Currently, this website contains 31 episodes, spanning 2 seasons and there are enough ideas for at least 84 more episodes.



All released episodes in alphabetical order:


"Adding insult to injury"

"Beyond the cosmic horizon"

"Bock's sprain"

"Bonafide Boniface"

"Bramís blood painted door"

"Close encounters of the far kind" part 1

"Close encounters of the far kind" part 2


"Cook around the clock"


"Gold leaf"


"Hit and run"


"Immortality passion"


"Last minute"

"Meat and circuses"

"Minus zero"


"Peek performance"



"Robinsonade" part 1

"Robinsonade" part 2


"Shoreless sea"

"The dark matters"

"The last world"

"Three is a crowd"

"Towering intellect"