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"Minus Zero"

by Lord Thanatos

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January 06, 2010 - 10:56 PM
Lady Rohun from Somewhere in Space

  Jigh, to be stuck for so long…
It’s a miracle the crew didn’t get cabin fever or started to gnaw on each others legs or something.
Luckily they had Reinard to keep them busy with unexpected battle drills…although, I’m still curious about the “enemy costume” he wore. I’m stuck in my mind with him wearing a green slimy alien suit LOL.
A nice “restful” episode to conclude the first half of this season and many tnx for all the enjoyment so far!

Ow, yeah…and I know it’s custom to “reverse the polarity” from time to time, but always check the “reverse” on your ship, Captain LT, or admiral Grand WILL have your sexy buttocks as a trophy! XD
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