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by Lord Thanatos


29/09/09 02/10/09







1. Relaunch

2. Enemies and friends

3. Bad soup day

4. Die with your boots on

5. First contact

6. Course change

7. Occupied

8. Non communicado

9. On duty

10. Inflicting the injury

11. All hands off deck

12. Good spirits

13. Re-retribution

14. Floored






SCENE 1: Relaunch


The Greate Pier approaches Behlamun once again and assumes a synchronous orbit over the colony.


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 63213.82. We departed from Harwood colony 2 days ago and have now arrived at Behlamun planet. The closest one of the three massive Inj ships, affectionately named Behemoths by the people dissecting the Inj database, is due to arrive here as well in approximately 2 and a half days. Without a good plan on how to defeat them, I’m not certain what the outcome of a direct confrontation will be, but the outlook is bleak at best.”


LT: “Yellow alert. LT to Elpek. Launch all shuttles.”


Elpek: “Yes, sir.”


LT: “Maresca, inform Behlamun of our arrival.”


Selurtis walks in and is noticed by the captain.


Maresca: “They’re already aware of our presence and are hailing us, captain.”


LT: “Take a message, crewman. Lieutenant Commander, what can I do for you?”


Selurtis: “Good morning, captain. As per your request I came up with some basic security measures for Behlamun.”


LT: “Let’s hear it…”


Selurtis: “Well, I’m not sure you want to hear this…”


LT: “Judging by your reputation, it can’t be that bad… Is it?”


Selurtis: “Well, with limited time and resources, there’s only so much you can do.”


LT: “I know, we don’t have any phaser arrays or torpedo launchers…”


Selurtis: “The only thing we can do is install a shield generator. Lieutenant Commander Serrag promised me a spare one together with 2 power generators. I’d like permission to assign a four man engineering team to install that equipment on the planet. At least if you and the colony leader agree.”


LT: “Permission granted pending the clearance from Vander, but I doubt he’ll refuse anything that will help protect his people.”


Selurtis: “Thank you, sir.”


LT: “Ask Serrag to assemble a team.”


Selurtis: “Yes, sir. I’d also like permission to schedule some drills for the Behlamun. I assume the entire security staff has to remain onboard in case the Inj board us again, so, it might be wise to teach the Behlamun to use their weapons as efficiently as they can. They have limited experience…”


LT: “Agreed. You will lead the drills yourself, lieutenant commander.”


Selurtis: “With pleasure, sir. It’s a shame we can’t do much else… The biggest line of defense for Behlamun is the fleet of shuttles in orbit… We managed to fight off 2 Inj shuttles last time, but I’m sure you understand it will be nearly impossible to defend this planet against that Behemoth out there if the Greate Pier fails to stop it.”


LT stares at the viewscreen, which is off… His look reveals he knows the facts all to well…



SCENE 2: Enemies and friends


Vander looks out of his office window overlooking the center of the colony. A knock on the door is heard.


Vander: “Come in, captain…”


Vander moves towards the door to greet LT.


LT: “Vander…”


Vander: “Welcome, captain.”


LT: “Thank you.”


They shake hands…


Vander: “And thank you for coming to our aid once again…”


LT: “Let’s hope our aid is enough… Let’s get straight to business, time is somewhat pressing, Vander. To help things along, Lieutenant Commander Selurtis has made some suggestions to make things a bit safer… He suggests we install a shield generator to protect the colony and train all who are able to defend themselves with some drills…”


Vander: “That would be greatly appreciated, captain…”


LT: “I’ll be frank with you, Vander… Even the Greate Pier might not be able to hold off that Behemoth…”


Vander finishes the sentence.


Vander: “…and after that, the shuttle fleet and the shields will only be postponing the inevitable, I understand, captain. And that’s also the reason I fail to understand why your Federation is taking such a huge risk in defending us… They stand to lose a ship and a brave crew.”


LT: “We have sort of a saying on our world: ’the enemy of my enemy is my friend’… We have a common enemy and it is in both our interest to stop this enemy before more people get killed…”



SCENE 3: Bad soup day


Meanwhile, on the bridge.


Eisinga: “Admiral, what can I do for you?”


Mullins: “Hello commander. Where’s the captain?”


Eisinga: “He’s currently on the surface with colony leader Vander.”


Mullins: “I see. Well, then I’ll give my orders to you. You are to attempt to contact the Inj and try as hard as you can to come to a diplomatic solution.”


Eisinga jumps up from the big chair and protests against the admiral’s words…


Eisinga: “A diplomatic solution, sir? With all due respect, that is…”


Mullins raises his hand and interrupts the first officer.


Mullins: “I know, I know, I know… It’ll probably be like talking to a wall… But also with all due respect to the Greate Pier, it’s but a mosquito on the elephant’s back.”


Eisinga: “Shall I tell you a story about the mosquito back in the day when malaria was a deadly disease?”


Mullins laughs…


Mullins: “Haha, ok, bad example… But I assume the point is made…”


Eisinga: “Of course… But don’t write us off yet. We’ll attempt to contact the Inj, but I doubt they would even respond to our hails, except maybe with their weapons.”


Mullins: “Try anything to open conversation… I don’t have to tell you how important this is, commander.”


Eisinga: “No, sir.”


Mullins: “Good luck. Mullins out.”


The viewscreen turns to black again. Eisinga sits back down in the chair and ponders for a moment.


Eisinga: “Commander Eisinga to Captain LT.”


LT: “Yes, commander?”


Eisinga: “Sorry to disturb you, gentlemen. The admiral just ordered us to try diplomacy with the Inj, captain.”


Both the captain and Vander look surprised…


LT: “What?!...”


Eisinga: “I recommend that we intercept the Inj and try to open talks from relatively close proximity.”


LT: “Reason?”


Eisinga: “It’s easy to ignore someone who is screaming at you from a distance… We should move to their location so can we demand their attention. And if a battle ensues, it will be 2 days away from Behlamun, which might buy the planet some time, in case the Greate Pier fails.”


LT: “Alright, commander… Lay in a course to intercept the Inj vessel and engage as soon as I’m onboard, warp factor 9. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


Eisinga: “Understood.”


LT: “Well, it seems we have a slight change of plan… I don’t think diplomacy will bring us anywhere, but at this point I’ll try anything…”


Vander: “I don’t like to sound pessimistic, captain, but whichever way it turns out, it’ll all be over in 2 days…”


LT: “Well, I must admit, the log I recorded this morning wasn’t exactly cheerful either, against my usual disposition. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t had my soup yet…”



SCENE 4: Die with your boots on


K’Ehlen is at her station on the bridge and looks a little annoyed. After a moment she decides to talk to the captain and walks across the bridge up to the ready room door. The captain hears the chime chirp and answers.


LT: “Come in…”


The door whooshes open and the Klingon enters.


LT: “K’Ehlen, what can I do for you?”


K’Ehlen: “Permission to speak freely sir?”


LT: “Of course…”


K’Ehlen: “Why are we attempting to talk to the Inj?”


The captain doesn’t answer, as he seems to struggle to find a suitable answer.


K’Ehlen: “They’ve killed hundreds of innocent people and who knows what the other 2 Behemoths have been up to… Even a human must see that their ways are not honorable!”


LT: “Yes, I do see that.”


K’Ehlen: “Then why are we trying this diplomacy nonsense?”


LT: “Because that nonsense may just save us and the Behlamun, ensign.”


K’Ehlen: “It may sound weird, coming from a Klingon, but I don’t think their skills go far beyond fighting battles and taking what they want. Diplomacy will lead to nothing.”


LT: “Believe me; personally I’d like to punch some Inj noses… But I’m afraid the admiral wants us to at least try to open talks between us and them. And I agree. It might work, and if it doesn’t we can always punch noses. The point is: it’s an option, and we need to try.”


K’Ehlen: “The Klingon Defense Force would have solved this problem by now…”


LT: “Well, I don’t see any Klingon ships around, ensign. And the Klingons are our allies. No, it’s not that simple, K’Ehlen… We’re out here all alone, just one ship. No Starfleet or Klingon ships to help us… As much as I feel akin to Klingons and as much as I’d like to kill ‘em all, I can’t just open fire at them. We’ll be blown out of the water in mere minutes...”


K’Ehlen: “I forgot that you humans don’t wish to die in battle, to die for what you believe in and to be remembered for your pride and courage…”


LT: “On the contrary… I’m extremely proud to command this ship and I’m more than willing to die in battle. But not if we die for nothing… If they destroy us, we will not be remembered as heroes who died in a glorious battle… We’d be remembered as the crew that failed the Federation, and I’ll be damned if I let that happen to my crew! I will not fail the Federation! If it comes to a fight, I’ll fight to the bitter end… Rest assured, K’Ehlen, I will not exit stage right with my tail between my trembling legs! No matter what it takes, I will stop the Inj from reaching Behlamun! Because if they do reach Behlamun, it’ll be gone in minutes. Then the border colonies which aren’t protected yet are next. Not on my watch, ensign… I’m responsible for this ship, the Behlamun and the border colonies… So, don’t doubt my willingness to die for the cause, Klingon. I’d ram this ship straight into the side of that Behemoth if I thought it would get us anywhere… But there have been enough pointless deaths on our side because of the Inj…”


After a moment of silence…


LT: “It’s great if people back on Earth and Q’onos feel proud of what we did, if we died well in a battle with the Inj… I know it’s a Klingon horror story, but if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to grow old, sit on my porch and be proud of myself as well… I have no particular desire to die, K’Ehlen… But I will, if necessary.”



SCENE 5: First contact


Yasmine Cole picks up a cup of coffee from the replicator in her quarters and sits down in a chair… She adjusts the screen on her table and pushes a couple of buttons to establish contact with someone. After a couple of seconds Daniel Krager appears on the screen.


Krager: “Yasmine!”


Dan looks extremely happy…


Yasmine: “Hey Dan, sweetie...”


Krager: “How have you been doing? Is that a uniform I see? Hahaha…”


Yasmine: “Yes, it is… Your girlfriend is now a crewman!”


Krager: “Oh that’s cool! Congratulations!”


Yasmine: “Thank you... So, you can imagine I’ve been quite well, hahaha…”


Krager: “Good!”


Yasmine: “How are things on Utis VIII?”


Krager: “Really good… Everyone is still settling in a little bit, but for as far as I can tell business is as it was before the attack.”


Yasmine: “Hey, sorry if it took me a while for me to contact you, sweetie…”


Krager: “Don’t worry about it, you told me in advance it might be a while. I actually didn’t expect you to call me as soon as you did, hahaha… And I totally understand you need to find yourself and also find your place on that ship of yours… Besides your new rank, are things working out a little bit for you?”


Yasmine: “Absolutely… There are now two horses for me to take care of here onboard and…”


Krager interrupts.


Krager: “Two horses?! Is the Greate Pier turning into some kind of mobile petting zoo or something?”


Yasmine: “No, hahaha. Actually, we’re all under orders not to tell anyone, so I never did, ok?”


Krager: “Oh… That’s odd.”


Yasmine: “I’ll explain sometime, ok?”


Krager: “Alright… I won’t breathe a word… How are things in sickbay?”


Yasmine: “Well, perhaps you heard about the stuff that went on at Behlamun…”


Krager: “Yes, I heard…”


Yasmine: “It was my big initiation… I helped out treating the injured.”


Krager: “Really? Wow, that must have been quite… well…”


Yasmine: “Exciting… Not in the wrong sense of the word, because it was quite unsettling to see so many people in pain and mourning over their lost friends at the same time… Quite a nasty atmosphere… Their infirmary nor its staff were prepared for large scale casualties… But it felt so good to be able to help those people… I really do think I’m in the right place for now, Dan.”


Krager: “That’s good to hear, honey… I’m really, really happy for you.”


Yasmine: “Thank you so much, I really need your support…”


Krager: “And you got it…”



SCENE 6: Course change


Pattison: “Sir, they’ve changed course…”


LT: “New heading?”


Pattison: “Their new course will take them to a different planet in a nearby solar system.”


LT: “This close to the Behlamun system?”


Pattison: “Yes, sir…”


LT: “Stuckman, explain.”


Stuckman: “These 2 solar systems are going to collide soon, sir.”


LT: “How soon is soon?”


Stuckman: “The orbits of the outer planets of both systems will be critically influenced by the suns of the adjacent system in about 400.000 years…”


LT mockingly replies:


LT: “That soon, huh? Any life on the planet they’re heading for?”


Holcraft: “Long range sensors are scanning… And yes, there is life on that planet. A pre-warp civilization…”


LT: “Damn… Set a course for that planet and increase to warp 9.8.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir. Course changed, accelerating to warp 9.8.”


LT: “E.T.A.?”


Pattison: “58 minutes, sir.”


LT: “How much sooner will they be there?”


Holcraft: ”1 minute and 35 seconds, sir.”


Eisinga: “Enough time to vaporize a big city…”


LT: “Population, Holcraft?”


Holcraft: “3.5 billion of which 60% in large cities scattered across all continents.”


LT: “Jolly…”


Eisinga: “Maresca, contact the Behlamun and ask if they know anything about that planet.”



SCENE 7: Occupied


Margon is busy in engineering pushing random buttons… Kerr, in a good mood, walks in and disturbs him.


Kerr: “Margon, how are you? Hahaha…”


Margon: “Not now, Kerr… I need to keep an eye on the engines… The captain thinks it’s necessary again to travel at warp 9.8…”


Kerr: “Oh come on, Margon, don’t tell me you’re cranky?”


Margon: “I am not cranky, I’m busy… Don’t you have to practice drinking bloodwine or something?”


An evil smile adorns the busy engineer.


Kerr: “Ah, yes, Serrag told me you thought I couldn’t stand bloodwine too well… That may be true, perhaps… However, after our little drinking party I at least slept in my own bed, HAHAHAHA! Where was it that they found you, Margon? Curled up in a corner of the shuttle maintenance bay, was it? HAHAHAHA!”


Margon, still busy pushing buttons and increasingly agitated…


Margon: “Terribly funny, Kerr…”


Serrag walks by…


Serrag: “I thought it was…”


Kerr laughs loudly again…



SCENE 8: Non communicado


LT: “Open hailing frequencies to the Inj vessel…”


Maresca: “Open, sir.”


LT: “This is Captain LT of the Federation starship Greate Pier. Please respond.”


No response…


LT: “Captain LT to the Inj vessel. Please acknowledge.”


Again nothing… LT looks over at the communications station to his right.


LT: “Are they receiving us, crewman?”


Maresca: “Their communications equipment is working fine, they’re listening, captain. They’re just not responding.”


LT: “Any word from Behlamun?”


Maresca: “The people are called the Osid, and the planet is named Alsk. The Behlamun have had no dealings with the Osid, this is about as much as they know.”


LT: “This is Captain LT hailing the Inj vessel heading for planet Alsk.”


No luck… The captain shakes his head.


Maresca: “Sir, incoming transmission from Admiral Mullins.”


LT: “On screen…”


Mullins: “Captain, status please.”


LT: “We’re closing in on the Inj vessel and have tried hailing them. So far we received no answer to our hails. In addition to that problem, they changed course to a planet in the adjoining solar system. They will arrive there a minute and a half before we do…”


Mullins: “Let me guess… Inhabited?”


LT: “Yes, pre-warp, so we can’t warn them either…”


Mullins: “The prime directive, yes… We might not be allowed to interfere with their natural development, however, I’d like to prevent the Inj from doing so as well… If they didn’t already. Captain, stop the Inj at all cost… I want the loss of innocent lives by the hands of the Inj to stop. We don’t know the people down on that planet, but we sure as hell will defend them from the Inj.”


LT: “That’s easier said than done…”


Mullins: “You have your orders. Mullins out.”


LT: “Great…”



SCENE 9: On duty


Krager: “Aren’t you supposed to be on duty, by the way?”


Yasmine: “Well, I fed the horses already and for the moment there isn’t much to do in sickbay. That might change soon though; we might be in a fight with the Inj again soon…”


Daniel raises one eyebrow in near perfect Vulcan style…


Krager: “Great…”


Yasmine: “Can’t be helped, I’m afraid…”


Krager: “Why did you have to choose this particular ship?”


Yasmine: “And you think Utis VIII is safe? Hahaha…”


Krager: “Well eh…”


Yasmine: “If captain LT doesn’t find a way to stop the Inj, the danger might come to Utis VIII soon… Again.”


Dan looks a bit unhappy.


Krager: “You sure know how to cheer a guy up, huh?”


Yasmine: “Oh come on, be a man, haha…”


Krager: “I am a man, but still, I’d much rather face that danger together…”


Yasmine: “It seems there’s a hopeless romantic inside of you…”


Krager tries to look as cute as he can.


Krager: “I know, isn’t it cute?”


Yasmine: “Yes it is, hahaha… But I’m needed here, Dan… At least I need me to be here…”


Krager: “I understand… And again, you have my full support…”


Yasmine: “Don’t you forget, Mr. Krager, I love you.”


Krager: “And I love you too, Crewman Cole. It’s very reassuring to hear you say that, so far away…”


Yasmine: “I’m just 3 days away, Dan, hahaha…”


Yasmine hears a voice on Dan’s end of the line.


Voice: “Dan?”


Dan shouts back…


Krager: “Just a minute…”


Yasmine: “Who’s that?”


Krager: “My boss… I’m on duty at the moment as well, hahaha… I have to go.”


Voice: “Come on, Dan… You’re needed…”


Yasmine: “We’ll talk soon, sweetie!”


Krager: “Gotta run! Bye!”


The connection is terminated. Yasmine sits back and smiles…



SCENE 10: Inflicting the injury


LT: “Are we close enough to make a detailed scan of their ship?”


Holcraft: “I think so, sir.”


LT: “Alright, let’s go to red alert. Scan them, Holcraft.”


Holcraft plays around with the buttons on his console.


Holcraft: “11,022 Inj onboard. They’ve repaired all damage we did last time, sir. All systems appear to be working nominally…”


LT: “Of course… No obvious sore spot to poke… Try to find any weak spot, Holcraft.”


Holcraft: “Aye, sir. But I’m also picking up another vessel… It’s close to Alsk… It actually appears to be a small, primitive space station in a high orbit around the planet.”


LT: “A space station?”


Holcraft: “The Osid are pre-warp, but it seems they are taking their first steps into space… The station is of similar sophistication as Earth’s early 21st century stations…”


LT: “Lifesigns?”


Holcraft: “Three lifesigns.”


Pattison: “The Inj vessel’s flight path takes them right past the space station, sir.”


LT: “Of course… E.T.A.?”


Pattison: “They will reach the station in a few seconds.”


LT: “Holcraft, keep track of what they are doing…”


The captain stands up from his chair.


LT: “They better leave that station alone…”


Holcraft: “I’m afraid they might not, sir. They’ve just joined the space station in orbit. There’s some 60 meters distance between them.”


LT: “Are we close enough for visual?”


Holcraft: “Not yet…”


LT: “Are they firing weapons?”


Holcraft: “No indication of weapons fire as yet.”


Maresca: “Sir, the Inj are communicating with the space station…”


LT: “Can we listen in?”


Maresca: “I’ll attempt to patch in…”


LT: “Well, at least we’re gaining on them now…”


Maresca: “Sorry sir, communication is already terminated…”


Holcraft: “Weapons fire detected! Going to visual.”


The viewscreen now shows a debris field and the Behemoth moving away.


LT: “Dammit! Lifesigns?”


Holcraft: “None. The entire station is completely obliterated. The Inj are continuing their course towards the planet.”


K’Ehlen: “This was a mere show of strength, captain. To warn us that they’re willing and able to destroy us…”


Serrag: “As an observation captain, it seems they might not be willing to talk… I have an idea how to stop them, sir…”


LT: “Eisinga, deal with it, I’m going to try to contact the Inj again.”


Eisinga: “Yes, sir.”


Eisinga walks towards Serrag’s engineering station on the bridge.


LT: “LT to Inj vessel. Very brave of you to destroy a helpless space station. We have been patient with you to the point of absurdity. Move away from the planet or you will be destroyed. You are well aware of the fact that your ship is no match for our weaponry…”


K’Ehlen: “Finally…”


The ugly face of their leader appears on screen.


Leader: “Hi-Agga, Inj leader. Your weapons cannot destroy us. If you continue your pursuit we will wipe out the planet’s entire population.”


LT: “You will fire on that planet whether we pursue you or not. It seems to be a habit of yours.”


Hi-Agga: “The creatures have been warned to leave the planet.”


LT: “You want 3.5 billion people to leave? Even with a small head like yours you must understand that that’s impossible. What possible business could you have on that planet?”


Hi-Agga: “Resources. And our business is our own. Return to your own territory! We will not be as patient as you claim to be yourself.”


LT: “Resources? The resources on that planet are readily available on just about every class M planet in the universe. There are enough vacant ones for you to colonize, if that is your wish. We could provide you with…”


The Inj break off contact.


Holcraft: “They’re firing their secondary weapon on one of the cities on the northern continent, sir.”


LT: “What’s our E.T.A., helm?”


Pattison: “Just a few seconds, sir.”


LT: “Drop to impulse and open hailing frequencies again.”


Maresca: “Go ahead, sir.”


LT: “This is Captain LT. Seize fire or we’ll be forced to take action against you.”


Eisinga walks towards the area in front of the captain’s chair…


Eisinga: “Stop firing at the planet and we will give you back your missing shuttle.”


LT: “Maresca, close channel.”


He turns his head towards Eisinga.


LT: “Commander?”


Eisinga: “Do you agree with me that the Inj won’t listen, sir?”


LT: “I do…”


Eisinga: “People are dying as we speak; we have to stop them now. Talking won’t help, but Serrag’s plan might.”


LT: “Alright, go ahead.”


Eisinga: “Holcraft, did they stop firing?”


Holcraft: “No, sir. Still firing.”


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Elpek, send the shuttle towards the Inj vessel.”


Elpek: “It’s on its way, sir.”


The tractor beam slowly pushes the Inj shuttle in the direction of the Behemoth…


Serrag: “Sir, the Inj might get enraged if they realize we stole their shuttle after murdering its crew.”


LT: “Helm, stand by to take us out of here at warp 1.”


Pattison: “On your command, sir.”


Eisinga: “At least they’ll stop firing at the planet if they are pissed off about it…”


The Inj shuttle slowly but surely floats towards his giant brother.


Holcraft: “They’ve stopped firing at the planet, sir! They’re coming about and heading towards us…”


LT: “Good, good…”


K’Ehlen: “Phasers, sir?”


LT: “Not yet, ensign…”


Maresca: “Sir, they’re hailing us.”


LT: “Alright, let’s see what they have to say… On screen.”


Hi-Agga: “You are responsible for the disappearance of that shuttle, captain. This is where you die!”


LT: “You apparently don’t know me well enough to threaten me.”


Holcraft: “They’re locking weapons…”


LT: “Cut transmission.”


LT looks over at the tactical station.


LT: “As soon as they fire on us, return fire at will, ensign.”


K’Ehlen: “Gladly, sir…”


Holcraft: “That would be right about now.”


The Greate Pier takes a few hits…


K’Ehlen: “Returning fire!”


The ships keep exchanging fire for a while...


Holcraft: “They will be in secondary weapons range in 6 seconds, sir!”


LT: “Alright, helm, now.”


Pattison: “Warp 1…”


Just 2 seconds later…


LT: “Alright, drop to 100 kph…”


Pattison: “Sir?”


LT: “Do it…”


Pattison: “We’re at 100 kph, sir.”


LT: “LT to engineering, vent some plasma from the port nacelle… We want to simulate having severe damage.”


Bynes: “I’m on it sir, just a second…”


Moments later, plasma vents from the port nacelle as ordered.


Eisinga: “Why the limp, sir?”


LT: “If they think they can overtake us, they’ll pick up their shuttle first instead of trying to finish us.”


Eisinga: “Why don’t we stay at warp then? They know they can’t catch us…”


LT: “I want to see the show, commander. Or didn’t you and Serrag plan some fireworks?”


The commander laughs…


Eisinga: “Get the captain a view of the Inj ships…”


The screen shows both Inj ships… The Behemoth uses a tractor beam to pull in the shuttle… It disappears behind the doors of one of the shuttle bays. Then the giant ship can be seen moving back to the planet, presumably to continue firing…


Holcraft: “They’re heading back to the planet, sir. Are we going to let them destroy the rest of the Osid?”


Eisinga: “Not quite, Giles… Maresca, please hail the Inj shuttle.”


Maresca: “The shuttle, sir?”


Eisinga: “Do it, crewman.”


Maresca: “Opening a channel…”


As the channel is opened, a small explosion can be seen on screen…


Maresca: “Can’t get through, sir…”


Eisinga: “You might want to check the viewscreen, Maresca, you’ll see why… Serrag? Is that it?”


Serrag: “Patience, sir…”


Holcraft: “It seems the shuttle exploded inside the big ship, sir… But…”


Before Holcraft can finish his sentence, a series of explosions in rapid succession can be seen on the screen. Followed by an extremely massive last one that fills the entire screen with a bright white light. The entire bridge crew has to squint…


LT: “Holcraft, scan please.”


He fiddles around with the buttons again…


Holcraft: “Sir! The Behemoth is gone! Completely destroyed… Nothing left but a huge debris field! Hahaha!”


Sighs of relief and cheers can be heard mixed together on the bridge…


LT: “Cancel red alert and plasma venting… Clever idea, Serrag… Well done.”


Serrag: “Thank you, sir. Though I can’t be excited about killing so many…”


LT: “11,000 Inj… But, it had to be done…”


Serrag: "11,022, sir."


The captain gives Serrag a look that tells him to shut up.

K’Ehlen: “Serves them right. They fight without honor…”


LT: “If they had their way, they would probably have killed all 3.5 billion Osid… And I don’t know about you people, but it doesn’t particularly sadden me to get rid of these bastards… Helm, take us back to Alsk.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”


Maresca: “Sir, Admiral Mullins is hailing again, sir.”


LT: “On screen.”


Mullins: “Captain, status.”


LT: “Admiral, we have some casualties to report… However, this time you won’t need to inform any families… The Behemoth has been destroyed.”


Mullins: “Really?...”


The captain puts a semi acted arrogant look on his face when he replies.


LT: “It sounds as if you doubted our ability to take care of this situation, sir… You gave me your orders and we carried them out.”


The admiral is amazed…


Mullins: “Destroyed? The whole thing?”


Holcraft: “There’s nothing left but debris scattered over many miles, sir.”


Mullins stills sounds and looks amazed, and it’s as if he doesn’t know what to say.


Mullins: “Well… Good work then, people… But how?”


Serrag: “We had to sacrifice the shuttle we captured, sir. By hailing the Inj shuttle after it was taken back into the shuttle bay of the Behemoth, we simply detonated some relatively light explosives near the highly combustible fuel supply. From there it was a simple chain reaction throughout the entire ship. The fuel they utilize to power their ships is a very primitive liquid. Quite inefficient and…”


Mullins: “Yeees, yes, thank you, commander…”


LT: “We saw no other alternative then to destroy them, sir. They had no interest in diplomatic talks whatsoever and the lives of billions were at stake.”


Mullins: “I’ll be interested to read your report, captain.”


LT: “I’ll start working on it right away.”


Pattison: “We’re in orbit, sir.”


Mullins: “How did the planet fare?”


LT: “We’re about to establish the damage, sir. Holcraft?”


Eisinga: “They did fire on the planet, I’m afraid, admiral.”


Holcraft: “And I’m afraid they did the necessary damage… They destroyed part of the suburbs of a major city. Death toll is estimated at around 12.401…”


Mullins: “12.400?!”


Serrag: “And one.”


LT: “On the bright side, admiral, we prevented the deaths of billions more…”


Eisinga: “Is there nothing we can do, sir? Medical assistance at least?”


Mullins: “I’m afraid even these circumstances do not allow for us to break the prime directive. They are a pre-warp civilization.”


Eisinga: “By stopping the attack we already interfered, admiral.”


Mullins: “I realize that, commander…”


Eisinga: “Don’t you think their civilization isn’t already contaminated? This disaster will have a profound influence on the global community.”


Mullins: “I’m sorry, commander. But I’m also under very specific orders myself to enforce the prime directive in this particular case. Next to that I think there isn’t much we can do, medically. There probably aren’t many wounded if Utis VIII was any indication. Lieutenant Holcraft, please scan for wounded people.”


Holcraft: “Aye, sir. Scanning… I read 107 wounded, sir. In varying degrees of severity.”


Mullins: “I think they can take care of that themselves. Commander, I understand your frustration, I can’t say I feel any different. Though it wasn’t mine, the decision stands.”


Eisinga doesn’t answer.


LT: “Helm, set a course for Behlamun, warp 6.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”


LT: “Admiral, we’re on our way back to Behlamun. Lieutenant Commander Selurtis is helping the Behlamun to set up shields and is giving defensive combat training. I’d like to see what more we can do for them.”


Mullins: “Permission granted. You have 3 days, captain. Then I want you to return to the border colonies. Pick up every Kaneda from Stewart colony to where Lieutenant Commander Linton’s crew in setting up defenses. By the time you arrive, he’ll probably be at Pershard IX Delta. You are ordered to escort his cargo ship to every next colony until all defenses are set up…”


LT: “Understood.”


Mullins: “One more thing, captain. Is your ship banged up again?”


LT: “Holcraft?”


Holcraft: “Minor damage, sir. Repairs should already be done by the time we reach Behlamun.”


Mullins: “Good. Mullins out.”



SCENE 11: All hands off deck


The Greate Pier enters orbit over Behlamun yet again. The captain can be seen walking on the surface, towards Vander’s office. Vander has already seen him coming and walks outside to meet him.


Vander: “Captain!”


LT: “Hello Vander…”


Vander: “May I assume your mission was a success, seeing you’re still alive?”


LT: “A success of sorts… We managed to destroy the Inj ship; they won’t be bothering you anymore. But the Osid suffered many, many deaths…”


Vander: “I’m sorry to hear…”


LT: “Well, nothing we can do about it anymore… How have things been here? Did Selurtis make some progress?”


Vander: “The shields are fully functional already and I think Selurtis is leading his 8th security drill, hahaha…”


LT: “Really? Hmm, he’s really at it, isn’t he? Anyway, I have permission from my superior to stay another 3 days so Selurtis can implement some further security measures if you deem them necessary. And we’ll help you with whatever else you need.”


Vander: “We’re greatly in your debt, captain. I wish we could repay you in some way…”


LT: “As a matter of fact, you can… If we’re not imposing that is…”


Vander: “Name it…”


LT: “My engineering crew is in need of shore leave…”


Vander: “They are welcome, as is the rest of your crew. It’s the least we can do, captain.”


LT: “Thank you.”


Vander: “Vander to security.”


Loter: “Security. Loter here.”


Vander: “Loter, I’ve given my permission to crew of the Greate Pier to take shore leave here on the planet. They’ll be staying for a few days… Make sure they’re treated as friends and have full access to all facilities that are still in one piece.”


Loter: “I’ll see to it.”


LT: “Captain LT to Serrag.”


Serrag: “Serrag here, sir.”


LT: “Inform your crew that they are all officially on shore leave for 3 days. They are welcome here on the surface.”


Serrag: “I’ll relay the message, sir. Thank you.”


Serrag walks towards Margon who is at a nearby console.


Serrag: “Margon, the captain arranged shore leave for the entire engineering staff.”


Margon: “That’ll do them good…”


Serrag: “Them? Are you not going to the surface?”


Margon: “Maybe for some mok'bara training tomorrow… My idea of shore leave is simply not having to see my fellow officers for a while… Except those whom I regard as my friends of course, HAHAHAHA!”


Margon slaps Serrag on the shoulder. The poor Vulcan nearly falls over and he coughs…


Margon: “How about another little visit to the lounge tonight to celebrate our victory? Kerr will be joining as well.”


Serrag: “Sounds interesting. I’ll teach you how to drink…”



SCENE 12: Good spirits


Bart Endersby, the holographic bartender, brings a drink to Doctor Shelley, sitting at a table in the lounge. The bartender seems to be in good spirits…


Endersby: “Here you go… Bolian tonic water. Just what the doctor ordered, hahaha…”


Shelley: “Haha, thank you, Bart.”


Endersby: “This beverage originates from Bolarus IX and it’s supposed to have a calming effect… Perhaps you should…”


Bart’s sentence is interrupted when he is distracted by a familiar and quite loud Klingon laugh… The trio of trouble walks in, smiling and laughing. Margon, Kerr and Serrag walk towards a vacant table. Bart covers his eyes with his right hand and shakes his head slightly…


Endersby: “Oh nooo...”


He then picks the drink back up from the table and drinks it…


Shelley: “Hey!”



SCENE 13: Re-retribution


The apparently intoxicated duo Margon and Serrag walk down the corridor on deck 2, towards Margon’s quarters.


Margon: “Barty was kind of grumpy tonight, HAHAHAHA!”


Voice from other quarters: “Shut up!”


Margon: “What’s his problem anyway? Hahaha…”


Serrag: “Well, good night, Margon.”


Margon: “Good night, Pointy…”


Serrag hastily walks down the corridor towards his own quarters. Margon pushes the button to open the door… Nothing happens.


Margon: “Hey! Open up you!”


He tries again, without success.


Margon: “Computer, open this door…”


Computer: “Cannot execute command.”


Margon looks slightly puzzled.


Serrag: “Why?”


Computer: “This door is on a time lock.”


He rolls his eyes and sighs…


Margon: “Paying me back once for a joke wasn’t enough for that bloody Vulcan…”


Margon thinks for a moment…


Margon: “Margon to Lieutenant Commander Faulkner.”



SCENE 14: Floored


Serrag climbs into his bed and adjusts his pillow before lying down. He closes his eyes and just 2 seconds later the com system disrupts his rest.


Faulkner: “Lieutenant Commander Faulkner to Serrag.”


Serrag: “Serrag here.”


Faulkner: “Sorry to disturb you at this hour, commander, but we’ve got a minor issue here.”


Serrag: “I’m on my way.”


Serrag quickly changes into his uniform and is about to leave his quarters. As soon as the door opens his eyes all of a sudden become very big as if he sees a freight train coming his way. He hears a loud growl and sees a big Klingon jump at him. Margon and Serrag both leave the shot and land on the ground with a big thump.



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