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Characters appeared or mentioned by name in USS GP episodes:


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In alphabetical order, by surname (when applicable):


Irons, Patrick


Race: HumanGuest character

Sex: Male

Rank: Civilian

Assignment: Colony leader (Stewart)


Date of birth: July 13th 2316

Place of birth: Mirfield, England, Earth, Sol system

Partner: No

Children: Son: Daniel Irons (January 7th 2344), daughter: Sophie Irons (March 1st 2349)


Appears in episode: 01x05


Additional information: Twice divorced, the children are from his first marriage.

Isenberg, Petra


Race: HumanGuest character

Sex: Female

Rank: Crewman

Assignment: Science department


Date of birth: June 20th 2316

Place of birth: Magdeburg, Germany, Earth, Sol system

Partner: No

Children: No


Appears in episode: 01x21 / 02x03 / 02x04


Additional information: Stuckman and Bynes fought over her on the desert planet; she did not appreciate it. (02x03)