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January 23, 2010 - 12:56 AM
Lady Rohun from made of cheese

  This was “Murder of the Great Pier Express” O_O
I knew there was a lot of riffraff onboard due to last minute issues, but psychotic killers?
And Reinard was really having a field day, wasn’t he? Being all tough and Sherlock-like. However I do believe Shelley and Amini are still going to kick his ass for making them a suspect haha. Run Reinard…RUN!
This episode reminds me of those good (British) detective series, which I like very much. Meaning I also enjoyed this episode very much. I wasn’t even sure who did it straight away, which is a compliment too a plot well written.
Corpses in the hall, “people” eating cat food and wrong fantasies about someone’s scarred wife…
Never a dull moment on the USSGP! *rofl*

p.s. Barty was right all along…there’s something suspicious about this ship O_<
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