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Characters appeared or mentioned by name in USS GP episodes:


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Race: FowenGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: -

Assignment: -


Date of birth: August 23rd 2342

Place of birth: Fowen, Fowen system

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Appears in episode: 01x24


Additional information: A 'professional drunk'. He won the lottery in 2384 and spends his fortune in the bar where he actually also lives in the backroom when not sitting at the bar. He was a person of interest in Reinard's investigation into the theft of 3,500 gold panels of which he was innocent. (01x24)



Race: Behlamun (Marrdon)Guest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Civilian

Assignment: Colony leader (Behlamun)


Date of birth: March 29th 2334

Place of birth: Colshan, Marrdo 2, Marrdo system

Partner: Daughter: Roma (January 19th 2330)

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x06 / 01x08


Additional information: The Marrdon living on the colonized planet Behlamun call themselves Behlamun, not Marrdon. They left their homeplanet of Marrdo 2 because they did not see eye to eye with the world government. (01x06)



Race: UnknownGuest character

Sex: Unknown

Rank: -

Assignment: -


Date of birth: Unknown

Place of birth: Unknown

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Appears in episode: 01x14


Additional information: Vejo is the god of the Reiled. (01x14)