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Race: KelGuest character

Sex: Female

Rank: Eighth Citizen

Assignment: -


Date of birth: November 9th 2327

Place of birth: Sector 2,431,632, Kelrah-Eyn, Kel system

Partner: Rinjen (May 19th 2327 - November 26th 2385, age 58)

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x18


Additional information: Collapsed after a meeting between her government and Captain LT and counselor Spalding. The counselor reminded her of her recently deceased husband. She was there when Captain LT was abducted by the 'Indy Rebels' and later helped Eisinga and his search team in an effort to find him. (01x18)

Newlin, Frank


Race: HumanGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Captain

Assignment: Captain (USS Van Rosemondt)


Date of birth: August 12th 2346

Place of birth: Arrowbear Lake, California, United States, Earth, Sol system

Partner: Anna Newlin (April 1st 2349)

Children: Daughter: Elaine Newlin (December 2nd 2367), Son: Craig Newlin (January 4th 2369)


Appears in episode: 01x09 / 01x26


Additional information: Newlin's ship relieved the Greate Pier at the border colonies. (01x09)

Norsebs, Clas


Race: KelGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: First Citizen

Assignment: Unknown


Date of birth: August 10th 2332

Place of birth: Sector 143,232, Kelrah-Eyn, Kel system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x18


Additional information: -



Race: RismapeanGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: -

Assignment: Unknown


Date of birth: July 17th 2349

Place of birth: Kamanornh, Rismap, Rismap system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x17


Additional information: Nuseddim's leg was crushed by a large boulder during a walk with Just Amato; it had to be amputated. (01x17)