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"Last minute"
  The Greate Pier leaves Earth on a mission to the border colonies, to protect them and all cargo ships in the area.
"Meat and circuses"
  Selurtis comes aboard, LT joins a Klingon feast, an engineer suffers injury and Faulkner is on duty without a uniform.
"Close encounters of the far kind" part 1
  Shortly after arriving at the colonies they discover Utis VIII has been destroyed and later the ship is boarded by aliens. 
"Close encounters of the far kind" part 2
  All 33 aliens are killed and their shuttle is taken, at the price of 14 of the Greate Pier's crew.
"Beyond the cosmic horizon"
  Utis VIII's rebuild is done, Cole meets Krager, Shelley experiments on Inj bodies and engineers dissect the alien shuttle.
"Shoreless sea"
  The Behlamun ask for help after an Inj attack, Cole helps out with the wounded and the Inj database is stolen.
  Cole becomes a crewman, Faulkner returns too late, a 2nd horse comes aboard and there's a Klingon / Vulcan drink fest.
  Selurtis increases safety on Behlamun, Behemoth 1 is destroyed and there's another Klingon / Vulcan drink fest.
"Bram's blood painted door"
  The Greate Pier is sent exploring and is in search of the Inj. They start at Opus IV where macabre rituals take place.
"Towering intellect"
  The crew inspects a planet where a pre-warp civilization builds a dangerous tower. Faulkner makes a wrong decision.
"Cook around the clock"
  A planet is slowly being cooked, the lounge gets a cook, Faulkner gets demoted and the doc is saved from hunters.
  Miyamoto Musashi appears in the lounge of the Greate Pier, well over 700 years after he supposedly died.
"Minus zero"
  The Greate Pier flies into a negative null space pocket and is helpless for 62 days. Admiral Grant isn't pleased.



"Bonafide Boniface"
  The new weapon is tested and 2 very persistent priests demand that the whole crew converts to the religion of Vejo.
  Morand Suder, the son of USS Voyager's Lon Suder, kills a fellow crew member, just like his father did 14 years ago.
  They continue the search for the Inj, the new weapon is finally done, Amini has a trauma and Eisinga is more than willing to help.
  Cave dwelling Rismapeans attack the surface dwelling Rismapeans, mistaking them for an old enemy, Amato's friend loses a leg.
"The last world"
  Diplomatic relations suffer when LT gets taken by rebels on a huge planet, LT manages to escape and free a raped woman.
"The dark matters"
  Pirates living on a station near a light absorbing sun captures the Greate Pier. The crew tricks and relocates them without their equipment.
  They stumble upon a planet graveyard which is home to a 'living moon'. An Inj shuttle is found on one of the planets.
"Peek performance"
  The Greate Pier transports Mark Philips' autistic savant nephew Willy to a research facility. Willy and his gift help the crew track the Inj.
"Hit and run"
  Cole and Amini get arrested for various charges and get deported to a bad place, LT and Eisinga get arrested in an attempt to free them.
"Adding insult to injury"
  Mansfield cheats on his wife with Nurse Halstead and the Greate Pier manages to destroy the second Inj Behemoth ship.
"Gold leaf"
  Three Ferengi stole 3,500 gold panels, a crime solved together with Reinard and his staff. Mansfield settles things with Eisinga.
"Immortality passion"
  LT helped reveal that Hes Gooper was the true leader of the Deish instead of the brain-dead Zahl. The cooperative attack on the Inj is off.
"Robinsonade" part 1
  The Greate Pier is rammed by the last Inj Behemoth and loses propulsion. The crew is forced to assemble in cargo bay 3, except Bart.