yes, that’s right, Manco Bynes.”


Amini: “Hi, I’m India Amini, astrometrics…”


Bynes: “We’ve been on this ship for 9 months and still you can meet people you’ve never spoken to on a ship this size…”


Amini: “Well, everybody has been kept busy I guess…”


Bynes: “Please, sit down…”


Amini: “Thank you… I saw you in the brig during the murder investigation…”


Bynes: “Yes, that’s right… I was one of the prime suspects apparently… So were you I take it?”


Amini: “Yes, unfortunately…”


Bynes: “Oh well, it’s all over now, hahaha…”


Amini: “Almost sounds like you didn’t mind…”


Bynes: “Well, like you said, it was very unfortunate…”


Bart walks up to the table…


Endersby: “Can I get you anything, ensign?”


Amini: “Ehm, a Bolian tonic water please…”


Endersby: “Coming right up…”


Amini: “If you don’t mind my asking, how did you deal with it?... Assuming you didn’t really enjoy being locked up for something you didn’t do…”


Bynes: “Well, I had nothing to hide… I just answered all the chief’s questions… Nothing else you can do really, so no need to make a fuss… I mean, I was a friend of Charles…”


Amini: “You were a friend of Charles? So was I… Even more amazing we didn’t talk before…”


Bynes: “Indeed… Being suspected of killing a friend is hard, so I can understand your frustration… But Reinard had a reason to suspect me, as Charles and I had a minor disagreement not long before he was killed…”


Amini: “Well, I’m not really that frustrated anymore… Commander Eisinga helped me ‘face my fear’, hahaha… He suggested that I’d face Reinard, as he was the one who gave the order to arrest me and he also conducted the interviews… We had a good talk and I’m now able to put that part of the tragedy behind me…”


Bynes: “As for the other part… It’ll take some time to adjust; Charles was such a likable guy… I’m glad I left Bart as paranoid as he was before… Bart’s suspicious nature helped solve the murder.”


Amini: “’left Bart as paranoid as he was before’?”


Bynes: “Yes, I’d initially planned to ‘fix’ his personality, as he was showing some paranoid traits, but I later decided against it…”


Bart returns with the drink, unaware of the topic of discussion… He places the drink in front of Ensign Amini.


Bynes: “So, here’s to you Bart…”


Both Bynes and Amini raise their drinks with a smile.


Endersby: “To me? Why?...”


Bynes: “For being paranoid of course…”


The 2 officers take a sip from their drinks...


Endersby: “Ah… Well… Enjoy your drinks…”


Bart walks off again and mumbles to himself…


Endersby: “Well, that’s suspicious…”



SCENE 17: Full of it


The discussion in the car is heating up…


Stuckman: “Well, worshipping the sun is weird, but worshipping an invisible and probably non-existent entity is just plain… well…”


Longworth: “…stupid?”


Stuckman: “Don’t put words in my mouth…”


LT: “Gentlemen… This is neither the time nor the place for a heated discussion about religion…”


Longworth: “He just insulted all religions in the universe!”


LT: “Grow a thicker skin, Longworth… An expressed opinion in a perfectly honest discussion should never be seen as insulting…”


Longworth: “With all due respect sir, I think you’re just choosing his side because you agree with him…”


LT: “I do agree with him, but I’m not choosing sides. And the only reason why you protest is because I’m just too damn honest for your liking… There’s a difference…”


A short silence fills the car…


LT: “Man, I thought I had my fill of religious discussion after that Vejo business… Now I’m really certain I had my fill…”


Another pause…


Shelley: “Shelley to Captain LT.”


LT: “You have reached the captain hotline. Press 1 if you wish to discuss religion and be disconnected. Press 2 to be patched through to an available captain.”


Shelley: “Ehm… 2?”


LT: “Captain LT here, what can I do for you?”


Shelley: “We’ve made progress with our scans sir…”


LT: “What do you have so far?”


Shelley: “Well, you’ve probably seen more evidence of it than we have, but even with a lot of electrical activity in the clouds, there’s no real reason for this race to still be confined to just this planet…”


LT: “They would indeed have been warp capable if they had pursued it, but it seems they have no interest in space…”


Shelley: “Maybe because they don’t know it’s there… Even our tricorders can’t scan anything out there but yet more clouds…”


Margon: “Maybe it goes against their beliefs to venture into or beyond the clouds…”


Stuckman: “We’ve talked to dozens of locals who can confirm that, lieutenant…”


LT: “We haven’t even seen any evidence of any form of air vehicle…”


Shelley: “We have gathered loads of interesting data on…”


The captain cuts her sentence short…


LT: “I’m glad to hear, but let’s exchange all that data once we’re back onboard the Greate Pier… Beam up as soon as you’re through with your scans…”


Shelley: “We’ll be beaming up shortly…”



SCENE 18: Data bore


Reinard: “Stilson, have you finished sifting through the scan data?”


Stilson: “No sir, not yet… There’s a lot here…”


Reinard: “Alright, then you better get back at it…”


Stilson: “But of course sir…”


Stilson sighs and continues to browse through his documents... Margon enters the bridge and approaches the man in charge…


Margon: “Science team reporting back from the surface sir…”


Reinard: “Welcome back, lieutenant… Was the mission successful?”


Margon: “Of course… We’ve gathered a lot of data…”


Reinard: “Good… Have your mission report ready within the hour. After that, assume your regular station…”


Margon: “In 1 hour sir?”


Reinard: “Yes, lieutenant… Is that a problem?”


Margon: “Yes, it is… sir. There’s a huge amount of data we need to study and…”


Yet another interruption cheers up the day.


Reinard: “Then I suggest you get started right away, lieutenant…”


Margon: “As you wish sir. But captain LT wouldn’t ask us to present a report in just 1 hour…”


Reinard: “I don’t remember giving you permission to speak freely… 59 minutes, lieutenant…”


Margon doesn’t reply and leaves the bridge…



SCENE 19: Religion regurgitation


Longworth: “What do you mean by that?!”


Stuckman: “What I mean is that the whole concept is just flawed!”


LT, sitting between the 2 squabbling ensigns, buries his face in his hands and sighs…


Longworth: “Well you can’t deny there are people who actually find peace, solace or even satisfaction in their belief in a god… Like me…”


Stuckman: “That’s all it is, isn’t it? Just to feel comfortable and get a false sense of security… For aeons we’ve had thousands of religions on Earth to chose from… or be forced into, whatever… But since we developed warp drive 20% of the religious population on Earth suddenly has alien beliefs…”


Longworth: “And?”


Stuckman: “And that just confirms what I just said… People just want to feel comfortable and secure and chose a deity that best suits their needs… And they switch deity when they find one that’s more appealing to them… You should always do whatever you want, but it kind of devalues the whole concept of belief, doesn’t it? It’s all nonsense anyway… Most religions are all the same when you break them down…”


Longworth: “Oh really?”


LT: “Well, he is right… ‘Don’t smash anyone’s skull in’, ‘Be friendly to everyone around you’, ‘Keep your paws off of the other guy’s wife’, ‘Worship me or I’ll come for you’… Most religions know some form of those rules… And except for that last one, if we all stuck to those rules, we’d be better off… I prefer to stick to those very same rules, but without all the fuss of religion around it...”


The captain continues after a short pause…


LT: “Though I’ve been tempted to participate in this discussion again just now, I think it’s best if we leave the subject alone and concentrate on the mission… Religion is just not worth all this discussion…”


Longworth: “What’s that supposed to mean?!... Sir.”


LT: “That it’s not worth the discussion for me because I’m not in any way interested in the subject and it shouldn’t be worth the discussion for you either… You should practice your beliefs, not talk about it. It should be a personal experience… Something between you and your deity of choice…”


Longworth: “Well, true… It is a personal thing… I don’t know why I’m fighting over it with my esteemed colleague over there…”


LT: “Now now guys, let’s not create any hostile relations here… Again, it’s not worth it. We all have our opinions and we all have a view on religion. Nobody ever said we had to agree on anything, so let’s agree to disagree... End of discussion.”


LT takes a deep breath and roles his eyes…



SCENE 20: Iron fist


Shelley, Margon and Marks have assembled around the desk in Shelley’s office.


Margon: “I just came from Commander Reinard. Apparently he’s in charge at the moment… He wants a report in, well, by now only about 50 minutes…”


Shelley: “50 minutes? That’s impossible… There must be some kind of mistake…”


Margon: “It’s definitely a mistake on his part, but he’s very adamant to have his report by then…”


Marks: “We’ve gathered several megaquads of data we need to sift through… We can’t do that in 50 minutes…”


Shelley: “Well, we have to come up with something…”


Margon: “Why don’t you 2 start on a preliminary report while I go and talk with Commander Eisinga…”


Shelley starts pulling the Klingon’s big leg…


Shelley: “Why you? Why don’t you start with the report and I go see Eisinga?”


Margon: “Don’t start this again, doctor… It damages the reputation of intelligence a doctor usually boasts… Besides, Klingons boast a reputation of getting things done.”


Shelley: “I was just joking, Klingon… Get out of my office and don’t come back until you succeeded gloriously or have died in battle…”


Margon laughs…


Margon: “You’re a funny species, hahaha…”


Moments later the Klingon enters the commander’s ready room.


Eisinga: “What can I do for you, lieutenant?”


Margon: “I know you’re busy sir… But we have a slight issue with Commander Reinard…”


Eisinga: “Reinard? What’s the problem?”


Margon: “We gathered data on the planet today and he expected a full report within the hour. That was some 15 minutes ago, so just 45 minutes remaining to sift through megaquads of data… We’d struggle to get a detailed report done in 1 day, let alone in 1 hour…”


Eisinga: “I see… Have you mentioned this to the commander himself?”


Margon: “Yes sir… But he was unyielding on the matter… Like I said sir, I know you’re busy, but this is clearly an issue we cannot resolve ourselves…”


Eisinga: “Hmmm… Well, looks like I’ll have to talk to him about it…”


Margon: “We’d appreciate any assistance sir…”


Eisinga: “I’ll let you know…”


Margon: “Thank you sir…”


Margon leaves the same way he came in; using the backdoor…


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Reinard, please report to my ready room…”


Just a few seconds later the door chime of the frontdoor is heard and the commander gives permission to enter.


Eisinga: “Come in…”


The chief of security walks up to the desk the other commander is sitting behind…


Eisinga: “Sit down, please…”


Reinard complies.


Eisinga: “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having received the third ehm… ‘comment’ on your reign over the ship just a minute ago…”


Reinard: “’Comment’?... You probably mean complaint?”


Eisinga: “I wouldn’t use that word… But it seems you wanted the impossible… A full report on many hours worth of scans by 3 away team members in just 1 hour?... Seems a little steep a task…”


Eisinga shows a little smile, so it’s clear to Reinard it’s not a very serious problem…


Reinard: “Well, I grant you it’s perhaps a bit hard to get it done in 1 hour…”


Eisinga: “I’d say it’s impossible…”


A short pause before the first officer continues…


Eisinga: “Getting reports on time can be very crucial… But in this case I think you can see it’s not very critical at all… The away team was merely gathering geological data and performed scans of the thick cloud cover…”


Reinard: “Yes sir.”


Eisinga: “No need to rush a report like that… And besides, the accuracy of a report goes down if you rush it… You probably wanted Philips’ report on the murder case to be thorough as well…”


Reinard: “True…”


Eisinga: “What is also true is that you need to let them know you’re in charge… And I’m very sure everyone on this ship is now aware that you are in charge. But there’s a difference between letting them know you’re in charge and letting them know you’re a… well, a not-so-nice person…”


Reinard: “With all due respect sir, it’s not the task of a commanding officer to be nice…”


Eisinga: “Also true, but you should always avoid being not-so-nice unless it’s necessary. It will earn you a lot more respect. And more respect means they’re willing to do a lot more for you the next time… You’re not likely to do the very best you can for someone you don’t like…”


Reinard nods…


Eisinga: “I know I hardly have any right to tell you how to do things… We have the same rank and the only reason you take orders from me is because I’m the first officer… You have something like 12, 13 years of experience on me… People working on this ship should have a sense of duty and respect for the chain of command, but they’re not a Jem’Hadar army… You handled the issue with Amini very delicately today, for which I’m grateful… Perhaps you should use more of that delicate touch with the rest of the crew too… Ruling with an iron fist may work from time to time, but a soft hand can get things down as well…”


Reinard: “I fully understand sir… My apologies… I was just trying to let this ship operate as efficiently as I could…”


Eisinga: “Well, you still have some time left on the bridge; I’ll leave you to it…”


Reinard: “If you don’t mind sir, I’ll pay the away team a visit first…”


Eisinga: “By all means…”


Reinard: “Thank you sir…”


Reinard heads for the door again. Eisinga picks up a PADD and starts tapping some buttons… He doesn’t look up when he addresses his colleague one more time.


Eisinga: “Oh, and Reinard?”


Reinard turns around…


Reinard: “Yes sir?”


Eisinga: “Get your own coffee next time…”


Reinard smiles and leaves after his reply.


Reinard: “Yes sir…”



SCENE 21: Dude, where’s their car?


LT: “I think we’re driving out of town like this, Longworth…”


Longworth: “You might be right, hardly any houses since that last turn…”


LT: “See if you can…”


The captain’s sentence is cut off… Some animal races across the road and in a reflex Longworth hits the brakes and turns the wheel. The car skids out of control, barely misses an oncoming car and crashes sideways into the side of a stone wall... A few seconds later when the dust settles and everybody regains their orientation the captain is the first to speak.


LT: “Everybody ok?”


Longworth: “I think so sir…”


Stuckman: “Yeah, fine…”


The question is soon repeated by the driver of the car they just missed…


Police officer: “All of you ok?”


LT: “Yes, we’re all fine… No injuries…”


Police officer: “Good... Then get out of the car, now! Police…”


It appears to be the same policeman who helped the man whose car was missing… He takes out a weapon for his own protection.


Stuckman: “Police? What is…”


Yet another interruption.


Police officer: “No talking! You guys were lucky you missed that crossing senles… The senles is an endangered species…”


Longworth: “So were we just now…”


Longworth and the captain crawl out of the wreck…


Police officer: “Sit on the curb across the road, gentlemen…”


LT sits down on the curb next to Longworth while the police officer helps Stuckman climb out of the deformed wreck. LT taps his badge.


LT: “LT to Greate Pier. Beam the car up now…”


Police officer: “I said no talking!”


Stuckman joins the others on the curb.


Police officer: “Now then, gentlemen… Please explain how you got possession of this vehicle…”


The men look at each other, not knowing what to answer… LT is about to answer when the police man starts a new sentence.


Police officer: “I know for a fact that this one-off car belongs to a hysterical young man I met this morning… I bet he won’t be pleased with the state of his car…”


LT: “Ehm… What car sir?”


Police officer: “Come on gentlemen… That car over…”


During his sentence he turns around to point at the car… But it’s no longer there…


Police officer: “What the…?”


LT: “We would like to continue our hike now, sir… If that’s ok with you…”


The police officer doesn’t answer as he’s too busy looking baffled.



SCENE 22: Cloudy forecast


The Shelley, Margon and Marks team is still working hard on the report when a voice is heard from the main sickbay area…


Reinard: “Doctor?”


Shelley: “Yes, who is it? Nurse Halstead can help you with any medical problem; she’s in the next office…”


Reinard: “It’s Reinard…”


Shelley: “Ah… Well, eh… come in then…”


Reinard enters the office…


Shelley: “What can I do for you?”


Reinard: “Well, you could accept my apology… I ehm… I guess I was kind of expecting too much…”


Margon: “’Kind of’?


Reinard: “Ok, way too much then… I just wanted to run this ship as efficiently and smoothly as I could… That clouded my judgment on how to treat the crew a bit…”


Shelley: “Well… Apology accepted… Granted that we can take some more time to finish this report…”


Reinard: “Of course… Take as much time as you need… Get it done properly…”


Shelley: “Thank you sir.”


Reinard: “And ehm… I don’t want you guys to think I have some kind of superiority complex; I just did what I thought was needed to run the ship in the captain’s absence… And I thought wrong.”


Marks: “Oh, that’s not good…”


The looks of all others present reveal they don’t understand what he means…


Marks: “Well, admitting to your subordinates you were wrong makes you look weak and is a sign you’re a bad leader…”


All present laugh…



SCENE 23: Star wreck


Elpek, LT, Longworth and Stuckman are gazing at the wreckage of the car in the shuttle bay…


Elpek: “I was wrong about the controls being simple enough for humans…”


LT: “And I was wrong to let you replicate one of their vehicles in the first place… I asked for a typical car… We were arrested after crashing this one-off car… A car that the authorities believed to have been stolen… Anyway, next to the car thing, we found no evidence of Inj activity… At least the day wasn’t a complete loss; we gathered interesting scientific data of this interesting planet… It’s more clouded than Northeastern Europe … Never thought it possible…”


Serrag joins the pack.


Serrag: “Weapon tested and working perfectly, sir…”


LT: “Good, good…”


The captain and the Vulcan conspire against the orange guy…


Serrag: “Seeing as the admiral’s shuttle isn’t anywhere near and Elpek has lost your favor, can I schedule a further test of the canon on Elpek? Just to see what it does to a lifeform…”


LT: “As much as it pains me, no you can’t. There’s too big a chance one of this limbs will clog up the intake manifolds… Besides, he actually did most of the work on the canon, would be just a little too ironic… And I’d have to be the one to explain it to his family…”


Serrag: “They might see it as a favor; before he moved out, I bet they had all of their hands full with him…”


Elpek: “Do the limb and appendage jokes never get old with you bipeds?”


Serrag: “Don’t count on it… Although… I would like to see you count to 10 on your fingers…"



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