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by Lord Thanatos


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1. Age

2. Zen command

3. Alien puppets

4. The disturbed couple part I

5. On top

6. Well in hand

7. Sir

8. Privacy

9. Practical payback

10. The search

11. Brewing plans

12. All natural

13. The move

14. Solution

15. No bloody whining

16. The absolutely not scene

17. Intoxicated seaman

18. Quarter master

19. Wake up call

20. The disturbed couple part II





SCENE 1: Age


Doctor Shelley and Yasmine Cole are walking towards transporter room 1.


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 63205.55. We’ve landed the Greate Pier on the surface of Harwood colony last night. This is making repairs a lot easier. The damage sustained in the fight with the Inj ships in Behlamun territory isn’t particularly severe, but it is spread across the entire ship, leaving Greate Pier’s hull heavily scarred all over. So, except the engineering crew, everyone who is not on duty can look forward to enjoying their richly deserved shore leave over the next couple of days.”


Shelley: “Well, I still say you’re lucky… When I was assigned to the first ship I served on I didn’t have any shore leave for the first 2.5 years. You haven’t even been onboard for 2.5 weeks.”


They walk into the transporter room.


Cole: “Well, that’s true. However, I wasn’t assigned to this ship. I don’t even have a rank.”


Amato: “What will it be, ladies? Return ticket to Harwood colony?”


Shelley: “Yes, please. Ensign Amato, right?”


Amato: “That’s right, doctor.”


The doctor walks to the transport platform…


Cole: “Don’t you have a first name?”


Amato: “Eh… Just Amato…”


Shelley: “Yasmine…”


Cole: “Coming…”


Yasmine joins the doctor with a smile on her face and they’re transported down to the surface.


Shelley: “What was all that about? Asking for his first name? Don’t tell me you forgot all about Daniel already?”


Cole: “No, no, no! I asked him for you!”


Shelley: “For me? Hahahaha!”


Cole: “Yeah, I saw you ogling…”


Shelley: “Ogling? I wasn’t ogling! I looked at him to see if he really was Amato, I wasn’t sure! Come on, Yasmine, I’m not interested in him! I told you what my love life was like… And besides, he must be at least 10 years younger than me.”


Cole: “So? Does that even matter at your age?”


Shelley looks stunned.


Shelley: “My age?!”



SCENE 2: Zen command


LT: “I’m off to the meeting, Eldert…”


Eisinga: “Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?”


LT: “No, just go and stretch your legs on the surface… You can also remain onboard and be in command of a ship that isn’t moving…”


Eisinga: “I think I’ll forgo that challenge and give someone else some more experience of being in command…”


LT: “How generous…”


Eisinga: “I know…”


LT: “My guess is that the meeting won’t bring much change to the current plans… I don’t see what else we can do at the moment…”


Eisinga: “I agree…”


LT: “Well, I must be off… Selurtis is waiting for me in transporter room 1…”


Eisinga: “I’ll beam down with you, if you don’t mind… I’ll take that walk on Harwood now… Holcraft, the bridge is yours…”


Holcraft: “Aye sir…”


Eisinga: “Enjoy the silence.”


Holcraft is the only one on the bridge after the captain and the second in command leave.



SCENE 3: Alien puppets


Serrag and Margon are on the catwalk in engineering. Serrag is on his knees, fiddling with something behind an open panel.


Serrag: “Did you check all the ODN relays?”


Margon: “Yes, sir. I couldn’t find anything wrong with them.”


Serrag: “Good. And what’s the status on the 4 EPS manifolds that needed replacing?”


Margon: “Elpek is replacing the last one as we speak…”


Serrag: “Elpek?”


Margon: “Yes, he’s quite handy with those manifolds…”


Serrag: “’Handy’… Amusing…”


Then all of a sudden a small explosion is heard from the floor in the engineering section… Serrag quickly stands up and together with Margon looks down from the catwalk.


Serrag: “Everything alright, ensign?”


Bynes: “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. I think I might have cross-connected the wiring somehow…”


Margon turns it into a joke, since no one was hurt…


Margon: “Well, you know what they say… If you want it done right, do it yourself…”


Serrag: “Don’t be to hard on him, Margon, if things like this didn’t happen, would we have a reason to smile?”


Margon: “True. But one thing we won’t be smiling about for a while is Bynes’ promotion, hahaha!”


Serrag joins Margon in his laughter. Bynes can laugh about it and returns the favor.


Eisinga: “Thank you, Stattler and Waldorf…”


Bynes walks towards the door…


Serrag: “Where are you going, Bynes?”


Bynes: “Oh, since Stattler over there volunteered to do it himself, I thought I’d get a bite to eat…”


Bynes leaves engineering.



SCENE 4: The disturbed couple part I


Shelley and Cole moved away from the colony and are now walking along a dirt road. It meanders through fields of tall grass with trees here and there and gently sloping green hills in the background.


Cole: “I never imagined such a lovely place so far away from Earth…”


Shelley: “Beautiful, isn’t it?”


Cole: “Like the summer of ’79.”


They walk around a bend to the right… They see a bench some 15 meters ahead, overlooking a valley between 2 of the hills, cut in half by a meter wide stream of water… The bench is occupied. Shelley tries to whisper inconspicuously.


Shelley: “Is that Lieutenant Commander Faulkner?”


Cole whispers back her answer.


Cole: “I believe so… I don’t recognize her though…”


The ladies pass the bench and greet the couple. Some 10 meters beyond the bench they cross a tiny wooden arch bridge and the road bends off to the right again. The lady on the bench with Faulkner is Jesse Zavelsky…


Zavelsky: “Who were they?”


Faulkner: “The ship’s chief medical officer and her new pet, I believe…”


Zavelsky laughs…


Faulkner: “How about we get out of here? This is the third time we were interrupted… Since we met here on Harwood I’ve been away for 3 weeks… Who knows how long we’re going to be apart when I have to leave again…”


Zavelsky: “My place!”


She grabs Faulkner’s hand and all but drags him away.



SCENE 5: On top


Eisinga walks up to LT who stands in a corridor, next to an airlock. The airlock allows you to step out onto the main hull of the ship.


Eisinga: “Reporting as ordered, sir…”


LT: “Ah, commander…”


Since there are no other crew around, Eisinga drops the formalities.


Eisinga: “Interesting meeting, LT?”


LT: “In fact, yes. In a matter of speaking…”


Eisinga, genuinely surprised, asks:


Eisinga: “Really?”


LT: “Yes, really… Walk with me; we’ll inspect the exterior repairs first hand.”


They walk onto the immense hull of the Greate Pier. About a dozen engineers are scattered all over the hull making repairs and replacing panels. They spot Serrag close by making repairs himself and they walk over to his position.


Eisinga: “What's the status on the repairs, commander?”


Serrag: “A lot still to be done, sir. However, it’s coming along nicely. There are no major problems… Everything should be repaired in 2 days, 14 hours and 31 minutes approximately…”


LT: “Good, good… Carry on.”


Serrag: “Yes, sir.”


The captain and the first officer continue to walk across the hull, occasionally passing by busy engineers.


Eisinga: “It seems the Greate Pier needs a lot of repairing lately… I can imagine the engineering crew is getting a bit sick of it, pulling double shifts all the time... Especially since they haven’t had shore leave in quite a while…”


LT: “I know, Eldert… I actually mentioned that to the admiral during the meeting. He’ll allow for 2 more days of shore leave once the Greate Pier is repaired.”


Eisinga: “Good, that means 4 or 5 more days here on Harwood. However, Murphy’s law always applies, LT… Anyway, what was it that made the meeting so interesting?”


LT: “Well, I’m not sure in which category it falls yet, good news or bad news. The admiral said that there are 2 other Akira’s on the way to replace us.”


Eisinga: “Replace?”


LT: “Yes, he explicitly said the word ‘replace’.”


Eisinga: “What will happen to the Greate Pier?”


LT: “I asked, obviously… But the only thing the admiral said was that he’ll provide us with more information soon…”


Eisinga looks worried…


Eisinga: “Hmmm…”


LT: “Yeah, my thoughts exactly… Anyway, not much we can do about it… Believe me, I’m going to be as ‘discontented’ as you will be if we lose command of this ship…”


Eisinga: “’Discontented’? Hahaha... You have a way with words… Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be here for at least 3 months, it’s only been 3 weeks…”


LT: “I know, but that was before they destroyed Utis VIII…”


Eisinga: “When will they arrive?”


LT: “I don’t know. The admiral wasn’t giving a lot of insight into his plans. Well, at least the admiral was happy with the enormous amount of data we gathered from the Inj database. Despite the fact that the subsequent attack on the Behlamun planet cost the lives of 4 Starfleet officers and 7 Behlamun.”


Eisinga: “And despite these scars…”


They walk past a long scar created by the remnants of the Inj shuttle they rammed. Eisinga crouches down to inspect the damage up close. LT doesn’t seem interested in the torn hull plates, crosses his arms and stares into the distance. After a moment of silence he continues:


LT: “The prospect of a couple of days of shore leave doesn’t seem so appealing now the continuation of my own command hangs in the balance…”



SCENE 6: Well in hand


In engineering, Margon is reading something on a PADD. Serrag approaches.


Serrag: “By the way, lieutenant… Did Ensign Bynes correct his mistake and finish repairs on that detector circuit?”


Margon: “Actually, I did…”


Serrag: “Good… At least someone has things in hand around here…”


Serrag nearly unnoticeably taps his combadge.


Margon: “Thank you, sir…”


Margon continues reading his PADD as Serrag walks away slowly… Suddenly the PADD gets very hot and with a short growl Margon let’s go of it... Serrag stops and turns around.


Serrag: “It seems I was wrong…”


Margon looks surprised and stunned but instantly knows Serrag had something to do with it.


Margon: “How did you do that?”


Serrag: “A little trick I picked up at the academy…”


Margon now laughs…


Margon: “Hehehe… Good one, sir. Good one… With all this teasing, how do you sleep at night?”


A near evil grin appears on the Vulcan’s face.


Serrag: “Believe me, lieutenant… This sort of thing makes me sleep a whole lot better at night…”


Margon: “Even tonight?”


Serrag: “No doubt about it.”



SCENE 7: Sir


LT is in his ready room when the computer informs him:


Computer: “Yasmine Cole has returned to the Greate Pier.”


LT: “Captain LT to Ms. Cole, please report to my ready room.”


Cole: “On my way…”


Moments later the door chime is heard.


LT: “Enter…”


Cole: “You wanted to see me, sir?”


LT: “Yes, come in. Please, sit down.”


Cole: “Thank you.”


She sits down and nervously awaits the captain’s words…


LT: “I let you come onboard this ship to take care of the horse in cargo bay 3 and to assist in sickbay.”


Cole looks worried all of a sudden…


Cole: “There’s no problem with my work, I hope, sir?”


LT: “No, not at all, Ms. Cole… It’s just that I need to be able to answer to Starfleet for the work you do. The admiral might have some doubts if he learns that a civilian is working in sickbay.”


Cole now seems desperate…


Cole: “And you won’t allow me to work in sickbay anymore? Sir, I…”


LT: “Just let me finish, Ms. Cole… All will be clear in just a minute…”


Cole: “Sorry, sir…”


LT: “And you don’t have to call me sir, officially you’re not part of my crew, Ms. Cole… Now, Doctor Shelley assures me you’re a valuable addition to the medical staff, and her word is good enough for me. It seems fitting to give you a rank, if you’re interested, that is.”


Cole: “A rank?”


LT: “It means you’ll have extra privileges, but also obligations and duties and you’ll need to wear a uniform…”


Cole: “I understand… And yes, I’m definitely interested!”


LT: “Good, good… You also need to receive basic training in the medical field, however, from what I understood from your record, that won’t be a problem.”


Yasmine smiles... LT stands up and picks something up from his desk.


LT: “Alright, stand up, Ms. Cole.”


LT walks around his desk and shakes Yasmine’s hand.


LT: “Welcome to the crew of the Greate Pier, Crewman Cole.”


Cole: “Haha, thank you very much!”


LT laughs and corrects the newest crew member.


LT: “Now you get to say sir, crewman.”


Cole: “Sorry sir. Thank you very much, sir.”


LT: “You don’t have a uniform I can pin this on yet, but here’s your insignia.”


LT hands her the insignia and Crewman Cole inspects it with a big smile on her face…


Cole: “Thank you, sir. I won’t disappoint you or the rest of the crew.”


LT: “I’ll keep you to that…”


Cole: “As the first act in my new rank, sir, may I make a suggestion?”


LT: “Well, you’re sure eager, crewman. But go ahead.”


Cole: “Doctor Shelley and I just returned from Harwood. During our walk on the surface, we found a perfect companion for Aleste, sir.”


LT: “Aleste?”


Cole: “The Clydesdale, sir. Nurse Halstead named her Aleste…”


LT: “Ah, I see... I wasn’t aware she had a name… But, a companion you say?”


Cole: “Yes, we saw a horse in a pasture and we immediately realized that it would be a perfect companion for Aleste. Especially since it seems to be the same breed.”


LT: “Well, this is a good opportunity to relocate the poor horse… A starship in the middle of a conflict with the Inj is hardly a suitable place to live for a horse… But, if I may ask, why are you making this suggestion? I thought you loved to take care of eh… Aleste?”


Cole: “I do, sir. I really do. And I’d hate to see her go, but I want to do what’s best for the horse, not for myself.”


LT smiles...


LT: “Keep using similar ethics and you'll compete for the captain's chair soon, haha… Here are your first orders, crewman: Find the owner of the horse and ask if he is willing to take Aleste into his care.”


Cole: “Yes, sir.”


LT: “Before you go, report to Commander Eisinga for a uniform. I’ll inform him you’re on the way. That will be all, crewman.”


Cole: “Yes, sir.”


Cole moves towards the door…


LT: “Oh, and crewman…”


Cole stops and turns around.


Cole: “Sir?”


LT: “Good job back at Behlamun… You did really well according to Doctor Shelley.”


Cole smiles broadly.


Cole: “Thank you, sir.”


LT: “Dismissed.”


Cole leaves the ready room.



SCENE 8: Privacy


Faulkner and his girl arrive at the house. Jesse slams the door shut. She walks over to the window and draws the curtains… She turns around towards Faulkner.


Zavelsky: “Privacy.”


Faulkner takes his combadge off and puts it on a dresser.


Faulkner: “Privacy.”


She then nearly jumps him and they start kissing…



SCENE 9: Practical payback


Serrag walks through the corridor and halts at the door to his quarters. He pushes the button to open the door, but the door doesn’t move.


Serrag: “Computer, open this door.”


Computer: “Cannot execute command.”


Serrag looks slightly puzzled.


Serrag: “Explain.”


Computer: “This door is on a time lock.”


Serrag: “A time lock?”


Computer: “Affirmative.”


Serrag: “Override time lock, Serrag lambda zeta theta.”


Computer: “Override rejected. Clearance level is not high enough.”


Serrag: “Who ordered the time lock?”


Computer: “Unknown.”


Serrag shows a little smile, as he starts to understand what’s going on.


Serrag: “How long until this door becomes unlocked again?”


Computer: “11 hours, 14 minutes and 9 seconds.”


Serrag's look now turns to slightly amazed and he leaves…



SCENE 10: The search


Doctor Shelley is in sickbay treating Rodney Longworth who has small cuts on his leg with the dermal regenerator.


Shelley: “There we go… Next time choose bushes without thorns to fall into…”


Longworth: “I’ll try, doctor. Thank you.”


He rolls down the leg of his uniform and leaves. While he heads towards the door, Crewman Cole walks in, still showing a huge smile… Doctor Shelley is genuinely shocked as she sees Yasmine in uniform and just stands there for a second staring at her. After a short silence, she slowly says:


Shelley: “What’s this?”


Cole: “This? This is Crewman Cole, hahaha…”


Shelley: “Haha, that’s wonderful! Congratulations!”


She hugs Yasmine…


Cole: “I have to go to the surface again, by direct order from the captain. I was wondering if you have the time to tag along. My orders are to find the owner of the Clydesdale we saw on the surface and ask his if he wants to take care of Aleste as well…”


Shelley: “Of course, haha…”


The doctor now loudly addresses Nurse Halstead in the next room.


Shelley: “Nicole, I’m going to the surface again… with Crewman Cole. Take over, will you?”


Halstead answers back equally loud.


Halstead: “Crewman? Oh, alright doctor…”


Cole and Shelley both smile.


Shelley: “Let’s go…”


They leave and moments later they’re in town.


Cole: “Excuse me, sir.”


Cole walks up to a young man, Ian Graham, who is passing by…


Cole: “Can you tell me who owns the horse in the pasture up north?”


Cole points roughly north, where they saw the horse.


Graham: “Yes, everyone does, I think, haha... It’s the only horse on this moon. It’s Mr. Jones’ horse…”


Cole: “And where can we find him?”


Graham: “Take the first left beyond the pasture and it’s the first house on the right.”


The ladies thank Graham and they soon find the farm house. Cole knocks on the wooden door. No answer.


Shelley: “Mr. Jones?”


Cole knocks on the door again… Again no answer.


Cole: “Mr. Jones, are you there? We’d like to ask you just one question…”


Again, silence… Shelley walks up to the closest window. She has to stand on his toes to look inside. She sees someone who appears to have slid out of a big, comfortable chair. The person is sitting on the floor, leaning against the chair, eyes wide open. Shelley rushes back to the front door and says:


Shelley: “Something’s wrong…”


She opens the door and the 2 rush in... Shelley approaches the man on the floor…


Shelley: “Mr. Jones?”


She tries to take his pulse as she failed to take a medical tricorder along. She then taps her combadge.


Shelley: “Doctor Shelley to Harwood infirmary.”


Kensington: “Go ahead, this is Doctor Kensington.”


Shelley: “Can you please come over to Mr. Jones’ place? I’m afraid he’s dead…”



SCENE 11: Brewing plans


Margon is enjoying a drink with Kerr in the lounge…


Margon: “Ah, there he is, hahaha…”


Kerr: “This ought to be interesting…”


They’re both looking at Serrag who just came walking into the lounge. Serrag orders a drink from the bar and walks over to the 2 Klingons…


Margon: “Ah, I was expecting you to show up here after your shift.”


Serrag: “I was expecting you’d expect me here after my shift.”


Kerr: “Sit, Vulcan. Drink.”


Serrag: “Thank you, Klingon.”


The Vulcan sits down.


Kerr: “You must enjoy life before battle takes it away, Serrag. Indulge whenever you can. But it seems you have a head start on most Vulcans where it concerns enjoyment.”


Serrag: “It seems so, indeed.”


He looks at his drink.


Serrag: “In fact, let’s all indulge today and drink something else. Bartender, three bloodwines, please.”


The bartender nods in Serrag’s direction and prepares the drinks.


Margon: “Well, well… I didn’t know you liked bloodwine.”


Serrag: “Honestly, I have no idea what the taste of that beverage is.”


Kerr: “In that case, it may prove too strong for you, hahaha!”


Serrag: “We’ll find out soon enough.”


The holographic bartender puts three chalices of bloodwine on the table and is about to leave.


Serrag: “Thank you, bartender.”


Kerr: ”Hey bartender! What’s your name?”


The bartender rolls his eyes and seems annoyed.


Kerr: “We need to know what name to shout when we want more drinks, hahaha!”


The look on the bartender’s face now turns to angry.


Endersby: “Endersby, Bart Endersby… The engineer who installed my program had a sense of humor.”


He shakes his head and walks off…


Kerr: “HAHAHAHA! I’ll drink to that creative engineer!”


Serrag looks at Margon as if he was brewing a plan against him and agrees:


Serrag: “To creative engineers…”


The chalices slam together over the center of the table and they all start to drink.



SCENE 12: All natural


Doctor Mara Kensington enters Mr. Jones’ farm house and finds her two colleagues.


Kensington: “Good afternoon…”


Shelley: “Hello doctor…”


Kensington opens her medical tricorder and takes readings from the body of Mr. Jones while crouching down next to him.


Kensington: “Well, it seems he died about 2.5 or 3 hours ago…”


Cole: “Can you tell what the cause is?”


Kensington: “Natural causes… I can't find anything that would suggest otherwise. He was 119 years old…”


Shelley: “Can we assist in notifying his family or anything else?”


Kensington: “No thank you, doctor. He actually has no family to contact. In fact, he’s really the last of his kind… Despite the fact that the soil here is very fertile, most of us use the replicator for food. Mr. Jones never touched one; he grew his own food.”


Shelley: “Are there any heirs to Mr. Jones?”


Kensington: “I don’t know… Why is that so important to you, doctor?”


Shelley: “Mr. Jones owned a horse…”


Kensington: “Ah, yes, that’s right… And she’ll need a new home… You should contact Ray Harwood, he can probably find out if there are any heirs… And thank you, ladies. I’ll manage from here.”


Cole: “Thank you too, doctor. We’ll go and find Mr. Harwood.”



SCENE 13: The move


Faulkner and Zavelsky are sitting on the couch. Jesse is curled up against Vance and both look quite happy. Jesse suddenly stands up…


Zavelsky: “Come on.”


She stretched out her hand. Vance knows what she wants and he copies her broad smile… He gives her his hand and they walk into the next room. She then pushes Faulkner over and he conveniently lands on the bed, soon followed by the lady herself…


Faulkner: “Does this mean I can spend the night? Haha…”


Zavelsky: “Shut up…”


They start to kiss and in that comfortable nest they continue their little romantic adventure…



SCENE 14: Solution


The ladies found the colony leader, who was already apprised of the death of Mr. Jones.


Harwood: “Yes, I was just informed. Very sad. I visited him once or twice a month…”


Cole: “Does Mr. Jones have any heirs, Mr. Harwood?”


Harwood: “I checked, but there seem to be no heirs or family at all.”


Cole: “What will happen to his belongings?”


Harwood: “I guess they’re now property of the colony…”


Shelley: “And the horse?”


Harwood: “Oh, yes, the horse! I forgot all about the poor animal… I’m sure she will miss Mr. Jones… What to do with her? I’m not sure there’s anyone on this moon who has a need for such a big animal…”


Cole: “I might have an idea, Mr. Harwood.”



SCENE 15: No bloody whining


The Klingons and the Vulcan in the lounge are having a good time… Clearly intoxicated…


Margon: “So, I kicked the knife from his hand and I stabbed him in the chest, HAHAHA! A seasoned veteran slain by a 17 year old, I never felt so proud…”


Serrag: “Bart! More bloodwine…”


Bartender Endersby, still not very cheerful, answers:


Endersby: “Yes, yes, yes…On my way… I do have other customers, you know?”


Serrag: “I can’t stand this bartender guy, but I can get used to drinking this bloodwine, hahaha…”


Kerr: “Well, so far you can keep up with us, Pointy…”


Serrag: “Well, honestly, I’m starting to feel the effect of this beverage… Quite potent stuff…”


Margon: “HA! There’s Barty again…”


His verbal response is short, his unfriendly facial expression tells more of a story.


Endersby: “Here!”


He slams 3 new chalices of bloodwine on the table and quickly leaves… Serrag leans forward and says in a soft voice:


Serrag: “You know what? I think Mr. Endersby is tired of us, hahaha… Shall we leave and let him be?”


Kerr: “No.”


Margon: “No way…”


Serrag: “Agreed, HAHAHA!”


The softly spoken words of Serrag did reach the hologram, whose mood obviously doesn’t improve.


Serrag: “They should have never added personality subroutines to holograms like these…”


Kerr: “Are you talking about work again, Vulcan?”


Margon: “It means you should drink more… DRINK!”


Serrag: “Tell me something… On the Klingon home world, is it logical to drink even though you’re not thirsty?”


Margon: “I don’t see the connection… HAHAHA!”


Kerr: “DRINK! You’re already half a liter behind.”


Serrag starts to drink. He spills some, but finishes his chalice in one go...


Serrag: “Aahhh… Now you two are half a liter behind, HAHAHA!”


Margon and Kerr both don’t hesitate and start drinking as well. Serrag looks in the direction of the bar.


Serrag: “Barty!”


He slams his big cup on the table a couple of times while the Klingons keep on drinking.



SCENE 16: The absolutely not scene


LT, walking around in his ready room, is about to answer a question asked by Cole. His expression suddenly changes from neutral to amazed, turns his head towards Cole and answers:


LT: “Bring Mr. Jones’ horse onboard?! Absolutely not!”



SCENE 17: Intoxicated seaman


The horse is being brought into cargo bay 3 by Cole. LT also just entered and walks up to Shelley and a few random officers who are talking about the new horse.


LT: “Someone dying is bad enough, but why couldn’t he die one week later, we’d be long gone…”


The doctor laughs.


Shelley: “Thank you for allowing this new addition to the family, sir.”


LT clearly does not look happy…


LT: “Hm…”


Shelley: “Crewman Cole will take good care of her.”


LT: “Of her? Oh good… I was wondering about the gender of this horse…”


The horse is being introduced into the fenced off area of the cargo bay and meets Aleste.


LT: “So you can assure me there will be no foals, doctor? It’s bad enough as it is…”


Shelley: “I promise you, captain, no foals. I thought you liked animals?”


LT: “I do… But now I have to hide TWO gigantic horses to hide from the admiral… And that’s quite enough. Does this one have a name already?”


Cole: “Flora, sir. I have to go back to the surface now; I need to pick up her saddle and some other things.”


LT’s voice sounds semi annoyed but he is joking to relieve his unhappiness regarding the situation.


LT: “While you’re down there, please look for more companions to bring onboard...”


Cole: “Sir?”


LT’s voice keeps increasing in volume:


LT: “Some other bulky animal maybe? A homeless antelope perhaps? A bald sailor or someone named ‘Andy’, a dead parrot, anything…”


A confused Crewman Cole doesn’t really know what to say and decides to just be nice and leave…


Cole: “Yes, sir?”


LT: “Computer, open a com channel to the entire ship and all crew on the surface.”


Computer: “Bleep.”


LT: “Hello listeners, this is Greate Pier Radio. You are hereby all ordered not to mention anything about any horse in any log. And not a word to the admiral! By the way, keep a look out for a bald sailor... Presumed drunk and dangerous. And now a word from our sponsors…”



SCENE 18: Quarter master


Margon, Kerr and Serrag are still in the lounge and appear to be drunk. They have the place to themselves…


Kerr: “So he was already wasted, but we made him drink 3 more glasses of Romulan ale, HA! You should have seen the doctor’s face when he examined him, HAHAHA!”


The other 2 join him in his laughter…


Margon: “I hate to spoil the fun, but I best get some sleep before my superior over here start complaining about my sloppy work in the morning, hahaha…”


Serrag: “Yes, I better turn in too…”


Kerr: “Hey Barty! It’s been fun; we’ll do it again some time…”


Endersby: “Let’s not…”


The bartender walks to the table the 3 jolly fellows just vacated and is quite pissed off.


Endersby: “Aww, guys! Look at that carpet!”


The party goers order a turbo lift to deck 2.


Serrag: “I told you I could keep up with you guys, hahaha…”


Margon: “Not bad, hahaha, but you were only able to keep up because we had to call it a night already…”


Kerr: “Ahhh, I smell a challenge…”


Margon: “The only thing I smell is your breath, Kerr. HAHAHAH!”


The door opens and they all step out of the lift.


Kerr: “I’m gonna go this way, guys, hahaha… Goodnight!”


Serrag: “Goodnight.”


Kerr stumbles off to the left, apparently still talking to imaginary friends. Margon and his direct superior proceed to the right also having a hard time walking in a straight line…


Margon: “That Kerr, hahaha, he can’t stand up straight… He never could handle bloodwine that well, haha… As for us, my friend, we could’ve gone on for a while longer in that bar… I don’t care what you say, but I like Barty, haha… He’s funny.”


Serrag: “Hold on for a moment, Margon.”


Margon and Serrag both stop.


Margon: “What? Something wrong?”


Serrag: “Yes, wait here…”


Serrag leaves Margon behind and moves ahead into the corridor. At the first door to his left he stops.


Serrag: “Yes, I found the problem…”


Margon: “What is it?”


Serrag: “I’m tired and I need a comfortable place to sleep tonight.”


Serrag pushes the button to open the door and enters.


Margon: “Hey, eh… Where’d you go?”


The Klingon walks up to the door… He mumbles to himself.


Margon: “Are these my quarters?”


He then shouts:


Margon: “Hey! These are my quarters. They are not your quarters...”


He pushes the button, but nothing happens…


Margon: “Open the door, Vulcan…”


Serrag: “I can’t do that, Margon.”


Margon: “Why? I need to sleep. Where am I going to sleep?”


Serrag: “Wherever you imagined I was going to sleep when you put a time lock on my door…”


Margon: “Oh come on, can’t you stand a joke, Pointy?”


Serrag: “Yes. Can you?”


The Vulcan takes off his shoes and lies down on the couch. The drunk and confused Klingon stumbles off into the corridor, destination unknown.


Margon: “Somebody call my wife… HAHAHAH!”


Voice from other quarters: “Shut up!”



SCENE 19: Wake up call


It’s dark in LT’s quarters when the computer wakes him.


Computer: “Bleep. Incoming transmission from Admiral Mullins.”


LT: “Uhhh… Computer, lights…”


Computer: “Bleep.”


The captain steps out of bed.


LT: “Ahh… Computer, dim lights to 60%.”


Computer: “Bleep.”


LT sits down behind his desk, turns the computer screen towards him and opens the channel… The admiral appears on the screen. Before he’s able to say anything, LT prefers to talk with the computer some more.


LT: “Computer, time.”


Computer: “The time is 0512 hours.”


LT: “I don’t have a bad temper in the morning, admiral, but this is pushing it.”


Mullins: “Sorry to wake you captain, but this is important.”


LT: “Then I forgive you…”


Mullins: “The Behlamun just contacted us.”


LT: “The Behlamun? Is everything alright with them?”


Mullins: “For now, yes… But that might change soon. You are to leave Harwood immediately and make for the Behlamun’s planet. Their long range sensors revealed that the big Inj ship you stole the database from is heading straight for them. They probably spent the past 2 days repairing the damage you did to their ship and my guess is they’re out for revenge now…”


LT: “I’m getting sick of that black plague.”


Mullins: “We all are. You will leave immediately and defend the Behlamun and yourself with all you have. Are those orders understood, captain?”


LT: “Yes sir!”


The connection is severed. LT establishes contact with another fellow officer.


LT: “LT to Eldert.”


After a moment or 2 the first officer responds.


Eisinga: “I hope this is important, LT…”


Eisinga sighs…


LT: “It is, I’m afraid. I’ll explain later, but first I want you to make sure everyone gets back onboard the ship in no more than 5 minutes. We’re going to depart shortly. I’ll be on the bridge.”


Eisinga: “Understood.”



SCENE 20: The disturbed couple part II


All is quiet in Zavelsky’s house. The silence is broken by a two man security team sent to retrieve Faulkner. Crewman Watford bangs on the door.


Quimby: “Commander Faulkner? Chief Quimby, security…”


Watford bangs on the door again.


Watford : “Commander? Are you there?”


The lights in the house go on and a moment later the door opens, revealing Faulkner in night attire.


Faulkner: “What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of joke, banging on doors in the middle of the night?”


Quimby: “No joke, sir. You didn’t respond to hails on your combadge. The Greate Pier is leaving, sir. You need to come onboard immediately.”


Faulkner: “Hmm, oh… Yeah, give me a few minutes…”


Quimby: “Better make it quick, sir. Commander Eisinga is not pleased. You need to report to him as soon as you are onboard.”


Faulkner: “Yeah, yeah…”


He slams the door shut. Minutes later he materializes in transporter room 1 where Commander Eisinga is already waiting. The security team steps off the platform.


Eisinga: “Thank you gentlemen, that will be all.”


The 2 leave. Eisinga nods to the transporter operator who promptly leaves as well, leaving the commanders alone.


Eisinga: “Lieutenant Commander Faulkner. I expected you a little earlier.”


Faulkner: “I’m sorry, sir, I was…”


Eisinga interrupts him as if he wasn’t speaking at all.


Eisinga: “I’ll keep this short, as my sleep was also interrupted. This ship’s departure had to be postponed due to your absence. Explain yourself.”


Faulkner: “I guess I didn’t hear my combadge, sir…”


Eisinga: “Were you officially on shore leave, commander?”


Faulkner: “Well, I guess I…”


Eisinga interrupts again.


Eisinga: “Weren’t you supposed to be in command on the bridge during the night shift?”


Faulkner: “Yes, but I traded shifts with…”


Eisinga interrupts for a third time.


Eisinga: “Shift trading? Shift trading, lieutenant commander? Unbelievable! Expect the captain to contact you soon, because he might not agree with my leniency.”


After a short, awkward silence:


Eisinga: "Well, at least you’re wearing your uniform today. Dismissed!”


Faulkner leaves…


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Captain LT. The last one is onboard sir.”


LT: “Finally… Thank you. LT out. Helm, set a course for Behlamun, engage at maximum warp.”


Drummond: “Aye, sir. Behlamun at maximum warp.”


LT: “Captain LT to engineering.”


Serrag: “Lieutenant Commander Serrag here, sir.”


LT: “Ah, Serrag, you’re up early as well.”


Serrag: “Yes, I slept really well last night. What can I do for you, sir?”


LT: “Can you inform the entire engineering crew that shore leave will be arranged for them as soon as possible? But also let them know that before that time we might be looking at a few more repairs. Another engagement with the Inj seems imminent…”



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