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The information below is always based on the latest episode.


  Early shift (0800 - 1600) Late shift (1600 - 0000) Night shift (0000 - 0800)
In the captain's chair: Captain LT   Lieutenant Hinsdale
Second in command: Commander Eisinga   Ensign Moon (2ND) 
Helm: Ensign Pattison   Ensign Brian Drummond
Ops: Lieutenant Holcraft   Crewman Blackwell
Tactical: Ensign K'Ehlen   Ensign Moon
Communications: Crewman Maresca    
Science: Ensign Stuckman    
  Crewman Stilson    
Transporter chief: Ensign Amato    
Astrometrics: Ensign Amini    
Engineers: Lieutenant Commander Serrag (CE)   Ensign Rodney Longworth
  Lieutenant Margon    
  Lieutenant Elpek (Shuttlebay)    
  Ensign Bynes    
Sickbay: Lieutenant Shelley (CMO)    
  Ensign Halstead (Nurse)    
  Crewman Cole (Assistant)    
Security: Commander Reinard (COS)   Senior Chief Petty Officer Quimby
  Lieutenant Kerr   Crewman Watford
  Ensign Marks    
  Ensign Philips    
TIC Flight Operations: Crewman Mansfield    


CE = Chief Engineer

CMO = Chief Medical Officer

COS = Chief of Security

2ND = Second in command