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 “Shoreless sea”

by Lord Thanatos


05/09/09 13/09/09







1. Detour

2. Sinister reception

3. Worst case counseling

4. The horse whisperer

5. All hands

6. Planet Behlamun

7. The wounded

8. Fly by

9. Duckhunt

10. Playing doctor

11. Newsflash

12. Troubleshooting

13. Agreement





SCENE 1: Detour


LT: “Captain’s log, stardate 63191.92. The rebuild of the Utis VIII colony has been completed and activities have been resumed by the new colonists. While repairs to the Greate Pier are nearing completion as well, we’re escorting Lieutenant Commander Linton’s cargo ship to Stewart colony, so his team can start construction on the weapons and the shield generator. The Greate Pier itself will be going into orbit around Harwood colony, next door, for a meeting to discuss the whole defense project. Recent developments concerning the Inj may demand some changes or additions to our plans.”


LT walks out of his ready room with a cup of soup in his right hand… He sits down on the big chair, just vacated by his first officer who took place in his own chair. The counselor sits in the guest chair on the other side.


LT: “Ahhh, nothing like warm soup to wake you up in the morning…”


Eisinga: “Hmm, I’ll stick to coffee…”


LT: “I’ll never know how you can drink the stuff… Yuck!”


Eisinga: “I need to drink it, else I might attack someone after a while…”


LT: “Great, my first officer is an addict… You hear that, counselor?”


The counselor only smiles, wisely refraining from comment.


Eisinga: “Hey, I’m…”


Eisinga is interrupted by the communications officer.


Maresca: “Captain, we’ve got an emergency call.”


Holcraft: “It’s from an approaching shuttle, directly ahead, unknown make.”


LT: “Full stop. On screen.”


A humanoid alien called Amoar appears on screen.


Amoar: “You must help me, please!”


LT: “This is Captain LT of the USS Greate Pier… What seems to be the problem?”


Amoar: “It’s very urgent, you must help!”


LT: “What seems to be the problem? Mister…?”


Amoar: “Amoar… My people… My people are under attack!”


Serrag exits the right turbo lift and heads for the engineering station on the left-hand side of the bridge.


LT: “Where are you from? I don’t believe you’re a Federation citizen by the looks of you and there are no other inhabited planets in this sector…”


At that moment, Serrag passes the captain’s chair and throws in a remark, while keeping on moving to his station.


Serrag: “You fail to mention that the sector border is just a stone’s throw away…”


LT, slightly annoyed, looks at Serrag over to his left and watches him sit down at his engineering station. Serrag doesn’t look back… After a moment of silence he returns his attention back to the main screen…


Amoar: “Our planet is some 8.3 light-years from here… I’ve looked for help everywhere!”


Eisinga: “Who or what is attacking your people, Mr. Amoar?”


Amoar: “I’m not sure who they are… About 2 weeks ago they hailed us for the first time and demanded that we leave immediately… They came back 3 days ago and we decided that someone needed to get help in case they were going to attack. Just before they arrived I fled in search of help. Unfortunately, the adjacent star systems are uninhabited so finding someone fast was going to be a problem.”


Eisinga: “What did they look like?”


Amoar: “Oh, eh, well, they’re small, black, hideous creatures…”


LT: “Small, black, hideous and making threats… Sounds familiar…”


Amoar: “You know who they are?”


LT: “Judging by your description, I’m afraid so. They’ve been attacking us as well… They’re the Inj.”


Amoar: “Then will you help us? Please, too much time has already been lost…”


Half to himself, the captain mumbles:


LT: “The Inj may just travel at sunlight speeds, but it’s a shoreless sea out there… They can go wherever they please. So many people out there for them to terrorize…”


LT now looks at Amoar.


LT: “We will help you in any way we can, hoping our experience with them provides us with an edge. But I can give you no guarantees. I can’t even guarantee there are still people for you to return to. I’m not trying to bring you down, Amoar, but I do want to be honest and open with you. If you’re prepared for the worst, you can never be disappointed.”


Amoar: “I understand, however, this does not fill me with any hope…”


LT: “Hope is overrated. The Inj killed over 150 Federation citizens and Starfleet crew… You can understand my apprehension in this matter.”


Amoar: “We have to get going immediately, Captain LT… Every second counts, if they’re still alive… Can your ship keep up with warp 7?”


LT: “I have a better idea. You’re cleared to park your vessel in the shuttle bay. As soon as you’re in, we’ll jump to warp 9.”


Amoar: “Warp 9? That big a ship at warp 9? No way…”


Eisinga: “Haha, believe me, this ship can do warp 9… 8.3 light-years is roughly 2 days away. Where can we find your planet exactly?”


Amoar: “I’m sending the coordinates now…”


Amoar operates a control panel to his right.


Pattison: “Coordinates received, sir. Plotting course.”


LT: “Alright, as soon as Amoar’s ship is in the shuttle bay, proceed to those coordinates at warp 9.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”


Eisinga: “I’ll go and greet our guest in the shuttle bay.”


LT: “Maresca, inform Linton of our change of plans. They’ll have to proceed to Stewart on their own. After that inform Harwood colony we’ll be delayed for at least 4 or 5 days.”



SCENE 2: Sinister reception


The door of Amoar’s shuttle open and Amoar steps into the shuttle bay. Eisinga welcomes him.


Eisinga: “Welcome onboard, Mr. Amoar.”


Amoar: “Thank you.”


Eisinga: “I’m Commander Eisinga, first officer. May I escort you to your quarters?”


Amoar semi-nervously replies with a question, while walking with Eisinga:


Amoar: “Are… Are we underway yet?”


Eisinga: “Yes, we are…”


Amoar: “At warp 9?”


Eisinga smiles.


Eisinga: “Yes, sir.”


Amoar: “Unbelievable. Our scientists and engineers wouldn’t believe me if I told them I traveled at warp 9.”


Eisinga: “Actually, this ship can do warp 9.8…”


Amoar: “Impossible… But… If that’s true, why don’t you increase to 9.8? This is an emergency…”


Eisinga: “We can only sustain that speed for a relative short period of time; else we might drive the engines to destruction. Warp 9 is the highest speed we can keep traveling at without damaging anything.”


Amoar: “I see… And I’m sorry for being a little on edge. I only want to help my people, if that is still possible.”


Eisinga: “I understand completely… And I can assure you, we’re going to do everything we can to help…”


They enter the turbo lift.


Eisinga: “Deck 2.”


Amoar: “I hope there are still engineers to brag to about this warp 9.8 ship…”


Eisinga: “Well, as the captain mentioned, I can’t give you any words of hope. The Inj are ruthless and they’ve slaughtered over 150 Federation citizens. 14 of which belonged to the crew of this ship…”


Amoar: “Oh, I’m sorry for your loss…”


Eisinga: “I just hope we can be of any assistance when we get to your planet. Those Inj need to be stopped.”


Amoar: “What can you tell me about them, commander?”


Eisinga: “Well, again, not to make you feel bad, but we know they’re around 33.000 of them close by.”


They exit the turbo lift on deck 2 and walk into the corridor.


Amoar: “What planet are they from?”


Eisinga: “That’s the good news; they’re not from this galaxy… It seems they came from the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy…”


Amoar: “I would’ve said ‘impossible’ if I hadn’t already been so surprised earlier… But how? It must have taken them aeons to get here, even if they had warp 9.8 ships…”


Amoar looks unsure and puzzled as he continues:


Amoar: “Do they?”


Eisinga: “No, they don’t have warp at all… Their maximum speed is full impulse… So, yes, aeons indeed, it seems… I’m not sure exactly how long, though.”


Amoar: “And all they do after all that time is threaten innocent people and kill them?”


Eisinga: “It seems so… Well, these are your quarters, Mr. Amoar. I hope they will be satisfactory.”


Amoar: “I’m sure, thank you, commander.”


Doctor Shelley exits the next door quarters and walks by.


Eisinga: “Nothing serious, I hope, doctor?”


Shelley: “Not at all, commander…”


Eisinga: “Doctor, I’d like you to meet someone, this is our guest from the shuttle that intercepted us, Mr. Amoar.”


Shelley: “Nice to meet you, Mr. Amoar. I’m Doctor Shelley.”


Amoar: “Pleasure to meet you, doctor.”


Eisinga: “Doctor Shelley and her capable team will be taking care of the wounded, if there are any on your planet.”


Shelley: “We’ll do everything we can.”


Amoar: “That’s very reassuring, thank you, doctor.”


Eisinga: “If you’ll excuse me, I have to be getting back to the bridge.”


Amoar: “Of course, commander. Thank you for welcoming me aboard.”


Eisinga nods and walks back towards the turbo lift.


Shelley: “Now that we’re talking, may I ask how many people there are on your planet?”


Amoar: “We’re just a small community. We’re actually a colony, far away from our home planet Marrdo 2. The colony is named Behlamun and currently has 800 people, also called the Behlamun. We colonized this distant planet because we did not agree with the world government of Marrdo 2. Long story, but anyway, we couldn’t call on them for any help, and they’re too far away anyway, some 8 months at warp 6.”


Shelley: “That’s quite some distance. We actually traveled for 3 months at warp 9 to get here from our home planet. We’re here to protect our colonies from the Inj as well… It seems we’re in the same boat.”


Amoar: “I don’t like asking others for help, but in this case I had no choice.”


Shelley: “No need to feel bad about that… You’re just 800 people against many thousands of aliens… We have a number of Inj that died in battle in our morgue. Perhaps, if you’re up to it, you could come with me to identify the species. If it’s the same species, we know what we’re up against…”


Amoar: “Of course, no problem. Anything to help my people…”


Moments later Shelley unlocks the door to a morgue drawer.


Shelley: “Are you sure you want to?”


Amoar: “Positive.”


Shelley: “Alright.”


She opens the door and slowly slides out the tray on which 2 Inj bodies are hidden under white cloth. She lifts the covering and Amoar takes a look.


Amoar: “Yes, that’s one of them… These are the creatures that threatened us…”


Shelley: “I was afraid of that… Thank you.”


While Shelley covers the alien back up and moves the tray back into the drawer she says:


Shelley: “At least we’re now sure who are responsible…”


Amoar: “Yes…”


Shelley: “Are you alright? You look a little pale…”


Amoar: “I am? Oh…”


Shelley: “Come on, let’s get out of the morgue…”


They walk into sickbay.


Amoar: “I assure you, it’s not the dead body I just saw… I’m just very worried about my people…”


Shelley: “I understand. I suggest you take some rest now, you look like you did have any sleep during your search for help.”


Amoar: “Sounds about right…”


Shelley: “If you have trouble getting to sleep, just call me and I’ll give you something to help you with that.”


Amoar: “Thank you, doctor.”


Shelley: “Will you be able to find your quarters?”


Amoar: “Hmm? Yes… Yes, I think so…”


With a confused look on his face he leaves sickbay.



SCENE 3: Worst case counseling


Counselor Spalding is in his office when he hears the door chime chirp.


Spalding: “Come in…”


The door slides open and the semi annoyed face of the captain brightens the room. While walking in, he says:


LT: “Can you keep it short, Albert? I’ve also got important things on my schedule.”


Spalding: “You’ll be out of here in minutes, captain. Please, sit down.”


LT: “If I must…”


LT reluctantly sits down. Across the table Spalding sits down in his chair.


LT: “If you’re going to ask me to lie down, I’ll dissect you.”


Spalding: “I’m not going to eat you, captain, relax…”


LT: “What’s this about, Spalding?"


Spalding: “I just want to talk about something concerning our guest.”


LT: “Amoar? What about him?”


Spalding: “Well, in my professional opinion, I think you perhaps could have reassured him a bit more when he asked for our help.”


LT: “Reassured him? Of what?”


Spalding: “Perhaps it was a little too confronting mentioning that there’s not a lot of hope of finding anyone alive when we reach their planet.”


LT: “Confronting? Well, yes, perhaps. But I’m not going to lie to Amoar. You saw what happened on Utis VIII… Totally wiped from the face of the planet, because we refused to leave. Amoar’s people are also refusing to leave their planet. I predict a similar fate once the patience of the Inj runs out. If it’s not too late already.”


Spalding: “’Hope is overrated.’, captain?”


LT: “Well, yes. If I give Amoar hope that there might still be people on his planet, he might hold it against me when we find out there’s no one left alive. Like I said to Amoar, if you’re prepared for the worst, you can never be disappointed.”


Spalding: “That’s one way of looking at it.”


LT: “Yes, it’s my way. I’m not out to make anyone feel bad, but I’m not going to smile broadly and assure him that everything will be alright while it’s very possible that his people are all dead. The Inj are not known for their patience, you know…”


Spalding: “I just think you perhaps could have made him feel a little better about finally finding help. He’s been flying around trying to find help for 3 days straight…”


LT starts his reply with a short cynical laugh, as if he doesn’t believe that the counselor just uttered those words.


LT: “Haha, counselor… I assure you, he’s definitely feeling better than before he found help, but it’s still a dreadful situation for him at the moment and I can’t and won’t give him any potentially false hope. Listen Albert, he now has to wait around for 2 very, very long days before he knows what happened to his planet, his friends, family… It will be the 2 longest days of his life.”


LT stands up…


LT: “He’s not going to be ‘feeling a little better’ the next 48 hours; my guess is that it’s gradually going to get worse as we approach his planet. If anything, I helped him prepare for the worst case scenario…”


The captain walks out.



SCENE 4: The horse whisperer


In cargo bay 3, the newest Greate Pier recruit Yasmine Cole walks up to Aleste, the resident horse. While she strokes the horse she starts talking to the big animal…


Cole: “Hello, Aleste… It’s me again… Yes, I’m back. I decided to stay on the Greate Pier and take care of you. I’ve been onboard for a few days, but today I’m officially taking your care over from nurse Halstead… I hope that’s ok with you, I’m sure nurse Halstead took good care of you. You must have been accustomed to her. She must have come and seen you several times a day, feeding you, brushing you down… Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll come around once in a while to visit you… And I promise to take good care of you as well… And I’ll make sure you don’t feel all alone out here… I know you’re far from home, no others of your kind around you… Must be tough.”


Yasmine sits down on a crate and tries to open a large sack of horse mix.


Cole: “We’ll you’re not alone in being alone. I left someone behind when I came onboard. I’m sure I made the right choice in coming here, but it does feel… Ah, who am I kidding, I’m not sure at all if I made the right choice or not… I still have a lot of thinking to do. But, at least I have the necessary distractions, taking care of you, helping out in sickbay… We’ve both got a messed up life, Aleste... I’ve heard the captain saved you from being eaten… I’m sure that if I had stayed on the border colonies much longer, I would’ve eaten myself.”


After finally being able to open the sack, she stands up and pours some of the mix from the sack into the trough. Aleste immediately checks it out... Yasmine sits back down on the crate.


Cole: “And that poor Dan… He clearly loves me very much and I left him behind… Just a few days after we met. I know I will see him again, and I know he’s the one for me, but… Oh, what am I doing?… Here I am shootin’ the breeze, boring you with my love issues… And you don’t even have a companion at all…”


Cole stands up and comforts the horse, which is oblivious to the current topic of Cole’s monologue.


Cole: “You poor soul…”


The doctor is suddenly heard over the com system.


Shelley: “Shelley to Ms. Cole.”


Cole: “Yes, doctor, go ahead.”


Shelley: “Sorry to cut your visit to Aleste short, but we’re about to arrive at the attacked planet. I need you in transporter room 1.”


Cole: “On my way, doctor.”


She addresses the horse one more time.


Cole: “Well, girl… I have to go already...”


While leaving:


Cole: “I’ll be back later, talking some more… to a horse…”



SCENE 5: All hands


LT walks up to the Inj shuttle and sees Elpek working on it.


LT: “Lieutenant Elpek, any more news?”


Elpek: “Yes and no, sir.”


LT: “You’ll have to explain that…”


Elpek: “The news is that there’s no news… It appears that the database on this vessel has limited information contained in it. We managed to translate the entire database and besides technical data on this particular type of vessel, there’s not a lot else in there.”


LT: “So, you do have technical data on the weapons and such?”


Elpek: “Yes, indeed. It still requires some reverse engineering to fully understand those weapons, but we’ve gathered a lot of valuable information on them from the database.”


LT: “Good, good… Have you found a way of shielding again their secondary weapons?”


Elpek: “No, sir, not yet.”


LT replies in a strict-ish voice:


LT: “Make it your priority. We need that shield modification, lieutenant. And I want it yesterday.”


LT walks off.


Elpek: “I’ve only got three hands, sir…”



SCENE 6: Planet Behlamun


Pattison: “We’re approaching Behlamun, sir.”


The commander stands up and walks around a little…


Eisinga: “Thank you, ensign, drop to impulse. Yellow alert. Scan the area. Eisinga to Amoar, we’re due to arrive at Behlamun.”


Amoar: “I’m on my way, commander, thank you.”


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Shelley, please stand by for transport. We will arrive momentarily.”


Shelley: “Understood. We’re standing by to beam down on your command.”


Eisinga: “Helm, assume a synchronous orbit over the colony upon arrival.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”


Eisinga sits back down and looks worried…


Eisinga: “If there still is a colony…”


Holcraft: “No vessels in the vicinity, sir. Except 2 Behlamun vessels.”


The captain enters the bridge. Eisinga relinquishes the throne to his superior.


LT: “Let’s hope it’s a prettier picture than the one we saw on Utis VIII.”


Eisinga: “One thing’s for sure, it can’t possibly be worse.”


LT: “Aside from the fact they have 800 colonists as opposed to the 136 that perished on Utis VIII.”


Eisinga: “Let’s hope for the best…”


Eisinga looks at LT and quickly supplements his last sentence…


Eisinga: “…but of course hope is overrated.”


Eisinga can’t help but show a tiny grin…


LT: “I’m glad my philosophy influences you, Eldert.”


Amoar exits the turbo lift.


Eisinga: “Mr. Amoar, please sit down.”


Eisinga invites the Behlamun guest to sit in the guest chair.


Amoar: “Have we arrived yet?”


Pattison: “We will be in orbit over the colony is a few seconds, sir.”


LT: “On screen.”


The screen shows the planet in full…


LT: “Lifesigns?”


Holcraft: “I read 599 life signs, all Behlamun. Some lifesigns are weak.”


Eisinga: “Zoom in on the colony, please.”


The image changes accordingly. The screen shows clear evidence of an attack. However, by far most buildings are still standing.


Amoar: “599?”


Amoar slumps forward and places his right hand over his eyes...


LT: “Open a channel to the colony, Maresca.”


Maresca: “Channel open.”


LT: “This is captain LT of the Federation starship Greate Pier, please respond.”


A Behlamun named Vander appears on screen. With a sharp tone:


Vander: “Who are you?”


LT: “I think I’m the one who just introduced himself.”


Vander then suddenly sees Amoar.


Vander: “Amoar, you returned!”


Amoar: “Yes, and I brought help.”


Vander seems to realize his unfriendliness.


Vander: “I’m sorry, captain, my name is Vander.”


LT: “Do you need any medical assistance?”


Vander: “We could use a few capable medics, yes. We’d be very thankful for that.”


Eisinga: “Eisinga to Amato, please beam over the medical teams.”


Amato: “Acknowledged.”


Vander: “The attack took place 5 days ago, but there are still some critically wounded people in the infirmary.”


Amoar: “Is it true that there are 200 of us dead, Vander?”


Vander: “Yes, Amoar, I’m afraid so… And the aliens threatened to destroy the whole colony next time if we don’t leave… We need to find a way to get away from here…”


LT: “You’re going nowhere…”


Vander: “Excuse me?”


LT: “Those aliens, the Inj, have destroyed one of our colonies as well. We also suffered many deaths and I’ll be damned if they succeed in destroying another colony.”


Vander: “I don’t like to ask for anyone’s help, but appreciate any assistance you may give us.”


LT: “I will be beaming down shortly so we can discuss how to solve this problem.”


Eisinga: “Perhaps another course of action is best, captain.”


LT: “I’m listening…”


Eisinga: “It may be a good idea to pursue the attacking ship and give them a good scare. If the attack took place 5 days ago and their top speed is full impulse, they’re not far away… I’m not sure how long it will take to overtake them at warp 9, but…”


Serrag interrupts.


Serrag: “6 hours, 34 minutes and 1 second. Approximately, that is.”


Vander: “Warp 9?!”


Eisinga: “Well, that’s what I was going to say… Not far, anyway…”


LT: “Still, it depends on what type of ship was here… If it was another shuttle I see no problems in giving them chase… But if it’s one of their big vessels, I’m not eager to pursue them.”


Eisinga: “Vander, did you manage to get a scan or at least a visual recording of the vessel that was in orbit?”


Vander: “Yes, one of our ships managed to scan it quickly. I’ll send the data to you…”


Vander pushes some buttons and Holcraft receives the data.


Holcraft: “Data received, captain. I have their last known heading. And I’m afraid it was one of the big ships, sir.”


LT: “Damn…”


Vander: “I’m sorry that the scan wasn’t more thorough, captain. Our ships weren’t keen on staying in orbit too long when the ship arrived…”


Serrag: “That gives me an idea, captain…”


LT: “Let’s hear it, commander…”


Serrag: “Perhaps we won’t scare the big ship too much, but I still say we should try to catch up with them.”


LT: “And then?”


Serrag: “A fly by scan.”


Eisinga: “A fly by scan?”


Serrag: “A fly by scan.”


Eisinga: “Explain.”


Serrag: “As the database of the shuttle did not reveal a lot of interesting information, we could try to get a hold of the database in the big ship. We’ll fly close enough to the ship to copy the entire database, but not close enough for them to fire their destructive secondary weapons. Assuming the same weapons are mounted on the big ships as well.”


LT: “Do we have the knowledge to copy their database?”


Serrag: “We’ve been studying the computer of the Inj shuttle. Assuming they used the same technology on their big ships as well, it should be no problem.”


Eisinga: “And how close will we have to get?”


Serrag: “To assure a fast transfer, less than 3 kilometers. Just outside of their secondary weapon’s range.”


Eisinga: “And their primary weapons?”


Serrag: “Our shields can take the beating of their primary weapons for a while.”


LT: “How long will the transfer take?”


Serrag: “We estimated the size of their database at around 25 billion teraquads. Assuming that’s true, it should take no longer than 33.68 seconds if we route all available power to the computer.”


LT: “I hear a lot of assumptions…”


Serrag: “But only one idea.”


LT: “Your logic is infallible. Alright, any objections? Good, good.”


Vander: “So, you will be chasing the aliens who did this to us, captain LT?”


LT: “Yes, indeed…”


Vander: “I admire your courage; I don’t think I would have in your position.”


LT: “I’m motivated to end this tyranny… It has cost way too many lives already. And it’s a great opportunity to gain valuable information on them, which may prove to be decisive in the end.”


Vander: “Good luck, captain.”


LT: “Thank you. And one more thing, Vander. I don’t like to leave you behind unprotected. Unfortunately, all of our fighter shuttles are deployed elsewhere, except for 2. I’ll leave those in orbit together with 10 other shuttles which also have phasers onboard. Together with your 3 vessels you should be well protected.”


Vander: “That would be very welcome, captain… Thank you. Vander out.”


Amoar: “I have to get to my shuttle now, captain. Thank you very much for your help so far…”


LT: “Pleasure to help… Commander Eisinga will show you to the shuttle bay.”


Eisinga: “If you’ll follow me, Mr. Amoar.”


Eisinga and Amoar leave the bridge.


LT: “Captain LT to Shelley.”


Shelley: “Shelley here…”


LT: “How are things going on the surface, doctor? Can you treat the wounded?”


Shelley: “Yes, we can… However, I need to transport 4 of them to the Greate Pier in order to better help them.”


LT: “Alright doctor, but make it quick. The Greate Pier will leave in a few minutes. And we won’t be back for approximately 13 to 14 hours.”


Shelley: “Understood, give me a few minutes.”


LT: “I already gave you a few minutes.”


Shelley: “Sir?”


LT: “Greate Pier out. LT to Elpek.”


Elpek: “Go ahead.”


LT: “Launch all type 6, 7, 18 and Kaneda shuttles immediately.”


Elpek: “All of them?”


LT: “Yes, lieutenant, all of them. Something wrong with your three ears?”


Elpek: “I just have 2 ears, sir…”


LT: “Well, that’s inconsistent… Now, lieutenant, we’re about to break orbit. LT out.”



SCENE 7: The wounded


Yasmine Cole just finished using the dermal regenerator on the leg of Parso, one of the 4 patients.


Cole: “That will no longer become an ugly scar, sir…”


Parso: “Thank you, doctor.”


Cole: “I’m not a doctor, sir, haha…”


Parso: “You could have fooled me…”


Cole: “Time for you to rest, sir. You’ve sustained a very serious blow to your head. You’re no longer in a life threatening condition, however you need all the rest you can get.”


Yasmine walks over to Doctor Shelley, who’s sitting behind her desk buried in PADDs. She seems occupied.


Cole: “Anything else that needs to be done, doctor?”


Shelley: “Is Parso all fixed up?”


Cole: “Yes, doctor. All his wounds have been treated. But he suffered a serious concussion, all he now needs is rest.”


Shelley: “Alright, then it seems we’re done. I’ll keep a close eye on the patients, while I update these medical records… You can go and visit Aleste or grab a bite to eat or something…”


Cole: “Alright, thank you, doctor.”


Yasmine leaves.



SCENE 8: Fly by


LT: “Time to intercept?”


Holcraft: “50 seconds, sir.”


LT: “Alright, is everything set, commander?”


Serrag: “Yes, sir. The computer will take control of the helm. We will drop out of warp and assume a flight path parallel to theirs. To them it will seem as if we came out of nowhere.”


LT: “Good, good… I hope they like surprises.”


Serrag: “The computer will adjust for any changes in direction and speed so we keep a steady distance and stay out of the firing range of their secondary weapons. As soon as all data is in, we will automatically jump to warp.”


LT: “Alright, hand helm control over to the computer.”


Serrag: “Done.”


LT: “Let’s hope their primary weapons aren’t going to penetrate our shields… Holcraft, reroute power to the shields if and when necessary from any system except the computer and life support.”


Holcraft: “Understood, I’m on it like white on rice…”


LT looks over at Holcraft…


LT: “What does that even mean?”


Pattison: “We’re about to drop out of warp, sir.”


LT: “This will be your easiest day at the helm, Pattison. Sit back and enjoy the ride.”


The Greate Pier drops to impulse.


Serrag: “So far, so good. The database is transferring.”


Holcraft: “They haven’t noticed us yet, sir, it seems.”


Serrag: “We have a problem, sir.”


LT: “How can there be a problem? I thought my Vulcan chief engineer planned this action?”


Serrag: “I did, sir. To the best of my abilities. However, the database is slightly larger than anticipated.”


LT: “How slight?”


Serrag: “Our estimate was just 25% of the factual size. The entire database is close to 98 billion teraquads.”


Then the first shot from the Inj’s primary weapon hits the Greate Pier.


Holcraft: “Shields holding at 94%”


LT: “Return fire! And keep firing at will…”


K’Ehlen: “Yes, sir! Firing!”


LT: “Can our computer even store that amount of data, Serrag?”


Serrag: “Barely, but we’ll manage.”


LT: “Estimated time remaining?”


Serrag: “99 seconds…”


Phaser hits keep impacting on the Greate Pier.


Shelley: “Shelley to bridge. What the hell is going on? Are we fighting the Inj?!”


LT: “Eh no, bumps in the road, doctor.”


Shelley: “It’s pretty sadistic to pick up victims and bringing them back to the attackers for a second round, captain.”


LT: “Sorry, doc.”


Shelley: “Well, do something about it, captain! My patients are seriously injured enough and it feels like we’re falling apart!”


LT answers while the Inj relentlessly continue to attack.

LT: “Hadn’t noticed… You know what? I’ll take a peek out the window and see who it is. Maybe I can even be bothered to chase them away, LT out. Will we be able to hold the shields up, Holcraft?”


Holcraft: “Unknown, sir. Shields now at 73%.”


LT: “…because I will not leave without the entire damn database!”


The ships continue to fire at each other with all they have… The big Inj vessel starts to maneuver…


Serrag: “They’re trying to maneuver towards us, sir. The computer is compensating nicely. And the data stream is steady.”


Holcraft: “Shields at 41%... If I’m going to keep the shields up I need to reroute power from weapons, sir.”


LT: “Do it…”


K’Ehlen: “But, sir…”


LT: “I know, ensign…”


Serrag: “Half the data is downloaded… 40 seconds remaining…”


LT: “Holcraft, will the shields hold up for that long?”


Holcraft: “Even with the power diverted from the weapons that’s doubtful.”


LT: “Dammit!”


Serrag: “Captain, they’re launching shuttles!”




Holcraft: “Great, just what we need…”


Serrag: “I suggest we break of the data stream and jump to warp, sir.”


LT: “Negative, do not abort!”


Holcraft: “Sir, he’s right, we won’t stand a chance if those shuttles come into the firing range of their secondary weapons!”


LT: “Duly noted. Keep going.”


Serrag: “14 seconds to go.”


Holcraft: “Shields a 4%.”


The first shuttle is now close enough to fire its primary weapon. The first hit knocks out the shields…


Holcraft: “Shield are gone, sir! We’re now taking direct hits.”


LT: “Serrag!”


Serrag: “7 seconds…”


Holcraft: “Captain, the first shuttle is charging its secondary weapon! If they hit us, we’ll lose warp drive!”


Serrag: “3, 2…”


The shuttle fires its secondary weapon.


Serrag: “1…”


The Greate Pier jumps to warp and the Inj shuttle barely misses its target.


LT: “YEAH! Eat that, you…Inj things… Good work, people…”


Holcraft: “That was a little too close for comfort…”


LT: “Don’t tell me all that adrenalin feels bad, Holcraft… What say you, Serrag?”


Holcraft smiles…


Serrag: “That was interesting, indeed. The data transfer was completed successfully, however we do have a serious lack of remaining computer storage capacity.”


LT: “How serious?”


Serrag: “We’re at 99.1% of maximum capacity.”


LT: “Alright, I’ll keep my logs and reports short. Holcraft, damage report.”


Holcraft: “ Hull breach on deck 9, which is contained and receiving repairs by repair crews. Besides that, remarkably little damage and just 2 minor injuries reported.”


LT: “Good, good. Pattison, time to take control again. Set a course back to Behlamun, engage at warp 9.”


Pattison: “Aye, sir.”



SCENE 9: Duckhunt


Lieutenant Kerr, onboard on of the two Kaneda fighters in orbit around Behlamun notices something on his sensor readout.


Kerr: “I’m picking up a ship on sensors. No wait, two ships. And they’re headed for our position…They’re Inj shuttles! ETA 30 minutes approximately.”


Philips: “Philips to all vessels, be advised, two Inj shuttles are approaching. Red alert!”


Kerr: “It seems we attracted some attention… Let’s hope this little fleet of shuttles can hold them off…”


Philips: “We will have to. We might have 19 well armed shuttles, but without the Greate Pier I still feel like a sitting duck in this small coffin.”


Kerr: “A sitting duck?”


Philips: “Ehm… A tied up targ…”


Kerr: “Ah…”



SCENE 10: Playing doctor


Yasmine is sitting in the lounge having a meal. Shelley approaches her table carrying a cup of coffee.


Shelley: “Hello Yasmine, may I join you?”


Cole: “Of course, doctor, please, sit down.”


Shelley: “Sorry if I seemed a little preoccupied earlier. One of the downsides of being a doctor, all that paperwork.”


Cole: “That’s alright, doctor. I understand.”


Shelley: “So, what was this first day of playing doctor like?”


Cole: “Haha, well… Actually, it was quite overwhelming…”


Shelley: “Hmm, you didn’t seem overwhelmed to me…”


Cole: “It was just a little… well, overwhelming… Walking into that infirmary on Behlamun, seeing all them injured people… The attack happened 5 days before, so no blood, no screaming people, and still it was overwhelming…”


Shelley: “No need to feel ashamed for that, Yasmine… That’s what happens when you’re all of a sudden in a real life emergency situation for the first time. And don’t forget, there were over 50 injured people in that ward. And it happened to me too when I first became a doctor… The first real patient that I had was a young boy, no older than 13 or 14 and he had a 10 inch long, deep cut in his leg. I’d never seen so much blood… I don’t want you to feel bad at all about your work today… In fact, I wanted to tell you that you’ve done really, really well… You were in control and did all the right things…”


Cole: “Well, I’m not sure…”


Shelley: “Well, I am, hahaha… And I’m in charge, what I say goes.”


Cole: “Haha, thank you doctor.”


Shelley: “If you’re still not convinced, ask Parso… He actually asked where you were, just before I left sickbay.”


Cole: “He did?”


Shelley: “Yes, he actually said that I, chief medical officer, could learn a thing or two from your bedside manner…”


Yasmine tries to look serious…


Cole: “Well, that much is true…”


They both laugh…


Shelley: “So, does this experience help you choose what you want to do? Despite the prospect of having to do all that paperwork on the side as well?”


Cole: “I think so, yes… I’ve never treated a real patient before, at least not with serious injuries like the ones we saw today. But I’ve missed this. Ever since I was forced to stop my medical training, my life hasn’t been complete… I now know I made the right choice in coming onboard, where this morning I wasn’t sure. But on the other hand, I do miss Dan of course… A lot.”


Shelley: “Must be hard on both of you, I imagine.”


Cole: “The last three years have been so weird… Like I was floating in this endless ocean for all those years, completely lost. And it’s as if I’m now finally starting to get my bearings…”


Shelley: “I’m glad to hear that…”


Cole: “Well, I’ve still got a long way to go to get my life back on track.”


Shelley merges 2 sentences after tasting her coffee for the first time.


Shelley: “You’ll manage and this coffee is really disgusting! What a nauseating aftertaste! Yugh! This is the last time I try something that someone else suggested to me…”


Shelley has a sour look on her face, Yasmine can’t keep herself from laughing…



SCENE 11: Newsflash


Maresca: “Sir, we’ve just received word from Lieutenant Kerr. There are 2 Inj shuttles approaching Behlamun.”


LT: “Helm, increase to warp 9.8…”


Pattison: “Warp 9.8. Aye, sir.”


LT: “They have some nerve… ETA?”


Pattison: “41 minutes…”


Eisinga: “Let’s hope they hold out that long…”



SCENE 12: Trouble shooting


Philips: “They will be in primary weapons range in 10 seconds.”


Kerr: “Kerr to all vessels. Stay at least 3000 meters away from the Inj shuttles. We will destroy them one by one, fire at will at the lead shuttle!”


The 19 shuttle counting mini fleet starts to move towards the Inj shuttles and both parties open fire. They keep the necessary distance between them and the enemy.


Philips: “Shields at 96%. This will be easy…”


Kerr: “Never underestimate the enemy…”


All 19 shuttles concentrate their attack on the lead Inj vessel which has turned its attention to one of Behlamun’s ships. It manages to get within 2000 meters and fires its secondary weapons for a 6 second burst. The center of the ship disintegrates and front and the end float through space separately.


Kerr: “Dor’sho’gha jay’!”


Philips: “He’s already on the tail of another Behlamun shuttle… Keep firing.”


Kerr: “You don’t have to tell that to a Klingon.”


The lead Inj vessel collaborates with the other Inj vessel and chases down the second Behlamun vessel. They can’t get close enough this time so they both fire on the engines and manage to take them out… Just 2 seconds later they simultaneously fire their secondary weapon and destroy the Behlamun shuttle… Just a small number of chunks are scattered about, the rest is gone…


LT: “Greate Pier to Lieutenant Kerr, what is your status?”


Kerr: “We’re doing some serious damage to one of the ships; however we lost 2 of the Behlamun ships. What is your ETA, captain?”


LT: “A few minutes… Show them no lenience, Kerr.”


Kerr: “You don’t have to tell that to a Klingon.”


The shuttle fleet manages to destroy the engines on the lead ship. Soon after the shuttle explodes, after receiving numerous hits. The second Inj vessel attempts to flee, pursued by all 17 remaining enemy shuttles.


Kerr: “bIHnuch!”


After a few seconds the Inj shuttle suddenly stops dead in the water.


Kerr: “Kerr to all vessels, evasive maneuvers!”


It’s too late, the shuttles fly into the secondary weapons range of the Inj vessel and the Inj immediately fire. In one shot it destroys the last Behlamun shuttle and a type 6 shuttle from the Greate Pier. Also one of the Kaneda’s and one of the type 7 shuttles are dead in the water… Like the Greate Pier experienced earlier, their engines and shields are down... The Inj vessel moves away from the 2 disabled shuttles to avoid their fire, but is of course still being chased by the 13 remaining adversaries. The Inj make a sharp turn and attempt to ram a type 6 shuttle and are successful, the shuttle is destroyed… Chunky debris is scattered over a great distance. The Inj crew apparently likes this ramming technique and comes around for another hit. The bulky looking exterior of their ship doesn’t seem to be too damaged from the first hit. They aim for the last mobile Kaneda shuttle but they just managed to clip the side of the shuttle occupied by Kerr and Philips.


Kerr: “Minimal damage… Where’s the damn Greate Pier?”


And as if his words were prophetic in nature, out of nowhere the Greate Pier suddenly appears. And to everyone’s amazement, including the Inj no doubt, the Greate Pier rams the Inj shuttle from the side at full impulse, just 2 seconds after it clipped the Kaneda. Chunks of the Inj vessel fly around and ugly scratches can be seen on the Greate Pier’s hull. One of the dead Inj slams into the Kaneda’s window and of Philips gives a short scream and jumps up... Kerr sits calmly in his chair.


Kerr: “Relax, Philips. It’s dead. It won’t bite.”


Philips closes his eyes and deeply breathes in and out again…


Philips: “It scared the hell out of me…”


Kerr: “I’ll hold your hand and sing you to sleep tonight…”


LT: “LT to Lieutenant Kerr.”


Kerr: “I didn’t see that coming, sir…”


LT: “I though I’d try their own tactics against them…”


Kerr: “Well, it worked…”


LT: “How many did we loose, Kerr?”


Kerr: “If I kept count correctly, we lost all 3 Behlamun ships and 2 of our own. And two more disabled. Did you succeed in your mission, captain? Your hull shows some phaser damage as well…”


LT: “Yes, we succeeded. Let’s hope it was worth it. Let all vessels return to orbit. We’ll pick up the 2 disabled shuttles.”


Kerr: “Yes, sir.”



SCENE 13: Agreement


Down on planet Behlamun the captain finally meets Vander face to face.


Vander: “Captain, welcome to Behlamun. Or what’s left of it…”


LT: “Thank you. I’m sorry our first contact isn’t under more cheerful circumstances…”


Vander: “These are sad times indeed…”


LT: “I’m sorry for your loss, Vander. Your men fought bravely according to Lieutenant Kerr. And coming from a Klingon, that means something.”


Vander: “Also 4 of your people died, defending this planet, captain. Let me assure you that it will not be forgotten.”


LT: “On a more positive note, we did manage to obtain the entire Inj database…”


Vander: “That and the planet is safe, for now. I’m glad it was worth it.”


LT: “Anyway, it will take months to sort through and analyze all the data, 98 billion teraquads of it.”


Vander: “That much?”


LT: “Yes, can your computers store that much data, Vander?”


Vander: “I think so; you’d have to speak to my engineers…”


LT: “Let’s agree to exchange any and all information on the Inj, if this database doesn’t provide us with all the necessary data already…”


Vander: “Agreed, but we’re just a small colony… I’m not sure what we can do to help your Federation.”


LT: “Any information about them can be critical.”


Vander: “Besides, we’re no longer able to travel into space; the Inj destroyed all 3 ships…”


LT: “As a token of our new friendship we’d like to give you one of our type 6 shuttles, the Lytse Pier.”


Vander: “That is very generous of you, captain… You’ve lost so much already, are you sure you can lose another shuttle?”


LT: “Quite sure. And you’ve lost more than enough as well…”


Maresca: “Maresca to Captain LT. Incoming transmission from the admiral.”


LT: “Put him through, crewman.”


Mullins: “Captain, what’s your status?”


LT: “The Greate Pier is currently at Behlamun. We took some damage and we’ve lost 4 people.”


Mullins: “Was it the Inj again?”


LT: “Yes, but we took care of it, for now… But, we’ve got some good news as well. We gained a lot of information. Contact Serrag for details.”


Mullins: “I will… You’re expected to be in orbit around Harwood in 2 days, captain. No more deadly detours. I’m tired of contacting families, LT…”


LT: “Understood.”


Mullins: “Mullins out.”


The Lytse Pier lands in the background and Elpek exits the ship.


LT: “LT to Greate Pier.”


Eisinga: “Go ahead.”


LT: “Call all shuttles in and contact Behlamun’s engineering department and transfer a copy of the Inj database to them.”


Eisinga: “I’m on it.”


LT: “Well, as you’ve heard, we have to be going, Vander.”


Vander: “I understand. Good luck, captain. We’ll be in contact.”


Elpek stands behind the captain, waiting for them to finish their conversation.


LT: “We will. Good luck to you too.”


They shake hands. The captain then walks over to Elpek, a few steps away.


LT: “LT to Greate Pier, 2 to beam up.”


Elpek and the captain disappear from the surface. A short while later the Greate Pier jumps to warp and heads for Harwood.



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