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Characters appeared or mentioned by name in USS GP episodes:


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Race: RismapeanGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: -

Assignment: Leader of the surface dwelling Rismapeans


Date of birth: November 11th 2339

Place of birth: Mapir, Rismap, Rismap system

Partner: Bekfali (May 6th 2338)

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x17


Additional information: Emat and his cave dwelling people attacked the surface dwelling people, led by Ogavvi, mistaking them for an old enemy. The 2 peoples turned out to be the same species... (01x17)



Race: BramGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Civilian

Assignment: Former teacher (Angor, Opus IV, retired)


Date of birth: July 27th 2314

Place of birth: Angor, Opus IV, Opus system

Partner: Yis (August 11th 2315)

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x09


Additional information: -



Race: DeishGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Ziam

Assignment: Leader of the counsil


Date of birth: November 1st 2224

Place of birth: Deish, Deish system

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Appears in episode: 01x25


Additional information: -