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Characters appeared or mentioned by name in USS GP episodes:


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Race: BramGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Civilian

Assignment: Student (Angor, Opus IV)


Date of birth: March 13th 2372

Place of birth: Angor, Opus IV, Opus system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x09


Additional information: Killed his father according to the Bram's tradition. Spalding and Pattison tried to stop him from killing his mother Finca as well. (01x09)

Three of Eight


Race: HumanGuest character

Sex: Female

Rank: -

Assignment: -



Date of birth: Unknown

Place of birth: Unknown

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Appears in episode: 01x26


Additional information: Three of Eight is a hologram, based on Seven of Nine, that was a character in a holonovel written by USS Voyager's EMH entitled Photons be free. (01x26)

Tionol - DECEASED (February 7th 2386, age 32)


Race: KelGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Rebel leader

Assignment: -


Date of birth: February 8th 2353

Place of birth: Sector 14, Kelrah-Eyn, Kel system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x18


Additional information: Former leader of approximately 10,000 'Indy rebels' fighting for independence. Tionol and 5 accomplices abducted Captain LT to exchange him for food, medicine and other supplies. (01x18)



Race: ReiledGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Priest

Assignment: Missionary (Eye of Vejo)


Date of birth: February 18th 2338

Place of birth: Same, Velenapen, Reiled, Vejonar system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x14


Additional information: Threatened to kill the Greate Pier crew if they would not convert to the religion of Vejo. (01x14)