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"Robinsonade" part 2
  The entire crew is forced to beam to a planet. Margon and Elpek fetch shuttle while the ship is crawling with Inj. Bart sabotages the ship.
  Stranded on a desert planet, they need water. Amini finds it, but Pattison is less fortunate in her efforts when her horse Aleste breaks a leg.
"Bock's sprain"
  Not wanting to reveal his shuttle, Bock also withholds medical equipment necessary to save Amato. Bynes and Stuckman fight over a girl.
"Three is a crowd"
  Isenberg and Mansfield get 'harassed' by 3 'pricks', the Greate Pier is finally reclaimed and the last of the Inj Behemoths is destroyed.
  A fabricated prophecy still proves to be fatal to 432 million Deicra, the pets are recovered and it's discovered billions more Inj are coming.